Ultimate List of Student Discounts and Deals for 2021

Investing in your future is always a great idea. From this point of view, studying in a college is an expensive long-term project that will eventually result in multiple benefits for you. At the same time, life is going on and there are countless ways to spend money on fun and pleasure. Now it’s time to save some funds for that. There are many possibilities to have student discounts for things and services that you will use anyway, so make them cheaper!

Digital Subscription Discounts

Apple Music

It is impossible to live without music in the modern world. It adds rhythm and fun in our lives and young people are the first to know it. Many people even claim that music helps them study better. 60 million songs that you can listen to online or offline, different shows and concerts – and all of these are completely ad-free and can be accessed across all your devices.

Price: $4.99 per month after free 3-month trial while the regular amount for an individual account is $9.99/month.

How to get: In order to get the college student discount, you will have to verify your status through UNiDAYS service.

The New York Times

This is more than just a subscription to a reputable newspaper. The digital subscription gives you access to unlimited articles and the archive of scanned old articles, which is the perfect place to look for primary sources required in many assignments.

Price: $4.00 per month instead of $15.00 per month.

How to get: You must be a current student and the NYT team will periodically verify your status through the internal system.

YouTube Premium

YouTube is not only the greatest distracting factor for young people that ever existed. In fact, there are countless educational materials, video lectures, and tutorials that one can use for self-education purposes. Premium version allows downloading videos to your device for off-line use, ad-free and background play, and offers YouTube Music as the additional feature.

Price: $6.99/month after a free 1-month trial. Regular cost is $11.99/month for individual and $17.99/month for family accounts.

How to get: Annual verification through SheerID service is required.


Every student must have access to scholarly academic sources in order to be successful in studies, so in this store you can also find discounts for college students. However, books, primary sources, and journal articles are expensive and it will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to buy every source separately. That is why the JSTOR database collaborates with the academic community to give access to a wide range of educational materials. That's far from what a term paper writing service can offer, though it's essential in the process of preparing all your academic works.

Price: Free of charge if you access the database through your school library since it implies that the payment of all materials is included in tuition fees. Individual research subscription for nonstudents costs $19.50 per month or $199 if billed annually.

How to get: Contact your school library.

Software and App Discounts

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Education package includes such important for each one software as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. There is no need to explain the purpose of these products, they already became a must-have for everyone in the educational sphere. Whether you're willing to use the "write my essay for me" service, or decide to struggle with all the tasks by yourself, Education package is a must for every student.

Price: Completely free of charge while a paid subscription to Office 365 Personal costs $69.99 per year.

How to get: All you need is to enter your valid student email address while registering.


It is often treated as one of the best note-taking apps. Evernote will help any student not only create and keep important information and studying materials but also organize daily work and tasks, use the app as the cloud storage for a variety of different files, and enjoy access to all features across all synced devices.

Price: 50% college students discounts for a full year subscription. The regular cost is $7.99/month.

How to get: Verify your current student’s status with the help of university-issued email during registration.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Students who are pursuing the career of a designer need special software as badly as inspiration for great projects. The package of more than 20 apps including irreplaceable Photoshop and Illustrator goes along with 100GB of cloud storage.

Price: $19.99/month for the first year and then $29.99/month while regular subscription costs $52.99/month.

How to get: You must verify your status as the eligible current student via calling a regional Adobe Call Center.

MacCleaner Pro

MacCleaner Pro is a unique application developed for cleaning a Mac and speeding up its performance.If you are a student or represent an educational institution, you are welcome to make use of 20% educational discount program for MacCleaner Pro one-time purchase. You can get a discount 50 % Off for 20 applications and more.

Price: One-time price of $59.96

How to get: To get a special price, contact their support team using your educational email address and get a discount code for MacCleaner Pro.

Service Discounts

Public Transit

New Jersey Transit is the perfect example of how full-time students can save some money obtaining the college discounts on their monthly or weekly train or other transit services’ passes. You need to check the website of your college or local public transit provider to see if there is any partnership program similar to the one offered by NJ Transit to a lot of schools and colleges.

Price: Depends on public transit provider, for example, NJ Transit offers a 25% discount for monthly passes.

How to get: In most cases, you will have to verify your student email address during registration.


If you don’t have a car yet or just need to rent it for some period of time, a well-known car-sharing service may be of great help. The payment is usually prohibitive for students, but if your university is among over 600 campuses that have a partnership with Zipcar you may take advantage of it.

Price: Free of charge if your university participates. Regular membership plans are different, for example, monthly membership in New York costs $8/month with driving rates from $10/hour and $88.25/day not including additional mileage fees.

How to get: Search for your university on this page.

Free Museum Access

Many cities offer free or cheaper admission to local cultural institutions such as museums. For example, New York has NYU's Museum Gateway program and many city museums became part of it. Moreover, some of them also offer student discounts in museum stores.

Price: It depends on the museum or the city’s program. For example, the ticket’s cost in the Museum of Modern Art in New York is $25 for adults, $14 for full-time students with ID, and the access is free of charge if you have NYU Card.

How to get: Usually, student’s ID is enough to get the discount but you may check your city’s websites to review available student programs that offer free tickets.

Discounts on Flights

Leading airlines offer various cheap flights, last-minute college students deals, special discounts, and promo codes available for students on a regular basis. They are constantly changing. Thus, it is better to monitor the best prices and programs you are eligible for with your status of the currently enrolled student.

Price: Significantly varies, you may save from $10 to even more than $150 on every flight. For example, check for currently available promo codes here.

How to get: You will need to provide the additional information to verify your status on the booking page.

Event Discounts

Student Discounts on Tickets with ID.me

Tickets for sports games, concerts and many other live events may be obtained with decent discounts for students or coupons through ID.me shop.

Price: Depends on the event, for example, a student can count on at least $10 off with ID.me coupon for hockey or baseball match tickets.

How to get: Create the ID.me account

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Visit a good concert in Los Angeles and have one of the best seats is possible within a student’s budget. What is more, you may buy up to two tickets per concert, which opens new perspectives for those who are reluctant to enjoy cultural events alone.

Price: Tickets’ price will be only $10 or $20 depending on the chosen seat.

How to get: You need to be registered for Student Insiders to be eligible for cheap tickets.

Campus Events

Northwestern University is the perfect example of how rich and full of events can campus life be. There are not only events organized by students’ groups but also various lectures, artistic performances, and sports games.

Price: Either discounts or completely free tickets are offered depending on the event. For example, the tickets for Legally Blonde: The Musical cost $30 while NU students can buy them from $6 to $12 only.

How to get: Check your college website’s related to campus life. Your student’s ID is all that is required.

Stores with Student Discounts

Apple Education Pricing

College students need a reliable, durable, and a rather powerful computer for their studies as every class requires at least Microsoft Office package to complete the assignments. There are plenty of online courses that must be completed on dashboards. One of the places that offer students discounts is Apple. Thus, obtaining a discount for a new iMac or MacBook would be extremely useful.

Price: Discounts constantly change as Apple reserves the right to change the prices and products available for the Education Pricing program. Keep in mind that there are quantity limits, for example, only one notebook can be purchased per academic year.

How to get: Apple Education Pricing page should be checked online, or you may buy a product with a special discount in the local Apple Retail Store or through your Authorized Campus Reseller.

Dell University

Another opportunity for those who want a new notebook that runs Windows rather than macOS. The quality of Dell computers has proven itself already and who needs a mobile and powerful companion in their studies may have a chance to get it for the decent price.

Price: Depends on the product and available programs. For example, in February 2020 the Member price of New Inspiron 15 3000 laptop was $293 instead of the regular $379.

How to get: Students will need to get discounts through Dell's University Store using their Dell’s Member ID.

Best Buy

Consumer electronics could be found in many places, but Best Buy is the largest one, and also it’s one of the places that give student discounts. Students need to have the appropriate technology to meet all expectations of contemporary higher education and independent life. They can find smartphones, tablets, cameras, printers, various appliances and many other useful devices on this website.

Price: Student Deals appear in one’s personal account and they constantly change.

How to get: Create a Best Buy account and sign up for offers using your school email address.

Special Discount Sites and Programs

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Possessing this special student ID card guarantees many possibilities and discount offers for traveling, accommodation, food, and entertainment both in the home country and abroad. The official website states that in 2020 there are already more than 160.000 of various discounts in 133 countries.

Price: ISIC with Basic travel insurance costs $25 per year or $20 without the insurance.

How to get: You may order it online or in any of their ISIC issuing offices across the country.


A lot of available college deals will make their lives easier and cheaper. This service offers many categories that include coupons and discounts for food delivery, cafes, groceries, clothing, makeup, technological devices, fitness, and many other necessary things.

Price: Varies significantly, from $7 off in Grubhub food delivery to $200 off a new Mac.

How to get: Sign up using your school-issued email address.


Another good website with numerous hot offers gathered together. This service offers more school supplies, textbooks, and places for student loans.

Price: Various discounts from 7% to 50% and cashback options are available. They are subject to change.

How to get: Sign up with your school email address to verify the status of the currently involved student.

Higher education is expensive that is why everybody understands when a student wants to save some money. Many services and companies deliberately introduce special discounts and options only for students so it is logical to use them. Taking into consideration multiple possibilities to get scholarships and have a part-time job, the financial situation may be significantly improved.

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