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Has the Internet Positively or Negatively Impacted Human Society: Critical Essay

The internet has become an essential part of our life and it is hard not to underestimate its influence in modern society. However, it is a very complicated question to answer about its positive and negative sides in terms of people’s reactions towards it. Nowadays it is particularly impossible to live without modern gadgets. New technologies are used in everyday life by millions of people around the world. Social relationships between us are getting easier with the help of mobiles...
1 Page 430 Words

Professional Computer Programmers Write Programs to Satisfy Their Own Needs: Persuasive Essay

Computers, smartphones, and apps- are all ubiquitous in our daily lives, yet they have only been around for the past few decades. With a surge in technology has come a wave of new jobs…including one profession in the behind-the-scenes of it all: computer programming. So, what exactly is the job of a computer programmer? Their main task is to write code. Code is a series of commands that follow a programming language. These commands are broken down logically for the...
1 Page 598 Words

Using Big Data to Reduce Dropout in Schools

Dropouts in school is a big issue, because there is always a reason behind it that can be solved, if even we manage to identify this reason, and that’s precisely the challenging part. Education is very important, in any society. It enables to learn and develop our skills and competencies, to have a better job, it makes us self-dependent, helps to be socially integrated, enhance one’s confidence, and it makes the world a safer and better place. So, managing to...
4 Pages 1886 Words

Thematic Data Analysis Method

Thematic analysis is a type of qualitative data analysis method that takes large bodies of data and groups them according to their relative similarities, which can be termed as themes. Thematic analysis can be applied to various sorts of data set from secondary sources, like media to records of focus group meetings or interviews. Also, it tends to be used to analyze huge datasets, as well as little datasets. Rigorous thematic analysis can produce trustworthy and insightful discoveries (Braun and...
3 Pages 1149 Words

The Trend of Data Analysis in the Future

Nowadays, data analysis becomes more and more popular in the world. Due to the development of modern technology, data analysis can be basically a comprehensive analysis of the company’s data, and it could achieve with no deviation. The future of data analysis and the reasons why we should learn data analysis become the most interesting questions in the society. Zimmermann (2018) mentioned that there will be more automation and more collaboration, driving transformation for every industry in the areas of...
1 Page 580 Words

Novelty of Big Data, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, data is becoming the most valuable asset of businesses. Following the rapid upward movement in technology, most organizations are choosing to go digital, resulting in the generation of large data volumes. Unlike other organizational assets which can add immediate values, big data’s value comes from the insights that can be extracted from it. Equipped with the knowledge of how data functions, managers can leverage their data to derive value hidden in the data, in form of insights...
3 Pages 1420 Words

Software Engineering in Data Analysis

The keyword in data analysis is analysis, not the data. The mere volume of data does not make it significant. But the value we can extract and the questions that we can answer from the data is what makes the data significant. Suppose we have 300 MB of data but the answer we require can be answered from just few KBs. The trending field of Big Data would have flamed out if data analysis was only about data and not...
7 Pages 3044 Words

Data Analytics for Insurance Fraud Prevention

The insurance industry in general has been on an expansion mode with various players cropping up and transformations in regulatory framework and evolving technology pursuits. With the rise of big data and analytics, there has been immense cross-churning of information in both the life and non-life insurance sector. This has led to immense potential of positive opportunities in the insurance industry. However, like two sides to a coin, there are also possibilities of misuse of data and chances of fraudulent...
3 Pages 1489 Words

Data Analysis and Visualization

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, and it’s only going to grow from there. By 2020, it’s estimated that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on the Earth. The numbers are huge and such data cannot be examined without the analytical and visualization power. Why Data Analysis and Visualization Are Important Information examination and representation is exceptionally urgent as it permits numerous endeavors and people like you and me to conclude...
5 Pages 2235 Words

Body Vibes as an Example of Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience tries to imitate real science, but lacks the rigor and accepted standards of the practice. It can be dangerous and unethical; therefore, it is critical individuals are aware of the numerous characteristics and red flags that can alert consumers to whether a product may be based upon pseudoscience or genuine science. The website advertising Body Vibes demonstrates many pseudoscience features including a reliance on authority, lack of empirical evidence, claiming to treat a vast array of problems through natural...
2 Pages 781 Words

Big Data and Its Analysis Methods

Nowadays, in every movement, data is increasing in a high manner. The data is exponentially growing in the market. The data is not only growing but it has been generated, stored, analyzed and acquired also. The reason behind huge data is the use of the Internet. The Internet is not only used on the web, but it is exponentially growing in the web, IoT, and many more electronic devices. It is also used in medical and other industries as well....
6 Pages 2845 Words

Big Data Analysis: Challenges, Issues and Tools

Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Big data decodes previously untouched data to derive new insight that gets integrated into business operations. However, as the amounts of data increase exponential, the current techniques are becoming obsolete. Dealing with big data requires comprehensive coding skills, domain knowledge, and statistics. In the digital world, data are generated from...
4 Pages 2000 Words

Impact of Internet on Our Life: Analytical Essay

Internet usage has become a far greater part of society in the past 2 decades. It is used for, virtually, anything one can imagine. Everything is connected to the web for example; if you want to order something from a shop, you don’t need to call the store and ask for it, you just have to fill out a form with what you want and it will arrive at your doorstep. Furthermore, another element the internet has brought to the...
4 Pages 1847 Words

Informative Essay on Computer Risk

Introduction Online Banking also known as Internet Banking or e-banking, is an electronic payment system that manages the details of accounts, internet banking, transaction, balance, and statements. Some of the banks rely completely on Internet Banking. Online Banking also has become so popular around the world. There is no doubt that Online Banking also become one of the most sensitive tasks for Internet users. Although banks encourage people to use Online Banking because it will make us easier and advertise...
5 Pages 2140 Words

Has the Digital Age Made Copyright Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

Digitalization has enabled the transformation of intellectual property into electronic format. In this context, the importance of copyright becomes impossible to ignore. Copyright, as we know it, was creating during a time when digitalization had not happened. Thus, there are certain limitations that appeared with the coming of the digital era. Due to digitalization, copying art, of any form, has become easy, fast and cheap. Thus, the incentive of the artists that they used to get due to copyright has...
5 Pages 2386 Words

Copyright Is Becoming Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

While we used to pay for certain media products such as songs, films or newspapers. Nowadays, it is available to us for free thanks to the work of the Internet ‘pirates’. In today’s Internet age, sharing content is one of the most favorable parts of the World Wide Web. The computer-aided communication technologies such as e-mail and Internet have added altogether a new dimension to today’s communication process by making it more speedy, informative and economical. While all these have...
3 Pages 1436 Words

Analysis of Big Data and Its Challenges

The concept of big data itself is relatively new, the origins of large data sets go back to the 1960s and ’70s when the world of data was just getting started with the first data centers and the development of the relational database. In the year 2005, people began to realize the data which are generated through Facebook, YouTube, and other online services. Hadoop (an open-source framework created specifically to store and analyze big data sets) was developed that same...
3 Pages 1311 Words

Analysis of Advanced Technologies and Film-making

From the early days of silent cinema to today’s emerging new technologies such as 360-degree panoramic filming, the film industry has begun to change as technology continues to evolve, transforming the audience’s experience and engagement with cinema and filmmaking. This paper will review Eric Kurland’s ‘History of VR’ and Lev Manovich’s ‘The Poetics of Augmented’ to understand the development and application of technologies related to immersive experiences. Eric Kurland talked about the changes and advances of this technology over time...
2 Pages 1114 Words

Website Analysis Essay

Introduction My website is called Pawa Fitness. The specific purpose of Pawa Fitness’s website is to provide its customer the information about the business. Also, the use of the website is to be eye-catching, colorful, recognizable, and simple. It will show the customers the new exclusive products. The website should also advertise the gym clubs and their occasional special offers. The development process followed four stages which include conceptualizing, proving, implementing, and maintaining. To conceptualize is to examine the problem...
2 Pages 1100 Words

Web Analysis Essay

Website Analysis Introduction Since the rise of the age of the internet, it has become crucial for institutions and businesses to invest in their image across online platforms as well as improve their website structures among other social network platforms. This report will be analyzing two websites that are based on marketing and the retailer industry. From this study, a clear-cut report will be developed on the findings made over the two sites through a comparison of the websites as...
4 Pages 1682 Words

Main Objective of Information Security

Information Security Governance Information security is the most crucial asset of any business. Information security management is the process of setting up all the required security controls for protecting the information (Atcovi, 2019, para. 1). Information Security Governance is a set of people within the organization to provide the road map for the organization to accomplish the targets by alleviating the dangers and dealing with the assets. Outcomes and Benefits of Information Security Governance Strategic Alignment: It means aligning the...
2 Pages 942 Words

Cybersecurity Personal Statement

Cyber security has always been an interesting subject for me where a student needs to solve digital crimes by recovering data and investigating. I strongly feel that this program fulfills the need of the present scenario wherein the world is changing very fast due to information security. By pursuing my skills further in the path of security, I would like to explore new methods to combine and fortify the use of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and...
2 Pages 877 Words

Cyber Security: Thesis Statement

Executive Summary: Cyber security has its unique role in securing information in every sector. Protecting information from hackers has become more challenging. The first thing that strikes in mind with the word hacker is cyber threats which is a major concern for every data handling organization. Various policies and regulation acts were being implemented by organizations and governments to prevent cybercrimes. The world is facing and required techniques and technologies to prevent them. Over the years, the term Cyber Security...
4 Pages 1649 Words

Cyber Security Statement of Purpose

In 2006, I graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with a Bachelor`s degree in ElectronicElectrical Engineering. My interest in Cyber security was ignited in my third year at the University when we were introduced to TCPIP networking. In this course module, I learned how to use an Access control list and encrypted passwords to prevent intruders from accessing networks. This was where my curiosity and interest in network security started. For the past 15 years,...
2 Pages 817 Words

Virtual Reality and Its Use in the Tourism Industry

Virtual reality (VR) can be defined as create an illusion that we are present somewhere we are not. Virtual reality can lead people to experience all in one time in a place within as the same time. Virtual reality can persuade human brain to bring them to a place but it is not a real place. There is three-dimensional image that was created with hardware of software in virtual reality. Then, it will present to the user in various way....
4 Pages 1598 Words

Analysis of Use of Information Technologies

The Features of Information Technologies The executive data framework is a lot of frameworks which helps the board at various levels to take better choices by giving the essential data to supervisors. The executive data framework is definitely not a solid element yet an assortment of frameworks which furnish the client with a solid vibe to the extent data conveyance, transmission and capacity is concerned. The various subsystems working at the foundation have various destinations yet work working together with...
6 Pages 2939 Words

Impact of the Internet on Teenagers' Lives

The Internet has been one of the most life-changing and important inventions of the last century. Kids spend more time sitting at home playing video games or watching TV. Most parents don’t like seeing their kids being on their phone or on the Internet all the time. Although the Internet may be one of the greatest inventions of the last century, it has made some negative impacts on our society and children. Teenagers are one of the most common groups...
1 Page 629 Words

Impact of Information Technology on Our Lives

Information technology is the study and use of computer systems to store, retrieve, transfer or exchange data. Technology has brought about change and has impacted family, elderly and parenting issues in both positive and negative ways. Although information technology is known to bring about speed, convenience and so much more, there are ethical and privacy issues introduced with the use of information technology. One of the many ways in which information technology impacts family lives is through stronger communication. Communication...
3 Pages 1145 Words

Impact of Information Technology on Logistic Industry

It’s been shown through the years that the technical transition is the reason the whole business works. Nearly most industry companies today have their own IT team. The involved manufacturing team allows businesses to increase productivity, reduce development prices and save money. The advancement of technology has seen improved competition among businesses worldwide as they face the task of staying together and becoming the leading industry, in which they work. We may claim the same thing for the logistics industry....
2 Pages 935 Words

Impact of Ethical and Legal Information Technology Decision-Making on Society

Ethical issues that have a beset humankind since we human after started living together because of tranquil, orderly and productive communities must have certain rules and are not sustainable without any order which tells everyone what to do and what not to do. As the community growing larger after the certain period there have been a lot of changes in the rules which are formalized into codes of conduct to make sure that everyone in the community has to know...
7 Pages 3050 Words
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