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Comparative Analysis of Uber and OLA

Meru Cabs introduced organized rental cab service in the Indian market in 2004. It soon became popular amongst consumers in urban or metropolitan areas. However, the real revolution came in 2010 with the introduction of app based cab aggregators. OLA was launched in 2011 and Uber followed in 2013. With technological advancements and door to door service becoming the industry standard, customers chose the comfort of being able to book a cab with one click and gave a push to...
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Case Study of Uber As a Private Transportation Company

Case Study Uber in 2016: Can it remain the dominant leader of the world’s fast-emerging ridesharing industry? Abstract Uber is a private transportation company which evolving the way world moves. It connects riders to drivers through company’s app which called uber app which make cities and places more accessible. This case study includes history of uber company and industry information, porter’s five force analysis, PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis. Its mission is to remain the dominant leader of the world’s...
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Gender Equality: Analysis Of The Problem At Uber

Introduction Uber was a trendsetter within the international taxi trade. a really creative project, Uber upset the taxi trade and was supported a market demand gap between client demands and choice availableness. the corporate offered a replacement kind of urban quality at more cost-effective prices and easy use for patrons. Established by Travis Kalanick in 2009, the organization was target-hunting by terribly aggressive values to realize world domination (‘History of Uber – Uber’s Timeline Australia,’ 2019). As a results of...
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Are Uber Drivers Employees?

The Case & Who is at Stake In 2008, Uber was created by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp on a snowy night in Paris, which became one of the most popular ride-sharing apps of the twenty-first century (Bales, 2017). Uber gave people the chance to be their own boss whenever they want, but it also gave drivers harm as they were unable to receive the benefits and protection under the state and federal law. This was the issue the case...
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Uber Business Model

Uber Business Model connects and manages a network of drivers who offers the services and passengers (demand) through a technology platform that offers cheaper transportation through a phone application. The business model is also referred to as multi sided platform business that uses a platform has revolutionized urban transportation. In order to access Uber services, you need a uber app installed in your mobile phone and once the app is opened, you can enter the destination which enables to locate...
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How Uber Revolutionized The Taxi Industry

In this era of data and technology, competition for customers is fierce across various industries and evolving every day. Thanks to that, some truly great business innovations have surface and take the world by storm. It is hard to ignore names like Uber, Airbnb, or FedEx… whose innovations the way we think and the world we live in forever. Innovations come in various forms, but most of them make it easier for not only the customers to achieve certain goals,...
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Global Competition Law. Uber: An (Un)solved Problem

1. Introduction We were all accustomed to the traditional taxi services, but this sector was not showing signs of evolution and users have to accept the service as it is. Then, the situation changed when online-enabled car transportation service like Uber appeared. Uber provides a service, which connects drivers with passengers by using a mobile app. The consumers download the Uber app and can use it to find a driver which is located close by. It has benefits over taxis...
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The Biggest Scandals In History Of Uber

Nowadays more and more startups and original ideas appear every month. Not all companies become successful, and not all startups can earn millions. But sometimes an original and socially useful idea becomes extremely popular. One of such enterprises is Uber – the most expensive startup in the world. The Uber brand is known worldwide as a convenient online brand for renting cars or providing service, which can be used through a special application or website. In addition, the company provides...
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Uber Technologies: The History Of The Most Innovative Company

Uber Technologies is a tech firm that has been in the industry for over 10 years. Uber is financially stable. Uber has had a substantial increase in its annual revenue over the 10 years. In 2016 their annual revenue was 3.85 billion dollars and in 2018 their annual revenue shits up to 11.27 billion dollars. The same impact can be viewed on their revenue growth. In 2016 the firm had a growth of 92%, in 2017 the growth increased to...
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The Factors And Impacts Of Uber On Earth

Uber is a multinational company that offer private transportation. Almost ten years ago This company has made a splash in San Francisco by letting you order a car easily with your smartphone. Uber was founded a decade ago by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in San Francisco, California, United States of America. The beginning of Uber has started in in the summer of 2008 when Travis Kalanick the successful mannered Canadian software designer, he was waiting for a cab in...
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Swot And Pestle Analysis On Uber Afterpay

Organizations such as Uber and AfterPay are currently being featured in the media as a result of difficulties they are experiencing as an organization. The ethics, organizational culture, and management involved in Uber and AfterPay can be portrayed through the experience of the workforce and the customers Executive Summary Uber is a transport company that allows people to book their transport using an app on thr other hand Afterpay is company which finances a product for the customers and they...
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Gig Economy And Uber

The forceful loads of neoliberal economies have obliged organizations to return obligations to legally binding laborers and subcontractors. The climb information development stages have in a general sense enlivened this example over past decade. ‘Sharing economy’ associations have such no matter how you look at it allocation of neoliberalism’s mechanical relations that another moniker—’the Gig Economy’— has prospered. Disregarding the way that financial specialists and purchasers have benefitted, common laborers occupations have been squeezed at the same time. This paper...
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Female Related Issues In Uber

UBER was established in 2009 by Garrett Camp, it is a transportation network company (TNC). Its headquarters are situated in California, San Francisco. Initially, Uber provided only a ride/taxi service but recently it has added many more facilities to its mobile phone app such as UBEREATS which is a food delivery application, a bicycle-sharing system, and a peer-to-peer ridesharing. Uber has completely revamped the meaning of the word “taxi”. It no longer means having to shell out exorbitant amount of...
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Uber Technologies Incorporated: Management, Marketing And Products

Uber Technologies Inc. listed on the New York Stock Exchange on 10 May 2019. Wild speculation about the value of the 9th largest IPO in history has been all over the media for a few months. Last year, investment bankers, jockeying for some action in the fee income, talked up the value of the in the media, suggesting a value as high as $120bn. Although markets are not perfect, neither are they gullible and Uber listed at a valuation of...
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Sexual Harassment At Uber Company

Uber is a transportation company established in 2009. Uber provides transportation services in many countries around the world like the United States, Bratina, Paris, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Uber communicates with customers by an app that is available on both iTunes and Android phones. Of course, since it is a huge company mistake will happen. The San Francisco company faced many problems like, they have to pay taxes, the incredible risks that could happen to the drivers, and unethical behaviors...
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Multicultural Issue That Affects Uber Technologies

This report aims to provide business solutions to a multicultural issue that affects Uber Technologies Inc. Uber represents a visible multinational company that has received considerable negative attention in the media. However, few people know of the extent of its aggressive management approach that led to various problems such as sexual harassment scandals, discrimination, ethical issues, and so on. Much of the publicity about Uber is both a direct consequence of and a direct consequence for stakeholder relationships. This case...
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