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Cultural Competence Essay

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Informative Essay on Cultural Competence in Nursing

Culture is a pattern of ideas, customs, and behavior shared by a particular people, community, or society. These patterns identify members as part of a group and distinguish members from other groups. Culture is constantly evolving. One way of thinking about cultures is whether they are primarily ‘collectivist’ or ‘individualist’. Knowing the difference can help health professionals with diagnosis and with tailoring a treatment plan that includes a larger or smaller group. The influence of culture on health is vast....
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Cultural Competence to Provide Quality Health Care to Chinese Childbearing Families

Cultural competence involves being aware that there are differences from one’s own cultural and that of others’ culture. To be culturally competent also requires one to respect the differences, obtain knowledge and self-educate on the differences, and anticipate needs based on the differences. Cultural competence and sensitivity are imperative to provide good health care. The goal of this paper is to assist in building cultural competence for providing quality health care in relation to childbearing families. Some of the areas...
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Impact of Cultural Diversity And Cultural Competence On Speech Therapy Treatment

Literature Review “Multiculturalism is often used to refer to one or more particular minority, racial, and/or ethnic groups in the United States” (Stockman, Boult, & Robinson, 2004). Using the word ‘multicultural’ refers to the wide range of co-existing cultural groups within society. Due to the growth of diversity in society, multicultural instruction has been introduced into education. Multicultural instruction is important to have in the curriculum to meet the needs of growing cultural differences and to prepare the future professionals...
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Cultural Competence In XBR Minerals: Analytical Essay

Introduction: Identify the scenario and its context, the role you are providing, and the purpose of your report XBR Minerals is a global mining company that has experienced a decline in productivity because of arising challenges in cooperation between their Japanese and Australian staff. The video illustrates the challenges arising from the different culture, common sense and worldviews that impacted on the interaction between the staff. This report aims to identify and analyse the existing cultural competence issues in the...
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Cultural Competence Role In Curing Mexican And Japanese Women

Healthcare facilities provide care for many different diverse cultures whose beliefs may affect the medical treatment in which they need to receive. In today’s time the increased racial and ethnic diversity can bring some new challenges for healthcare providers, there is a need for healthcare organizations to provide culturally competent care this is essential to reduce healthcare disparities among the minority population. Providing culturally competent care to patients of all different cultures is something that nurses and other healthcare providers...
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The Importance Of Cultural Competence In Health Care

Abstract In the past five to ten years, American medical system has not only become technologically advanced but multiculturally diverse. That is why being culturally competent is very important in the healthcare field. One reason cultural competency is important is that it allows healthcare professionals to better provide patient centered care to those whose beliefs and values are different than their own. Another reason is that it gives them an opportunity to gain knowledge and new perspective of the patient’s...
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Cultural Competence In The Health History And Physical Examination

The process and content Cultural awareness embraces learning about the cultures of clients whom the health-care professional will be working; moreover, this includes familiarizing with patients’ preferred language, cultural and religious practices, and beliefs. For this reason, the health history and physical examination process should be approached in a professional manner; moreover, health-care professionals should “be alert to cues regarding eye contact, personal space, time concepts, and understanding of the recommended plan of care” (Silvestri, 2017, p. 34). When health-care...
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National Care Mentoring Movement As The Program Of Cultural Competence

The National Cares Mentoring Movement is a non-profit organization located in the Atlanta area. This organization was founded in 2006 and was formed after the events of Hurricane Katrina. “The organization’s priority population are young black children who come from low-income families and unstable communities” (National CARES). Among all demographics, they believe that black children are at the highest risk for falling into poverty. This is mainly due to the uncontrollable circumstances that they are born into such as their...
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The Importance of Individual Cultural Communication in Relation to Hispanics

Cultural competence in giving administrations to all, despite culture, financial status, instructive foundation. Cultural competency implies making the practices and approaches that will make benefits more available to different populaces, and that accommodate fitting and viable administrations in different circumstances. If an association is seen as being harsh, misleading, or discourteous of the requirements of Hispanic families, the group will disassociate from the association – notwithstanding when administrations are urgently required. The estimation of families maybe should be accentuated for...
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Intercultural Sensitivity In Cross-Cultural Settings: The Case Of University Students In Italy And Greece

Introduction Cosmopolitanization of modern life (Beck 2009), meaning the mixing of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, has set new sensible and more sophisticated standards for effective intercultural communication, reflexive dialogue and collaborative learning. Modern people are required to undertake a reflexive project (Giddens 1991), namely to build up their own diverse biographies (multiple identities and life-style cultures). They also have to assume more responsibility towards making choices to engage in intercultural learning experiences. An important quality towards this is one’s...
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Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity

Introduction “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” -Mahatma Gandhi America is a land where immigrants and minorities from different cultural backgrounds and heritages come together to adopt one common culture. From the beginning of time, the term ‘culture’ has often been associated with social behavior, norms, values, identities and the way in which different people react to different circumstances. It is because of these very attributes that organizations including the healthcare industry...
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Self Assessment Of Cultural Competency

Culture is the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group (Virkus, 2009). In the field of nursing, we deal with various cultures regularly. We as health care professionals, need to be able to provide culturally competent care to the patients we care for. Self-assessment to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses within your cultural competency is key to discover and make changes to prevent cultural destructiveness. In the cultural competency continuum, I believe that I...
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Fostering Intercultural Communication Competence Through ICT: Mediated Teaching

Chapter I Introduction A. Background Intercultural interaction and communication have witnessed a considerable increase in the world. Globalization necessitates the ability to interact efficiently with people across cultures. The social, economic, cultural and technological shifts in the modern world namely the increase of migration, the professional and educational mobility in addition to the exponential growth of technology, have yielded fertile settings in which EFL learners have to implement the target language in multi-ethnic contexts. Contemporary EFL teachers’ response to the...
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Intercultural Competence: Analysis Of The Report Conducted By The United Nation

The report conducted by the United nation in June 2019 reveals world population is 7.7 billion. In this situation, there are more than “two billion users” (Crystal, 2008, cited in Baker, 2009, p. 569) of English in the world and Noack and Gamio (2015, April 23) reports there are 1.5 billion English learners in the world. Regardless of the global scale, it is indeed that in the proportion of the number of the students, it indicates there are so many...
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