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Arab-Israeli Conflict Essays

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Israel and Palestine Conflict Essay

Introduction The Middle East has proven to be a crucible, occasionally caused by tensions between two ethnic groups, including Jews and Arabs, and two different and incompatible monotheistic faiths, respectively, Judaism and Islam, since the end of World War I and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Many experts view Israel’s ongoing hostility with Palestine as a major source of terrorist activity. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has dominated the spectacular setting of the Middle East for 70 years. International struggles have...
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A Look at the Causes of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Attempts to cause harmony since 1948 between the Israelis and Arabs to have so far fizzled. Harmony talks can’t agree notwithstanding mediation from President Clinton. As of late viciousness has broken out once more. The Rival cases to Palestine is a long haul issue, which has continued for a considerable length of time. The Israelis guarantee that it is there land since god had guaranteed them the land to them in ‘The Bible’. The Arabs have a case for the...
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Doomed by Palestine and Israel to Eternal Violence Due to the Intractable Nature of Their Conflict

Palestine and Israel have been locked in conflict for years. There is one key factor that plays a major role in whether or not Israel and Palestine can overcome the conflict and violence that they find themselves in. To overcome conflict individuals must go back to the root of it all in order to understand it and learn to empathize with each individual involved (The Guardian, 2019). For Israel and Palestine this means thinking back to the time of the...
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Diplomatic Relations between the Arabs and Jews: Analysis of Arab-Israeli Conflict

Section I: identification and evaluation of sources The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the question: “To what extent did Britain’s involvement in Palestine, from 1916 to 1948, maintain diplomatic relations between the Arabs and Jews?” In this section, the values and limitations of two sources will be analysed to determine whether Britain’s involvement in Palestine was effective in maintaining diplomatic relations between the Arabs and Jews. On one hand, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 is a primary source...
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Arab-Israeli Conflict in Daniel Gordis’s ‘Independence the State is Born’ and Anita Shapira’s ‘The War of Independence 1947-1949’

Daniel Gordis’s ‘Independence the State is Born’ and Anita Shapira’s ‘The War of Independence 1947-1949’ both discuss the 1947-49 conflict. Both authors shed light on the historical events that occurred during the Jewish struggle to establish a safe haven after years of exile. However, Gordis’s account pays more attention to the human actors involved in the decisive events leading up to the creation of an independent Jewish state – their individuality, interpersonal conflicts, motivations and inclinations. Shapira’s account is a...
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