Top 40 Tools for Remote Teaching. Let Your Students Take the Most out of It

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Taming 30 kids in the classroom and keeping them engaged in the lesson doesn’t seem like an easy task. But 2020 has introduced even a greater challenge - to conduct a class online without losing a bit of its efficiency. Distance education has entered the lives of every teacher in the world, not waiting for them to get prepared for a shift. If you are still in search of tools to help you make your online students put off their smartphones and gladly participate in the lesson, dive into this article!

Visualization Tools

The success of your online classes is fully based on visualization tools. So choose a couple to make sure your lesson is catchy and dynamic.

Pear Deck. If you’re a dedicated Google Slides user, Pear Deck will complement your slide-making experience. It’s keen on enhancing the qualitative characteristics of your presentations, advancing interactivity, and keeping an eye on students’ personal activity.

Visme. It’s a multifunctional tool that specializes in class design, multimedia, in-app work scheduling, and whatever teachers or students might need for successful topic digesting.

Padlet. If you’re looking for a platform that will systemize students’ knowledge on a particular topic in one place, try Padlet. It’s absolutely user friendly and enables to add into topic space whatever type of data a student might need.

Thinglink. Another way of presenting educational information is by using Thinglink. It makes your presentations bright and engaging, using a variety of interactive features and allowing you to add high-quality media files.

Buncee. This app encourages active class communication and cooperation by using intuitive visualization tools, supporting all kinds of media files, and building a creative space for a more efficient learning process. is a place where teachers and students can keep the information on a certain topic, adding links, text files, images, podcasts, videos, or whatever they may require for building a full and clear base for passing future credits.

Prezi. Prezi is a synonym for “a highly engaging presentation builder”. Unusual slide transitions and a variety of creative samples make this platform truly unique for presenting any kind of information to students of all ages.

Canva for Education. Even working with students offline you must’ve heard of Canva. It’s a great catch for visualizing and presenting complex information in a clear way. Canva offers a gallery of slide templates and project ideas to take inspiration from.

Explain Everything Whiteboard. Another champion in building outstanding educational slideshows. It integrates creativity, dynamism, and an intuitive interface to allow both teachers and students to share their knowledge in a fun and catchy way.

ShowMe. ShowMe allows educators to record and trace each action while they’re creating a presentation. It means that you can add comments and talk to the class while building a slide. This will ensure the clarity of your thoughts and minimize knowledge gaps.

Mango Animation Maker. If you want to go beyond presentations, Mango can help you make fun videos on various topics. To use all the in-built features you’ll have to buy a paid version, but it’s totally worth the money.

Online Classroom Space Options

As a rule, schools choose a single online platform for their teachers to work with. But in case you’re free to choose yours, consider these virtual classroom options.

Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a member of the Google family that is able to integrate with the other members like Google Presentations, Documents, etc. This platform strives to meet all the teachers’ needs by providing easy to use educational and assessment features.

Zoom. Classes can be easily conducted using the screen share feature, which allows students to comment and edit everything they see on the screen. A teacher can practice various activity types by creating separate rooms for students to work together.

Newrow Smart. The platform was created deliberately targeting online teaching. Inside it has everything from interactive whiteboards to educational tests, games, and media sharing options. Newrow can be used for free without losing the main platform features.

Electa Live. Another fully equipped online classroom that works with any OS. It has all the basic functions you might need, like whiteboards, screen share, online commenting, quiz, and test-makers. What else do you need for conducting a perfect lesson?

BigBlueButton. The biggest asset of BBB is that it’s free. This app is a standard version of a virtual classroom, combining the quality of its features with the appealing no-fee status.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Staying in touch with student’s parents is still important, even though kids study from home. To make communication easier, try using one of the options.

Remind App. This app was deliberately designed to enhance parent-teacher ways of efficient communication. Apart from being a messenger where you can set “quiet hours” mode, Remind also sends notifications if your lessons are nearing.

Talking Points. If you’re teaching at a multinational class, Talking Points is a solution for communication with non-English speaking parents. All of your words are instantly translated to one of 100 languages while being delivered.

Classting. Classting is an easy way of getting parents engaged in the students’ academic lives. It’s mostly a messenger app with smart notifications option and a class news’ feed for parents to look through.

ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a great app for 1-5 grade kids where their parents can track ups and downs, set goals, send comments, and encourage younger students every day.

Edmodo. Apart from providing parent-teacher-student communication, Edmodo allows teachers to build customized materials for students to use. Individual portfolios with progress charts are also available here.

Document-Keeping and Note-Taking Tools

Documentation maintenance is an indispensable part of a teacher’s life and online doesn’t make the paperwork dimension any less.

OneDrive. OneDrive is a useful member of the Microsoft family that allows you to store all your documentation, edit and share it with other teachers, administration, or parents. The platform can also be used as a homework-checking space.

Dropbox. This app strives to make and maintain perfect cleanliness and order in your files. Dropbox manages all the downloaded files by structuring folders and using personalized recommendations for a quicker document search.

Evernote. No lesson goes without the need to make some notes. Evernote is perfect for any kind of note from writing down an idea for a future lesson to building a whole class structure in one note.

Zoho Notebook. The distinctive feature of Zoho is its card-note system. It means that each note is saved as a card, whatever file type you choose and can be integrated into your browser to keep the note visible.

Notion. If you appreciate perfect notes arrangement in a minimalistic and functional style, you’ll love Notion. It has templates for various types of notes or even large documents to store in its clearly laid-out database.

Pocket. Another type of digital notebook. This app allows you to save any type of content into its space for watching it later and getting inspired for your lessons. A perfect thing for every teacher to use.

Textbook Creating Apps

Sometimes teachers need more space for creativity and the right tools for explaining their concepts while teaching online.

FlipHTML5. This app is well-equipped for helping teachers create their own workbooks. In such a way an educator can convey thoughts easier and guide the process of online learning more precisely.

Book Creator. Book Creator is not for teachers only. A user-friendly interface allows students of any age to create their own digital books to prove they’ve understood the topic or to make the process of learning more engaging.

DIKSHA. Another way of enhancing the online learning experience by creating your own materials on the basis of the general programs. Diksha also makes parents engaged in the process if they have questions about the activities.

Writing Helper Online. You can use outsource writers to keep your textbooks set and updated. Might be useful at some points as any website that writes papers for you.

Interactive Learning Tools

Online lessons can’t survive without interactive elements for learning and engaging material revision.

Kahoot. Kahoot specializes in making custom quizzes and can be used for teaching any subject at any stage. The competitive element and the time limit for each question set the right motivation for students.

Quizlet. Quizlet is a simple tool for learners that is based on the flashcard method. You can create a card-pack on your own and share a link with students to join.

Slack. When studying online, teamwork becomes a kind of interaction. Slack is an online platform that helps organize students in groups, prepare projects, track progress, and share ideas easily.

Extramarks. Extramarks is a space where a student can enhance one’s knowledge by doing fun and exciting activities. Apart from teacher supervision, there are several AI bots who act as personal tutors for every kid.

StudyBlue. StudyBlue is one of the most popular online learning platform. It offers various educational materials and tools for their memorizing. The app also encourages communication and file sharing.

Quizizz. Quizzes are a great way to study and revise the material. Here you can create any type of quiz-games using samples or building your own ones from the ground up. They can be used as a part of a test or as just a fun way to summarise a lesson.

Flipgrid. Flipgrid is a space where short videos are the main studying tool. A teacher can send a video with a question and each student will record a response with a thoughtful answer. Videos appear on the class page so classmates will be able to hear each other’s thoughts.

Solid Online Teaching Resources

It would be unclever not to use interactive available teaching resources while explaining a topic or assigning a home task.

Edx. High school students will definitely benefit from joining online classes conducted by university professors on almost any subject one might be interested in.

Noon academy. Another source of knowledge and inspiration. Unlike Edx, Noon academy has courses for younger students, encourages teacher-student communication and support.

TED. Probably the most popular educational video resource. TED gets professionals to explain millions of topics, introducing new methods of active teaching and learning.

Wrapping Up

Online teaching has become the new normal. But you’re not alone in this way. Immerse into the diversity of teaching options and enjoy the ride.

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