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Rapid Rise of Electric Car Sales: Considerations on Environmental Sustainability in the UK

Introduction Climate change is at the forefront of both public and governmental debates, media discussions, and policymaking. With strong evidence present from the multitude of research carried out to date, it is clear that carbon dioxide emissions are rising from anthropogenic activity. Indeed, whilst it can be argued that natural phenomena in the form of glacial shifts or changing ocean currents have contributed to climate change, none of these have had as profound an impact as human activities (Crowley 2000)....
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Ford & Edison’s Role in the History of the Electric Car in America 1890-1914

At the turn of the 20th century, though often looked at through a teleological view, ¬¬¬¬¬¬the future of the automobile industry was yet to be decided. About a decade prior, the electric automobile had its first development in America by William Morrison and was successfully commercialized in 1895 by the Riker Electric Vehicle Company. While steam and gasoline-powered cars were also being engineered, the electric car was ahead in public consumption by the 1900s. This paper will look at the...
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To What Extent Are Electric Cars a Practical Alternative to ICE Cars: Essay

Approximately 20 years ago, people thought that there is no effective alternative to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. However, it turned out that there is a more efficient and cleaner substitute to them: an electric car or battery electric vehicle (BEV), which are automobiles pushed by one electric engine or more, utilizing stored-in batteries’ electrical energy. Although electric cars are not so popular yet, more and more consumers are changing their gasoline-fueled cars to electric cars. Consequently, the aim...
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Applicability of Electric Cars in South Africa: Pros and Cons

An electric car is one that operates on an electric motor, instead of an internal-combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of gases and fuels, therefore such a vehicle is seen as a possible replacement for current generation automobiles, in order to address the issue of increasing pollution, global warming and depletion of natural resources. Though the electric car concept has been around for a long time, it has drawn a considerable amount of interest in the past...
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Electric Cars: Argumentative Essay

In our society today, there are many vehicles to choose from when the big day comes of buying your first car. With all the available choices, which car is not only the best for your own sake but best for the environment too? That would be the electric car. Rather than gas cars, electric cars have many ecological benefits and do not destroy the precious planet we call home. Since the electric car has so many benefits, it could be...
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Clean Energy Transportation in the U.S.: Electric Cars and Bike Share Systems

In America, driving a fossil-fueled car dramatically increases air pollution resulting in poor air quality which impacts the entire ecosystem from humans to plants. The impact of cars on the environment and beyond has always been a concern since the first automobile was introduced in the early 1900s. The pollution from fossil-fueled cars in America however, has gotten much worse and they are now the biggest single contributor to global warming. Because of this, the American lifespan is reduced by...
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Electric Cars Versus Gasoline Cars: Comparative Analysis

Team pro electric vehicles Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is a disaster. A quote from Elon Reeve Musk, the entrepreneur, investor, and business magnate, also known as the CEO of Tesla Motors. Speaking of disasters, let’s talk about finances: What are the financial reasons to drive an electric vehicle? From a financial standpoint, electric vehicles can only be viewed as beneficial. You not only save money, but you also get a...
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Informative Essay on Electric Cars

Not too long ago, the government announced that they will prohibit the manufacture of diesel and petrol cars as quickly as 2030. This will have a huge impact on a variety of different things including the next generation of car enthusiasts. The manufacture of Hybrid cars that use both electricity and petrol, will also stop by 2035 which is also fast approaching. From the first electromagnetic device for cars being produced as early as 1828, the popularity of electric cars...
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Argumentative Essay on Electric Cars

In recent years, new energy vehicles – charging vehicles appear in the automotive industry market. Some people argue that “electric cars should replace gas-driven cars”, which is a topic that I strongly disagree with. I will analyze it from four aspects: function, price, ethical claim, and production pollution respectively. From the first article, it is mentioned that even the cheapest electric car is very expensive so many people cannot afford it, while the fuel car is a better choice to...
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Importance of Knowledge of Electric Cars

In 10 years, it is believed that the electric car will slowly start to push the gasoline/petrol vehicle to the curb, and it will do it with style and class. Electric cars are very beneficial, and it is very helpful to the environment Electric cars will lessen the use of gasoline. Electric Cars Are Going to Be the Future Nearly every household in America owns a gas-powered vehicle, which pollutes our environment daily. The world is changing quickly, and what...
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