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I argue that it is more desirable to use punishment in tandem with restorative justice. Firstly, it is important to note that RJ does not insist on the total elimination of punishment. Many critics of punishment argue that in practice, punishment is disproportionately applied and often too harsh. This is ...

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The Impact Of Crime And Restorative Justice

For the purpose of this assignment I will be looking at how restorative justice can be used following specific crimes, also it will discuss the psychological and social impact of crime for a victim. Restorative Justice connects both the victim of a crime and the perpetrator who inflicted that crime together. The implementation of this enables everyone affected by an incident to participate in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. It is available to victims at all...
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Criminal Justice VS Restorative Justice

It is important for victims to have a voice. It is part of the victims healing phase. However, I do not believe there should be continued contact past the controlled environment. Victims have the right to confront their aggressor and express their emotions towards the offender. These programs work to give victims a sense of closure. I don’t necessarily believe that this program gives the offender the same type of closure because for the offender this is where they need...
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Restorative Justice And Mediation

ABSTRACT Our society still follows the traditional method of retributive Justice where ‘Justice means inflicting punishment over the offender.’ But this justice is served to whom? Crime affects a person in many ways including mental trauma, physical injury, hurts dignity, social reputation, etc. Punishing the offender doesn’t cure the mental trauma or social reputation of the victim. Restorative Justice via mediation encourages the settlement through mutual agreement of all affected parties to the crime. Mediation is a process through which...
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Restorative Justice

This essay will focus on the various advantages and disadvantages of using restorative justice principles to handle cases of low-level offenses. The principles, processes, methods, and challenges of restorative justice will be discussed and evaluated as well. In the 1970s, restorative justice was first practiced as a form of intervention or settlement among offenders and their victims. Restorative justice has several definitions, alongside dissimilar opinions about which practices are suitably linked to the movement. Besides that, the meaning of the...
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The Importance Of Restorative Justice

Research has overwhelmingly shown the harmful effects of charging and punishing youth. statistics have proven that young people who are charged are less likely to succeed in school or find stable employment and are more likely to reoffend. Restorative justice is commonly defined as an approach to justice that focuses on addressing the harm caused by crime while holding the offender responsible for their actions. Restorative justice is based on an understanding that crime is a violation of people and...
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The Effectiveness Of Restorative Justice Approaches

The success of restorative justice approaches has long been of interest within the field of criminology. Uncovering the outcome measures which identify the approach as being effective has become more important, as criminal institutions within Australia are seeking measures which result in positive achievement outcomes. The effectiveness of and empirical evidence on restorative justice processes will be discussed, focusing first on rates of recidivism among restorative justice youth and incarcerated youth, second on ownership or integrative shaming, third on the...
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Restorative Justice: Effective Punishment Addressing The Implications Of Punitive Punishment

As contentious as the idea of punishment may be, it is one of the most important factors in any society. In order to understand what punishment, it, it is important to understand why we punish individuals. Many scholars have various reasons to why and how we should punish. Some argue that punishment is used as a deterrence method which deters individuals in society from committing crime. Others argue that punishment is used for rehabilitating the offender by changing their attitudes...
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Using Restorative Justice In The Criminal Justice System

Summary The study A Model of School Violence Prevention article by Martha Frias-Armenta et al explores the alternative approaches to punishment in Mexican schools for bullying. The evidence was provided that that 43.2% of staff members that worked within Mexico’s educational reported their involvement in different types of school bullying within their institution. 1.3 million Middle school and high school adolescences reported in a poll that they had been subjected to some form of abuse or harassment from there other...
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Restorative Justice: Can Justice And Forgiveness Go Hand In Hand?

Can justice and forgiveness go hand in hand? For a society that is ran by systems and procedures the role of forgiveness, especially when the law has been broken, does not go hand in hand. Our systems focus on three things: the law that was broken, the one who broke the law by committing the crime(s), and punishment. Forgiveness has no system. According to Wikipedia “forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process which a victim undergoes a change in feelings...
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Critical Criminology, Restorative Justice, Peacemaking Criminology, And Instrumental Theory As Alternative Perspectives In Criminology

Introduction Ma’dam/Sir Supervisor, as we prepare for the speech to be held at the National Convention Center, per your request I have prepared information on the subject matter of four alternative perspectives of criminology. According to Siegel (2018), criminology is defined as the scientific study of the nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behavior. “Drawing conclusions after close reading of the works of Pierre Bourdieu (a French sociologist, anthropologist, philosopher, and public intellectual) we will adapt five lessons for...
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The Sammy Yatim Case And Restorative Justice

The current criminal justice system often tends to focus on punishing the offender. However, this practice has proved to be destructive and a failure in many cases. The Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr is a bestselling novel. Howard Zehr is known worldwide for his work he has done in terms of understanding justice. The Little Book of Restorative Justice examines how restorative justice is a process to involve offenders, victims, and the community in order for healing...
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Restorative Justice System In A Corrupt Society

Abstract The restorative justice system is a traditional way of justice. Despite this, most people have realized the system lately. As such, the retroactive justice system is still at an earlier stage of implementation in the modern world. Various research is being conducted, however, to make the operation successful. A study into the restorative justice system aims at establishing multiple factors. These factors include the effects of the order on the victims and offenders. Through this knowledge, the discussion aims...
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The Peculiarities And Aspects Of Restorative Justice System

In 2006 the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released a report that conceptualised restorative justice as “…a way of responding to criminal behaviour by balancing the needs of the community, the victims and the offenders,” (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2006). The report goes on to further underscore the importance of exercising this form of justice as opposed to the traditional retributive justice. In light of this recommendation by the international body this paper seeks...
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Restorative Justice System: Application, Effects And Effectiveness

In order to locate literature on the subject of the success of restorative justice, books, journal articles, as well as governmental and organisational websites were reviewed. The research identified three main aspects of restorative justice to consider which are: the application of restorative justice, the impact of restorative justice and finally the effectiveness of restorative justice. These sub-topics are addressed and analysed in terms of relevance to the research question. The Criminal Justice system has the overwhelming task of dealing...
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Police Use Of Restorative Justice In England And Wales

Introduction What is restorative justice? Restorative justice is the process to involve those who have a stake in a specific offence and to collectively identify and address harms, needs and obligation, in order to put things as right as possible (Howard Zehr) It brings those who have been harmed by crime and conflict into communication with those responsible for the harm, in order to repair the harm in a positive way. The program aims to get offenders to understand their...
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The Peculiarities Of Restorative Justice Programs

It is important to understand that restorative justice may not be beneficial from a victim’s perspective as it is a complexed issue. Not every individual that has been victimised is the same, there are various types of victims and offenders. They differ from race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, levels of education, sexual orientation, maturity along with others. These different factors between individual victim(s) and individual offender(s) are rendered problematic concerning the interaction between the individuals, which is what adds to...
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Restorative Justice As A Way Forward To Reduce Reoffending In Youth Delinquency

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a relatively young discipline in the Criminal Justice system, aiming to enable a safe communication between victims of crimes and offenders. Evidence suggests that restorative interventions have been successful in serious and complex offences, and now a significant amount of work is focusing on the use of restorative approaches to support young offenders to provide opportunity to make amends for their actions and to reduce reoffending rates. The elegant definition of Restorative Justice The main aim...
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Principles Of Restorative Justice

Introduction Restorative justice is an approach to justice that has its focus on a wide range of human emotions such as healing, mediation, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation. According to Jim Consedine, (1997; 184) it is an approach that focuses on three key components; the offenders, the victim and the community on the needs of the victim. The purpose is to repair the damage caused by the offender by providing a process of dialogue between the offenders, the victims, their families...
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Community Sentences And Restorative Justice: Analytical Essay

Introduction This report will aim to find a suitable sentence for Mr S by looking at different sentences such as community sentencing and restorative justice to see which would be more appropriate to help rehabilitate Mr S into society and prevent potential future offences. Restorative Justice The aim of Restorative Justice is to get the offender and victim to meet and address the harm and trauma that has been caused to a victim to attempt to repair the victims harm...
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Restorative Justice: Strengths And Drawbacks Of Working Restoratively

Restorative practice brings those affected by conflict or crime into communication. This enables everyone’s involved in a situation to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. Nonviolent communicationis an important element towards evaluation when observing. When mixing evaluation with observation we decrease the likelihood that the others will listen to the intended message. Non-violent communication (NVC) guides us to reframe how we express one another and to listen to others. Our words become more...
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The Benefits And Rocks Of Restorative Justice

Restorative justice, just the name of this approach to conflict resolution brings notes of spring summer and healing in the mind. We often don’t feel satisfied or like the justice that has been served in the dealings of the court, police and legal system at large. Like there is missing variables, a disconnect. We have repeat offenses and victims which still have troubled souls after the verdict. The benefits of restorative justice when used in conflict resolution will be the...
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Punitive And Restorative Justice

There are many reasons and answers on the punishment for crime as it have changed over the past 20 years more than restorative. The attitudes to crime and deviance have influenced this change. The easiest way to explain this is that back it was common in the ancient times up to until a couple decades ago, offenders would have their hands cut off for stealing or body parts would have been removed as a way of punishment unlike modern times....
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Victim-Offender Mediation In Restorative Justice

Are we often the first ones to apologize to the person who was hurt? “Forgiveness means letting go of anger and the desire for revenge and moving toward an increasingly positive view of and acceptance of the party that harmed oneself or the people one cares about” (Coleman) When the offender directly addresses the victim, the latter may also, for fear of rejecting all the offers of the offender. This is where a neutral mediator is needed, which organizes the...
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Restorative Justice In Norway

You wake up in your room on a Sunday morning, take a nice, warm shower and put on your fluffy socks and outfit of the day. After watching an episode of your favorite show you walk out the door to get some breakfast. Upon eating a filling breakfast, you decide to head over to the volleyball court to play with friends. After a while, you decide to head to the gym, on the way there you walk past the music...
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Implementing Restorative Practices In Schools

In a traditional approach to school discipline, the enquiry is one of blame and punishment. This retributive approach, initially described as a ‘quick fix’, does not provide significant evidence that this tactic leads to the required change of behaviour (Blum, McNeeley & Rinehart, 2002). A restorative approach, on the other hand, is focused on helping to realize the impact of someone’s action and repairing the harm. It encompasses understanding that the harm has been done and work with those involved...
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Restoration Of Human Bonds & Relationships

Forgiveness restores relationships, friendships, and families. It is the first step to a process of healing for someone who was holding onto a traumatic situation. There should be restorative justice because it is a powerful and important tool to rehabilitate the offender, victim and community to come together in reconcile without being against one another. The person who was credited with creating the name “restorative justice” was American psychologist Albert Eglash. Eglash wrote in “1959 article “Creative Restitution: Its Roots...
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