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Internship Resources for Students: Amazing Start of Career

Internship opportunities are rare, and therefore, it is essential to stand out from other applicants to get the placement you want. Quite a number of employers consider internship qualifications before they recruit recent graduates. 

In this guide, you will get relevant information on how to find an internship and the benefits associated with it. And always remember: it is normal to buy your thesis paper and ensure success.

How to Find Ideal Internship

To get an internship, you must utilize your time well in identifying, applying, and following-up on an opportunity. Here are the steps to follow when looking for a placement.

  1. Get prepared
    Don’t think of applying for an internship before you plan well. Ensure that you prepare a list of your target companies, and put all the requirements ready. For example, update your resume and cover letter to conform to the organizations you are targeting. 
  2. Do appropriate research
    You can’t land yourself an internship opportunity unless you do thorough research. Note that some companies have specific deadlines when they recruit and hire. It is advisable to contact your career office to get information regarding various industries’ internship timelines. 
  3. Prioritize and Plan
    Prioritizing on how to search for the opportunity can help you succeed in your endeavors. Based on the list of your target employers, give yourself timelines when to finish making the applications. Ensure that whatever you plan to do is written on your calendar to act as a future reminder. In case you make five applications, and you don’t receive any feedback, reapply again.
  4. Identify your career interests
    It is essential to decide your future career based on your interests. If you are uncertain of what you want to be after university, consider getting internships with different industries. For instance, if you are torn between being an accountant and a marketer, during a practice, participate in both areas to know precisely where you fit.
  5. Network
    Consult with your friends, family, instructors, and career counselors on where and when to an internship. Consider getting a connection with alumni in different industries to get information on careers. 
  6. Online and offline resources
    Liaise with your career office for guidance on the best resources you can use to subscribe for an internship. Bear in mind that various sites specialize in placements, thus you should visit them and follow their guidelines. Don’t forget to go through offline classified ads in your local dailies; you may get someone in need of recruiting an intern.
  7. Attend career fairs
    It is crucial to note that some of the best companies hold career fairs with learning institutions, especially when they want to hire interns and employees. Find out from your career office about the exact date when such meetings will occur. Plan to participate by preparing a small presentation that shows how you can be an invaluable resource to an employer.
  8. Apply and follow up
    Once you have prepared resumes and cover letters for different employers, decide how many to send daily. Avoid doing everything at once; you may submit five or more depending on your plan. After about one week, follow up to find out their status. Don’t give up; continue applying for various positions until you get positive feedback.
  9. Prepare for an interview 
    Once you receive an invitation for an interview, it is critical to plan for it. Make sure you look for the right attire for the material day. Remember to contact your career department to familiarize yourself with common interview questions. Visit the employer’s website and learn vital things, such as their mission and vision. 
  10. Follow up after the interview
    After the interview, follow up to know its outcome. This is the only way the employer will realize that you have a strong desire for the internship. To begin your follow up, write an email, and thank the company for allowing you to participate in the meeting. 

How Internship Benefits You

You can gain some valuable work experience while doing the internship and stand out from other candidates when looking for your first job. Often with good performance internships transit to permanent employment at the company.

When building a professional network, internships can become of great use. It makes the moment of transition to a career world smoother. You may get some good references and recommendations that will become invaluable in the job market.  Worth saying, you can get exposed to real work situations, hence acquire hands-on experience for the job market. It’s a great opportunity to develop your professional and interpersonal skills like confidence and responsibility.

And last but not the least, with the internship you will have some experience line to put on your CV with honesty! Never miss such an opportunity for the introduction to your future career!

Top 20 Resources to Find an Internship for Students or Graduates

There are millions of sites where you can find information concerning your internships. However, some of these websites give misleading information that might cost you time and money. To overcome such obstacles, here is a highlight of 20 credible resources where you can find internship information. is a well-known place to expand some of your knowledge on internships. You can connect with potential employers and chat with them directly. But make sure your connections are not below a particular threshold, it matters! derives several roles from job boards, newspaper adverts, and companies’ websites. With this site, you can find your internships without necessarily having an account. Still, you must keep on checking it for newly posted jobs.

Glassdoor for Students

It is a great resource where students can get internships and summer opportunities. At this site, you can get both paid and unpaid employment.  You also can find entry-level positions here.

At, you can find internship opportunities on the job board or through standard search. The best thing with this platform is that they rank employers based on their hiring criteria.

With, you can get an internship, part-time roles, and first-time careers. You can also search for employers and posted jobs. Also, this company has excellent blogs where you can get insights on internships.

Green America

Green America provides internships, entry-level, and experienced openings for those interested to pursue green careers. You can visit this site for posts on the job advertisement.

Glassdoor for Students

Glassdoor for Students is a platform that allows you to apply for internships, get interview questions, and view employers’ salaries.


Facebook is a social media site where you can find numerous internship and employment vacancies. To use this site, you must create an account. After that, you should search for your favorite companies and like their pages to view their posts.

At, you will get valuable information on part-time and internship roles. Also, they will provide you with interview advice.

In case you want to get detailed information about your target employer, is the best site for you. You can also search for internships and entry-level jobs here.

At, you can search for your internship roles based on category and location. For instance, you can look for jobs in particular states. Besides, you can get crucial information on how to craft resumes and cover letters. allows you to access crucial information about the employers before you apply for internships and other entry-level careers.

This is a non-profit organization that allows you to look for community jobs or volunteer jobs. is a massive platform where employers post jobs. Also, graduates can use this site to apply for various careers. It works with thousands of companies so you can get an opportunity to do an internship.

What makes it special is that you can discover local and global opportunities altogether in one place. allows you to access a list of internships, jobs, and volunteer activities. This site is suitable for college students and graduates.

At, you can get career advice on interviews, resumes, and cover letters. Also, you can use this site to search and apply for internships opportunities. gives you a chance to enroll yourself into a virtual internship. Isn’t it great?

An ideal source for students intending to work for government institutions. is appropriate for those individuals who aspire to work in the media. You can apply for an internship in areas like TV, radio, advertising, and video.

General Recommendations When Applying for Internships

An internship can help you identify your specific field and gain enough experience to prepare you for the world of work. The following are the dos and don’ts about placements.


  • Set goals
    Plan on what you expect to achieve at the end of your internships. For instance, you may apply for a job to acquire skills or experience.
  • Ask for guidance on office culture
    At the internship, it is crucial to consult on various aspects, such as dressing and communication styles.
  • Be keen to learn
    Treat the workplace like an ordinary classroom. Take notes and follow instructions from your coworkers and supervisors.
  • Keep a list of what to do
    It is vital to plan adequately what you are supposed to do. Follow through your assigned tasks and update your supervisor on the progress.
  • Show interest
    Show enthusiasm and a positive attitude on all your assignments. You can also volunteer to help others.


  • Assume that the duty you have been assigned is trivial
    Some tasks may look valueless to you, but they are significant to an organization. Don’t dismiss them, but be eager to do them.
  • Idle
    Prioritize your work and ensure that you are preoccupied throughout the time.
  • Hide a mistake
    If you err at your workplace, take responsibility, and show your boss how you will rectify the situation.
  • Expect all payments
    The essence of an internship is to allow you to learn. However, not all of your efforts may be rewarded. Sometimes, you volunteer to offer free services. 
  • Be afraid to ask questions
    As an intern, note that your employer is aware of your inexperience, and failure to ask questions will derail or affect your learning.

Internship FAQs

The following are some of the frequently asked questions with their answers to help you have a better perspective about an internship.

What is an internship?

An internship is a field-work practice that has a relationship with your college major. Placements may be paid or unpaid.

How do I find an internship?

You can get your internship at career websites or through professional networks.

Can I get academic credit for my internship?

Some universities give academic credit to students upon the completion of their internships. For this to happen, it will depend on the arrangements between the company and your college. 

Will I get paid for an internship?

At internships, what matters most is the experience you get but not the payment. A perfect experience can boost your chances of gaining employment. However, there some companies which offer paid internships.

How can I combine an internship with my studies?

There are plenty of tips to prioritize your time and tasks, starting with simple time-management to asking someone to do my homework. A lot of students need help writing an essay just to get some free time for their internship but it's usually worth it.

An internship is very critical in equipping you with hands-on experience to fit in the job market. It can get you a sense of working in real-world and meet professionals in a field you pursue You can look for internship opportunities on career websites and through professional networks.: there are plenty of options to choose from.

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