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Reign of Augustus Caesar: Critical Analysis

Augustus, during the hour of his rule as princeps of the Roman individuals, developed for himself a picture of military ability, liberality, goodness, and leniency. Octavian, before known as Augustus was believed to be one of the most significant pioneers in Roman history. His character as a pioneer, criminal, and statesman was raised through the intense challenge. Additionally being the received child of Julius Caesar, has raised more character in him than before as he needed to satisfy individual special...
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Comparative Essay on Roman Empire: Rule of Augustus and Trajan

In order to assess how the conception of the role of a Roman emperor changed over this period of time, and how his subjects reacted to him, we must first ascertain how the original role of the emperor was presented. For an emperor to have subjects to reign, and in order to gain himself the title of emperor, there must first be an empire to rule over. The Roman Empire formed after the fall of the Roman Republic and following...
4 Pages 1967 Words

Role of Augustus and Augustan Army for Roman Empire: Analytical Essay

Question: examine the significant contributions of the Augustan army to the achievement of pax Romana and the subsequent development in Roman north Africa. Augustus was a Roman Statesman and a military leader who became the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. Augustus reigned from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD. His status as a founder of the Pax Roman has consolidated an enduring legacy as one of the most effective and controversial leaders in human history. Augustus was...
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Research Essay on The Life of Augustus and His Wife Livia Drusilla

“Livia Drusilla, a manipulative, power-hungry killer or a victim of gendered history? How accurate are the primary sources in their depiction of Livia Drusilla and how have they affected how she is perceived today?” Sophie Lee (z3373017) Outline Livia Drusilla (58BCE~29CE) is a character of great mystery and controversy. She was the 3rd wife to the Roman Emperor, Augustus Caeser, and mother to Tiberius, the emperor that came after Augustus Caeser. Much of our knowledge on her character is reliant...
6 Pages 2796 Words

Critical Analysis of the Development of Roman Empire under the Leadership of Augustus

The Greek and Roman Golden ages are responsible for some of the world’s greatest advancements. They each had major contributions to the world of Arts and Sciences, but their reaction to different challenges resulted in the Greek Age of Pericles not having the longevity as Augustus; Pax Romana. Rome was a giant military power in the ancient world, conquering all, making them virtually unstoppable. This is due to the change from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, under the...
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Augustus’ Career as Princeps of Rome

Beginning in the 8th century BC, ancient Rome grew from a very small town into an empire that at its peak had control of most continental Europe, Britain, western Asian, northern Africa, and the Mediterranean islands. As the legend says, Rome was founded by the twins, Romulus and Remus. After killing his brother, Romulus became the first king of Rome. However, Rome’s era as a monarchy ended in 509 BC, when it turned into a republic. The power of the...
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Life and Reign of Augustus - the First Emperor of Rome

Augustus was in theory Rome’s first emperor (although he never had the official title nor did he ever try to call himself an emperor). He steered Rome’s evolution from a republic to an empire during the turbulent years after the assassination of Augustus’s great-uncle and adoptive father Julius Caesar. It is undisputed that his administrative prowess was astounding, ultimately giving Rome 200 years of relative peace. But a concrete account of the man himself is more difficult to find as...
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Augustus' Use of Built Forms to Ascend and Maintain His Power

Augustus, a renowned leader of the Roman Empire during the 27 BC, initiated the use of built forms for the ascension and preservation of power. The development of Rome under his rule inaugurated a highly influential style of architecture, establishing a new standard subsequent to the fall of the Roman Empire. His supremacy over the Roman Empire ensued a substantial shift in the urban environment, marking Rome as a prosperous and affluent city. This paper will argue that he used...
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