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Piracy, Corruption, Morality and Law: Exploring Bindingness of Law in Adverse Social Morality of South Asia

Abstract Why does the law bind people, and which law is binding? The answers that are attempted to this question often lead to discussions on interaction and relation (or lack thereof) of law and morality, and relate to the question of effectiveness of a law. The current paper aims to present these much trodden jurisprudential questions albeit in a novel setting. Focusing on issues of infringement of intellectual property and corruption as two examples, the paper aims to discuss whether...
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Themes Of Betrayal And Immorality In He Play Macbeth And Poem The War Works Hard

Shakespeare’s medieval “Macbeth” and Dunya Mikhail’s poem” The War Works Hard” highlight similar concepts and themes such as betrayal throughout different points of time. Through appropriate language features and techniques Shakespeare he provides an insight into how Macbeth, a well known nobleman battles the road of corruption for a high position of power during the Middle Ages. Actions are fumed by betrayal, deception and ambition which represent Macbeth’s desire for power. Shakespeare’s constant use of imagery and metaphors support Macbeth’s...
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The Relation of Violence and Morality in American Psycho and a Clockwork Orange

“I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip” Morality and violence will always be a controversial issue designed to shock and aims to make the readers question their own views and feelings on morality. The shocking and extreme nature shown by the violent and psychopathic actions, thoughts and feelings that are portrayed in both American psycho and a Clockwork orange can make readers question there own innate desires possessed by...
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Public Administration: Ethics Vs. Morality

We understand that ethics refer to the principles that form one’s behavior. (Oxford,2020). Ethical behavior is every important in a sector because the society believes that one should act consistent on what the society typically thinks are good values .It represents respect for key moral, principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights. (WebFinance Inc, 2020). The four principles of health care ethics are autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice. These are also referred to as “the 4...
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Civil Disobedience VS Morality

Nobody has the same morals, beliefs, or even opinions. Morality does not have a true right or wrong because of everyone’s individuality. Since everyone has their own opinions, they should have the right to voice those opinions; there are several ways of doing so. As a citizen, an individual with my own beliefs, I believe I have the right to not comply with laws if I feel morally obligated to do so. In certain ways it seems as if it’s...
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Motivation And Morality

Every second of your life and every decision you make is being influenced by your motivation and your morality. These concepts are very important and very different for every individuals, every society, every organization and every country. Motivation is the need or reason to do something (“Cambridge English Dictionary”, z.d.). Job motivation is needed for an employee to correctly execute their tasks within the organization. Morality are the norms and values for a person. Values are on a more individual...
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Spirituality For Morality

Throughout the centuries, there has always been a religion. The belief that there is a God that exists beyond ourselves has profound roots in society, a blessing or curse that humans have face for centuries. Even though from people’s perspective, religion is a dangerous way for manipulative people to lead weaker folks, religion is a true promoter of morality rather than individuals’ rational self-interest. Religion helps guide the lost and provide them with morals, as well as giving people a...
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Benjamin Franklin's Life as a Path to Self-Improvement

Being the most accomplished American of his age, Benjamin Franklin has made a great contribution to many fields as education, and diplomacy. He wrote his autobiography since he was a normal child who later found fame and fortune, and hoped that his story will inspire others. Also, since he could not relive his life once more, he took this opportunity to relive it through memories and by recording them. His autobiography portrayed the story of a man from rags to...
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Analytical Essay on Natural Law: Association between Morality and Law

“To what extent if any is morality linked to law?” Law is an assortment of legal rules that are used to regulate individuals behaviours whereas, morality is a set of values that separate good from bad behaviours. Morality does not play a huge part in aspects of law; however, moral principles may still be adopted regardless, hence to some extent morality may be linked to law. ‘The place and function of morals in the law has always been a focal...
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Physical Appearance Discrimination Among Employers as an Ethical Issue

Physical attractiveness means how beautiful someone’s physical traits, such as their nose, eyes, lips, height and weight are. Physical attractiveness is mostly always subjective and varies from one person to another. Some people are generally more physically attractive but that should not be a reason to choose them over someone who is not as good looking, especially in a professional setting. However, many employers fail to follow this rule and occasionally, unintentionally incline towards selecting someone who is more physically...
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Artificial Intelligence: Morality and Ethics

Abstract This paper explores three published articles on Ethics and Safety of Artificial Intelligence (AI). These three articles present the main problems and challenges in terms of safety and ethics of AI and solutions for some of them. By presenting us with different scenarios these articles are giving us a better idea of what exactly AI is now and what it is going to be in the future we are given the opportunity to improve our awareness on the mentioned....
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The Coen Brothers and Morality on the Example of ‘No Country for Old Men’

The Coens frequently test the morality of their characters in their films to see whether their principles will come before a temptation of the criminal or immoral variety. These temptations are primarily of the monetary variety, however, but also encompass the duality of justice and loyalty to one’s companions, friends or family. The consistent presence within this theme is the Coens punishment of the characters who stray away from their morals in the pursuit of these temptations laid in front...
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Morality And Death In John Donne’s Metaphysical Poems And Margaret Edson’s Postmodern Play Wit

Due to the universal human experience, all human beings are subject to the inherited ambiguity associated with the continuous cycle of life and death, and ultimately the search for the truth regarding their own mortality. The role of texts in our society is to allow for the examination of our own consciousness and the evaluation and awareness of our human nature. Intertextuality allows for a deepened philosophical exploration of mortality through the use of concepts and ideas that connect and...
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The Morality of Whistleblowing

The act of reporting discrepancies within a company either internally or externally in defined as whistleblowing. There are two forms of whistleblowing internal and external. When the information is reported within the company it is considered to be internal whistleblowing and external whistleblowing is when it is reported to a source outside the company. Another word that a whistle-blower can be refer to as is an informant, both words will be used interchangeably throughout the essay. Morality can be used...
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Death And Morality In Teen's Life In Catcher In The Rye

The problem with surviving is feeling a responsibility to live a life in a way that is “worthy” for those who passed away in their presence. The novel The Catcher in the Rye demonstrates shows a teenager trying to be true to himself while facing the issues of growing up, his self-destructiveness, and most importantly, accepting the death of his younger brother Allie. Phoebe, Holden Caulfield’s little sister, who serves not only as a guide for the readers when Holden...
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The Relation Between Law, Human Rights And Morality

‘What is the relationship between morality, the law, and human rights?’ This essay aims to analyse and breakdown the relationship between Morality, law, and human rights. All topics have their respective directives and often intertwine with one another in numerous ways sharing similar content. Each subject of matter has been curated with profound thought, consideration, and with a fundamental understanding of human beings and what is needed for the safety, survival, and equality of mankind. When analysing the relationship between...
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Morality in International Politics

Introduction The aim of doing this essay is examining the following question; why in the Middle East has So Many Conflicts? And Classical realism theory can analyze the conflict that happens in there? And how? Answer this question is important because of understands the cases On the other hand analyzing theory, classical realism theory. My diction of this essay in the primarily analyzing the classical realism theory, However analyzing Some important main assumption in classical realism theory , and stretcher...
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The Problem Of Morality In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby And Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid's Tale

Both texts, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ and Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, show aspects of conventional behaviour not always being moral. Gatsby is involved with criminal activities in order to obtain his highly sought-after ‘American Dream’. The conventional system in the futuristic city of Gilead in is indefinitely immoral; Atwood’s primary representation of Gileadean society presents a corruption of morals, the death of female rights and an ingrained class structure – as Linda W. Wagner-Martin puts it “It...
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The Relationship between Law and Morality is a Coincidence

To state that the relationship between law and morality is one of mere coincidence, would be inherently false. There has long been controversy and debate between positivists and natural law theorists as to what extent morality influences the law. Essentially, one can argue that both our common law system and Acts of Parliament themselves are built upon and influenced by core moral values which are ever-present in today’s modern European society and continue to develop as time goes on. Jerome...
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A Review Of Morality, Integrity And Leadership

INTRODUCTION Morality and Integrity work invisibly in human society. Morality make human different from animals. It is a set of social principles (Gert and Gert, 2002) which are used to determine an action is good or bad. Integrity is a part of morality, means that a person’s behaviors are consistent with the espoused values (Yukl and Van Fleet, 1992). Our group presented the importance of morality and integrity, and the benign relationship with leadership in the previous presentation with some...
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Should the Law be Based on Morality?

What is morality? According to Mill (a renowned legal philosopher), our moral obligations result from the justified moral code of our society however there are numerous takes on what morality actually means, we have morality as set down by religion; the easiest examples being the ten commandments, morality and religion, however, are not the same; a society might found its collective morality, which refers to addressing widespread harm caused by actions of individuals/groups in society, however, religious practises are sometimes...
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Morality In The Trial And Death Of Socrates By Plato And The Prince By Niccolò Machiavelli

Morality is the “differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper. Morality can be a body of standards or principles derived from a code of conduct from a particular philosophy, religion or culture, or it can derive from a standard that a person believes should be universal” (Medium). Throughout this course the theme of morality is brought up in readings read in this course like “The Trial and Death of...
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Morality in Athletes: An Examination

Morality is one’s ability to make the distinction between right and wrong, good or bad behavior. This is a characteristic that is very important in the majority of people’s lives as it can be the difference between keeping a good job and moving up in the world and losing your livelihood due to some questionable choices or words. Former NBA star and hall of famer Charles Barkley once proclaimed that he is ‘not a role model’ and shouldn’t be held...
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Adam Smith on Morality and Self-Interest

Ethics are fundamental rule, principal and moral value to judge what is right or wrong and good or bad. It is social accepted behaviour pattern to make a rational judgement based on basic framework. To gain social protection, ethical voluntary code of conduct is applied. Ethics are generated in situation where proper coordination between action in different circumstances and emotions is necessary. This essay will elucidate about the viewpoints of Adam smith, who is father of modern economy. Adam smith...
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The Morality In The Pardoner's Tale

Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales depicts the journey of a group of individuals on a religious pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Thomas Beckett. Chaucer uses a frame narrative in his satirical poem to convey his stories through the pilgrims. The outer frame begins with all his characters meeting at the Tabard Inn in Southwark to gather before they depart. The group amounts to thirty pilgrims, including Chaucer’s mouthpiece within the story, Chaucer the Pilgrim, who represent a cross section...
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The Views of Marx, Mill, and Nietzsche on Slave Morality

Neither Marx, nor Mill, nor Nietzsche find the present condition of society to be advantageous to human flourishing. For each, the present condition of human affairs reduces human beings to something less than fully human. This essay will discuss three different interpretations of the source of this development from Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill and Fredrich Nietzsche. Marx explains this demise of human flourishing as ‘alienation’, Mill as; ‘conformity’, and Nietzsche as; ‘slave morality’. The first part of this essay...
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Can Capitalism Be Moral after the Financial Crash?

The 2008 financial crash was as much a moral crisis as a financial one. It exposed a major weakness in the capitalist system, and it was not principally financial, but human. Markets have an effect on morality, and this led to the financial crash. In its aftermath, ethics within economics has yet to be resolved. This failure to hold accountability will result in another crisis. There must be a re-evaluation at the heart of what economics stands for. Markets leave...
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Morality and Self Interest

Imperative rule, basic and ethical values that are conducive to grasp what is right or wrong and good or bad is called morality. It is generally adopted behaviour to develop a critical and rational judgement and assist in achieving socially strong bonds. The situation in which ideal coordination between action and emotions in different situation is maintained to generate the ethical values. Adam Smith’s opinions about morality and self interest will be discussed in this essay. Adam Smith was renowned...
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The Beauty And Moral Values In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray, a Gothic novel by Oscar Wilde, was first published in the July 1890 issue of Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine during a period characterized by an emphasis on high moral sensibility and religious and scientific values. Upon being met by poor critical reception, the story engendered extreme controversy for including homoeroticism; offended book reviewers condemned its immorality, and some even believed that the author merited prosecution for violation of the laws regarding public morality. However, some of...
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Is Morality Innate?

The subjects of morality, ethics and ethical codex have been studied since the times of the Classics and have often been considered as either the same thing, or synonyms (Slavicek, 2013). The word “ethics” has its origins in the works of the early philosophers, starting with Plato’s testament of Socrates’s ethical dilemmas, in which Socrates asks a fundamental question ‘How should one live?’. Ethical behaviour is understood as a behaviour that corresponds with customs of the society one lives in...
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