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Challenges Of Choosing A Pediatrician As A Career

Doctors are very important and are a key role to society. Not only are they needed with adults but young adults and children rely on the care of Pediatricians when something is wrong. Initially parents go to these doctors and are the first to be consulted when something is wrong with their child since they are reliable to go to. Pediatricians not only help treat you when you are ill or have an injury, they can also consult you and...
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Pediatrician: Job Analysis And Identification Of Individual Differences

Job analysis attempts to develop a theory of human behavior about the job in question. According to the text book work in the 21st century, this theory includes performance expectations as well as the experience and KSAOs necessary to meet those expectations. (Conte, J.M $ Landy, F.J, 2016 p 182). In this essay I am going to talk about the job analysis of a pediatrician. According to O’net online, the description of a pediatrician is a Physicians who diagnose, treat,...
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The Role Of Pediatrician In Modern Society

Pediatricians are highly experienced doctors who manage the health and well being of all individuals aged 21 years old or younger. They are trained to diagnose and treat infant illnesses, from minor to severe sickness. Pediatricians are an important asset to children’s overall health as they grow and develop. They motivate children to live long and healthy lives while improving illnesses that develop in the early years. To become a pediatrician, each pediatric field has a distinct routine, study requirements,...
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Are Pediatricians The Physicians?

Pediatricians are physicians trained to care for the medical and health needs of patients below the age of 21. They are also responsible for handling uneasy toddlers and making them feel safe and secure. They also answer calls from parents worried about feverish children at odd times. Pediatricians are equipped with the knowledge and skill to treat, diagnose and prevent common, and uncommon, diseases and conditions affecting the society’s younger generation. On an average, they go through 13 years of...
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Why My Father Is My Role-Model

Nowadays people look up to celebrities and athletes as their role model, which they follow their footsteps. In my case, I do not see them as a real role model, and to me, the definition of a role model is someone who has always been there helping and guides you based on their personal life experience. First of all our family who will have your back in life no matter what and supports you at any life stage without judging...
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Influence of Media Violence on Children: The American Academy of Pediatrics' Recommendations

XXI century is a century when technology is developing rapidly. From the second half of 20 the century all types of media like movies and video games are spread in the world. Most of this media are have violent scenes. And today, with developing technologies these scenes can be seen clearly. Almost all children and adolescents are grown by seeing bloody scenes and they are used to these scenes. However, does this situation have consequences to the children’s psychology and...
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Career Exploration On Becoming A Pediatrician

Choosing a career for a lifetime is one of the most difficult decisions in life. The career paths that an individual chooses can turn into a success or a failure. Therefore it is really important to think about what the goals to achieve and why. But sometimes life happens and things do not go as planned, therefore we have to take a leap of faith and risks. In the past, I have considered many career paths such as social worker,...
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Why To Choose The Career Of A Pediatrician

The career that I have in mind at this point is Pediatrician. Luckily for me, it matches my interests and my personality. Although I have other careers in mind, I choose to learn more about this specific career. I choose this career because it’s my dream to become a pediatrician in order to help others since I was little. Pediatricians often get involved with kids and this involves a lot of patience. They go through a lot of training to...
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The Life Of A Pediatrician

Many people dream of making a difference in the world by either being a doctor or being a police officer. Not all pathways to making a difference are easy, for example studying to become a Pediatrician is very difficult. It’s a very high skilled job that may not be for all people. A pediatrician specializes in caring for babies up until they are young adults. They also get paid a very high pay, which can be very beneficial. Although the...
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The Practice of Health Promotion in Pediatric Nursing

Hundreds of thousands of babies are brought into this world daily. With our population growing more rapidly than ever, there is an apparent demand for pediatric nurses to provide care to these children. Pediatric nurses have the ability to promote a healthy lifestyle to children through many stages of their lives with the use of ample resources to maintain well-being and to allow patients to retain the healthy habits they have been taught in order to thrive from birth into...
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The Significant Role of Child Life Specialists in Supporting Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Furthermore, the respiratory, digestive, reproductive and sweat glands are most affected by cystic fibrosis. There are many types of treatments that can aid these systems. The nervous system and the brain are least affected, making a child’s ability to learn not adjusted by cystic fibrosis. While the brain is typically not affected by those with cystic fibrosis, the lives of these individuals can become drastically different from those of healthy people. A high maintenance lifestyle typically becomes more prevalent in...
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Smart Materials in Pediatric Dentistry

McCabe et al. defined smart materials as materials whose properties might be changed in a controlled manner by improvements, such as stress, temperature, moisture, pH and electric or magnetic fields. A key feature of smart behavior includes an ability to come back to the first state after the upgrade has been evacuated. These materials respond to environmental changes or external impacts, and are otherwise called responsive materials. The response may exhibit itself as a change in shape, stiffness, viscosity or...
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Pediatric Respiratory System Diseases

The research methodology was based on obtaining information from Hospital Infantil Robert Reid Cabral, as well as reliable sources that were found on the web, most of them from data bases. Much of the epidemiology found in this research was based on both the information found field on HIRRC, along with other researches that included medical examinations and studies. Information has been obtained from the years 2006 up to 2019, in able to obtain a wider spectrum of the conditions...
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