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The Correlation Between Sexual Abuse And Borderline Personality Disorder

Abstract The purpose of this research proposal is to highlight the correlation between the experience of sexual abuse and the development of emerging borderline personality disorder as a result. The sample is made up of 35 youth offenders in the main 6 medium-secure forensic units in England and Wales and were asked to take part in a questionnaire to collect the data needed for this study (Mental disorder, sexual abuse, caregiver etc,). The data was collected electronically from the units’...
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The Reasons And Preventions Of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a sexual activity between an adult and a minor. There are different forms of child sexual abuse like fondling, exposing themselves to the minor, showing pornographic images, etc. It does not necessarily include physical contact. A child cannot have any type of sexual activity with no one, not even relatives. Families who have been affected by child sexual abuse have been struggling with the outcome it has brought into their lives. Many children end up traumatized...
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Treating Adults And Children After Sexual Abuse: The Future Impact Of Nontreatment

From the time children are born, they are vulnerable to the world around them. Fortunately, our communities have created resources that are available to some challenged families to assist in providing children’s basic physiological needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, food, water, air, sleep, shelter, and healthcare are at the core of what is needed for basic survival. The second tier of the theory mentions a need for safety, security, and protection and especially a stable and secure environment. Most people...
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Analytical Essay on Victimology: Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Introduction to victim group Crime can imply many physical, material and psychological harms for a victim (Woods, 2006). A child’s experience of crime is distinguished from that of an adult’s “due to their maturity levels and vulnerability” (Victim Support, 2017). Child grooming is when the perpetrator fosters a relationship with a child to sexually abuse them (NSPCC, 2019). The focus of this policy file will be victims of child sexual abuse (CSA) (under the age of 18 years), in particular,...
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Understanding Domestic And Sexual Abuse

At first glance, it is possible to view domestic violence and risks to children as only occurring if they witness domestic violence to their parent growing up. Another presumption is that if they have witnessed this then they are more inclined to either commit violence on their partner in the future or be more susceptible to being victims of abusive partners when they are adults. However, through research with victims of domestic violence and their children we can see that...
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Sexual Abuse Issues in Film Industry

Nowadays, the tremendous rise of the film industry and the film industry is growing in a way that we cannot imagine. However, problems come along with the resplendence. “Metoo” movement was founded in 2006 to help victims of sexual violence. It is an international and large group hold against sexual abuse. Sexual harassment in the film industry has always been existed but came to society’s attention until lately. It happens in well-known actors, actresses especially, and minors as well. To...
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Ending Child Sexual Abuse: The Responsibility Of The Society

It is the responsibility of society to help children to thrive. Children are of paramount importance for society. Around 120 million children in the world suffer violence[footnoteRef:2] and ‘Violence against children takes many forms, including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and may involve neglect or deprivation. Violence occurs in many settings, including the home, school, community and over the Internet’[footnoteRef:3]. The children deserve a positive future that is free from the peril of childhood sexual abuse if children suffer sexual...
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Faith Responds To Clergy Sexual Abuse

The academic journal, ‘Wiping Away The Tears: A Faith Community Responds To Clergy Sexual Abuse In The Roman Catholic Chruch’ justifies on what can be done in response to such pain reflected on clergy sexual abuse in their community. (my thesis) The Community of Albany Catholic Workers is convinced that churches today are ‘broken.’ They are upset that members of clergy sexually assaulted teenagers and children. They are angry with U.S Bishops and their staff for ignoring the issue of...
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Child Sexual Abuse & Hispanic Families

Introduction Child sexual abuse is defined as forced or persuaded sexual activity with a minor. This includes non contact abuses, sexual molestation, and rape (American Psychological, 2012). It is estimated that approximately 135,000 children are sexually abused each year (Sedlack et al, 2010). As referenced, the most frequently associated disorder with child sexual abuse is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (McLean et al, 2014). Research has demonstrated that those who survived child sexual abuse are more vulnerable to becoming depressed and...
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Sexual Abuse And Social Isolation

Abstract During the past decades there have been many requests to different institutions to acquire access to statistics reports related to female sexual abuse. It is an undeniable fact that violence has a major impact in hundred females lives . However, that kind of violence it comes in different ways and forms, from domestic violence to marital rape. The consequences have a vital role in females lives, but also the violent of their fundamental human rights. Nevertheless, it ensures the...
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The Issue Of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is extremely problematic in the world today. Although, child sexual abuse hardly ever ends up in death, the costs to the abused can be significant and continue through maturity (Johnson, 2004). While doctors and additional people are accountable for the well-being of kids and are ethically; in most nations, lawfully accountable for documenting their speculation of sexual abuse with children, all doctors and behavior counselors need to identify the adult penalties of sexual abuse in children (Johnson,...
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Catholic Church Leadership And Child Sexual Abuse

The Roman Catholic Church has failed to protect its church members from falling victim to sodomy to a larger extent. It is evident that the Church leadership has played a pivotal role in enabling the clergy and religious perpetrators to inflict such abuse on members of its congregation by way of concealed re-assignment, coverup and by sheltering the accused from accountability in the secular community. Although legal action may have been taken in some cases this was done illicitly, subjugating...
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Sexual Abuse Among Siblings: Stereotypes, Risks And Effects

This paper will be focusing on sexual abuse among siblings, also known as sibling sexual abuse (SSA). The paper will discuss the lack of research regarding sexual abuse between siblings, the impact the abuse has on the survivor and the relationships between family members afterwards, what society can do to help, and what should be further researched regarding this topic. Sibling sexual abuse includes intercourse, attempted intercourse, oral-genital contact, fondling of genitals directly or through clothing, exhibitionism, exposing children to...
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Dark Side of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has been corrupted since it has been established, but more recently has the secrets of the church surfaced. They have been faced with sexual assault allegations, corrupted leaders and hierarchy, and many other disturbing things that should not go on inside a church. The authority inside the church do not help the reputation of it either. They hire and do things that a person of that title should not do. The leaders in the church do not...
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Sexual Violence During The Holocaust

The Holocaust took place during World War II. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s both Japan and Germany began nationalistic and imperialistic campaigns of expansion. Then the US got involved after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. While all of this madness was happening a man named Adolf Hitler was rising to power in Germany. He was responsible for the the Holocaust which was the murder of at least six million Jews and twelve million innocent people in...
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Case study of a Sexually Abused Child

This study is based on a 16 year old girl who was sexually abused by both of her parents with no one to turn to. The purpose of this study is to inform readers on different types of physical and mental distress children and young teens suffer from when they are sexually abused. Many adolescents suffer from sexual abuse and is usually assaulted by a family member. Therefore, it does not get reported. Children are less likely to speak up...
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Fraternities & Sexual Violence On College Campuses

The main problem being discussed is sexual assault on college campuses targeting fraternities as being the most frequent place for this to take place. Fraternities are notoriously known to be a dangerous place for women. Sexual assault on college campuses has been a serious issue but thankfully, there have been non-legal options, activists, and legislative acts that have been put in place to counter sexual assault. Some statistics for sexual assault, according to National Women Veterans United, include 25% of...
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Domestic & Sexual Violence In Russia: Women Prejudice

Over the summer of this year, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) had an interview with the Russian Justice Ministry to get more insight on domestic and sexual violence in Russia. When asked, the Russian government acknowledged that violence exists in Russia, but it also exists everywhere else in the world. Even though violent behavior is not enforced, the Russian government does not see domestic and/or sexual violence as a serious threat within their country. They believe physical violence...
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Definitions Of Child Abuse And Neglect

The menace of child abuse in society is no news. There are several child training practices that adversely affect the well-being of a child. These experiences form the behavior patterns of these children and they grow up to become dysfunctional adults in society. There are many perceptions of child abuse, diverse views, opinions, and definitions. The World health organization defines child abuse as all forms of physical or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, or commercial or other...
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The Important Things About Sexual Serial Killers And The Ways Of Capturing Them

Abstract Serial Killers are indeed very dangerous people and fact can be very challenging to catch. It could be people you least expected it to. Killing is already a problem within itself but the big issue is trying to collect evidence on a serial killer to find them guilty and to capture them all at the same time. Serial Killer are meticulous people. There very cleaver and can also be very intelligent at times than the average person. The issue...
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The Importance Of A Sexual Serial Killer And The Ways Of Capturing Them

Serial Killers are indeed very dangerous people and fact may be very hard to seize. It will be humans you least expected it to. Killing is already a trouble inside itself however the massive difficulty is making an attempt to gather proof on a serial killer to find them guilty and to capture them all at the equal time. Serial Killer are meticulous humans. There very cleaver and also can be very intelligent at instances than the average individual. The...
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Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence As A Hate Crime

Introduction Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence (TFSV) (Source A) and Misogyny as a Hate Crime (Source B) are two subjects widely discussed these days. The first Source A looks into Gender, Shame, and TFSV and the second Source B is a Parliamentary debate in the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament on considering Misogyny as a Hate Crime. TFSV refers to a range of practices where digital technologies are utilised to facilitate both virtual and face-to-face sexually based harms and Misogyny Hate Crime which...
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