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Personal Philosophy: Definitions of Coaching Philosophy

In the academic literature, researchers are defining the coaching philosophy in different ways, and not a single definition is similar with other ones. To enumerate some, Wilcox and Trudel define the philosophy as: “A coaching philosophy is a set of values and behaviors that serve to guide the actions of a coach.” or “A coaching philosophy is a personal statement that is based on the values and beliefs that direct one’s coaching.” as defined by Kidman and Hanrahan 1997. Lyle...
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The Field Of Soccer Sports Coaching

Introduction In the field of Sports Coaching, disconnect between the core values professed on a coach profile and the reality expressed in the field is one of the major influences of the performance of soccer teams in the UK. The discrepancy in the confessed values of soccer coaches and the perceived values are known to influence the outcomes of soccer matches and therefore determine the performance of soccer team. A systematic research using a case study approach on the influence...
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Coaching Psychology And Its Tasks

Coaching Psychology Is a type of service that people can access and get professional help for if they feel that they may need the help to have a happier and healthier lifestyle. Coaching Psychology focuses on the positive aspects of ones life, and is based on ones positive and strengths and looks at ways that you can utilise these strengths to make an individuals feel more content about life, achieve goals and become more prosperous. Within Coaching Psychology there are...
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Evaluation Of Coaching Practices And Junior Football Coach

This report will intentionally explore the connection (if any) between Junior Football Coach practices and Coaching best practices. A current junior coach has been assessed by assisting to a training session and a ‘game day’, as well as been interviewed. The analysis of his character and actions versus the concept of ‘best practices’ showed a positive result in the goal to archive to comply with the definition. Route of this exploration helped by an evaluation model applied from the sports...
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Key Differentiators between Mentoring and Coaching: Analytical Essay

Analyze the differences between coaching and mentoring As a manager when new employees start their roles, I will mentor and coach the new employee for a week minimum to enable them to feel settled and supported in their roles they are coached to be able to complete their tasks confidently and competently. The new employee may require more support after their week as people all have different ways of learning or may take more time to build their confidence to...
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Advanced Coaching and Mentoring: Critical Analysis

Garvey, Stokes, and Megginson (2009:26) conclude that ‘there can be no ‘one best way’ in mentoring and coaching and therefore no one definition. In this essay, I intend to critically consider this statement by starting with various definitions of Mentoring and Coaching, comparing different models and methods; then moving on to the implications this may have for practitioners, focusing on how coaching is aligned with leadership as this is relevant to my setting as a leader in education. Introduction: I...
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Comparative Analysis of Coaching Models

Abstract In this paper, I would like to fill in a gap that has so far been missing in the coaching profession. By now, a number of coaching process models have become known, yet it is not a systematic, comparative analysis of these – at least the most popular ones. The replacement of the ‘shortage’ is, in my opinion, very timely. I think that a well-structured organization can help the coaching workforce to get acquainted with newcomers in the initial...
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The Effect Of Coaching And Cognitive Load On Children’s Lying Behavior

Abstract The purpose of studying children’s lying behavior is to give valid reasons on why children begin to lie early in life in order to conceal their wrongdoing. However, at many times children are coached to lie and it is harder to detect the lie when the child is able to conceal transgression and have good semantic leakage. We will examine and predict the effect of coaching lies and the cognitive load of children when they lie. Children (N=240; 3-8...
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Organizational Performance Management: Behavior and Coaching

Introductory Evidence-based management(EBM) means translating principles based on best evidence into organizational practices. Behavior is about science, it’s important for manager to know that behavior as all consequences are a result of the behavior. The Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence Model (ABC Model) tells us antecedents would drive the behavior, moreover, the consequences would follow the behavior. Thus, consequences can either increase the behavior or decrease the behavior, it is critical for the manager to identify and communicate the right desired behavior among employees....
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Sports Coaching – Team Sports: Coaching Male Or Female Athletes Requirements

When being a sport coach, there are some coaching consideration for different sports and gender. For example, coaching individual and team sports differently, coaching gender affects athlete’s performance, coaching male and female athletes differently, and also coaching different level of athletes differently. In my point of view, I do believe coaching male or female athletes requires a change of coaching and communication methods based on the reason of the body structure, coachability, plus confidence differently. First, coach requires a change...
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Exercise Physiology: Sports Performance And Coaching

Introduction Exercise Physiology has broad medical advantages by emphatically influencing all organ frameworks of an athlete’s body. The secrets of human physiology and the versatile reaction to intense and interminable exercise preparing, to a great extent, have been clarified through exercise science.1 Physiology has a rich history of revealing a portion of the constraints of activity execution in both wellbeing and illness. Exercise physiologists have considered a physiological reaction to physical action, exercise, sport, and athletic rivalry, though clinical exercise...
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Executive Leadership Style And Environment Of Coaching

Strong leadership has emerged as one of the most valuable assets in the new millennium. The abilities and positions bestowed upon individuals in present-day society often come with immense responsibilities. Executive coaching has often been utilized within very complex business organizations to improve their success and operations. Executive leadership and coaching refer to the ability of training, usually identified by younger people in the environment, to learn and to equip employees with tools and skills to improve their performance. In...
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Gratitude And Coaching

Random act of kindness After undergoing research relating to the different ways in which I could carry out a random act of kindness , I decided that personally , for me , completing the gratitude letter would prove itself more fulfilling . The way in which results are presented when a random act of kindness is completed differ for each person . The levels of happiness we feel can change over time once completing the random act of kindness or...
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Theories And Applications Of Coaching

The field of coaching has much to gain from the application of theoretical knowledge to practice, including increased credibility and improved outcomes for stakeholders. This approach requires coaches to respond to the individual in front of them by integrating research evidence and personal expertise (Stober, Wildflower, & Drake, 2006), with the aim to effectively facilitate behaviour change via goal-directed self-regulation (Good, Yeganeh, & Yeganeh, 2013; Grant, 2012). Two perspectives that have clear theoretical relevance to achieving this aim are the...
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Coaching As A Learning Practice In Organisations

Introduction In order to be considered as a growth oriented organisation, developing Human Recourse should take a place in organisation’s priority .HR is a resource with undefined potential capabilities where can be invested in. Human Resource Development “is a system deals with this potential by identifying, focusing on it to design activities with specific time to produce behavioral changes that benefit the organisation and the employee” as Leonard Nadler defined HRD. Coaching is a tool that HRD use to change...
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The Concepts Of Coaching And Mentoring

Generally there is a misconception about coaching and mentoring; it is assumed these are one and the same and although some similarities maybe present there are also significant differences. However, both are practices that target personal or professional development. Coaching focuses on specific skills, knowledge and development goals by breaking them into tangible tasks to be completed within a specified period of time. It is a non-directive form of development aiming to improve a persons’ job performance with the focus...
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Talent Essay

Description of Experience This is a general reflection of my work during my college days and office time. Coaching juniors on how to Monitor the whole workflow both inside and outfield company. Engaging them to learn new Methods that even I do not have knowledge about it. I worked in the field of fire safety equipment company so the people must know how everything works and maintain. I was the wood-golf national champion in India (2017) after that my coach...
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