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Jessica Ana


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Great for someone who is not a native English speaker!

If you want to use an essay writing help then the one Edubirdie offers is excellent. I am not strong with English written text, so using this site was a blessing. The ordering process took less than 5 minutes! The essay was of very good quality.



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Life Saviors

When my professor told me that I was going to deliver a speech in front of the whole college – it was the freshmen inauguration day – I thought that I was going to pass out. I had a tremendous fear of public speaking and I have never been a good speech writer. I have started looking for speech writing services online and I found Edubirdie and gave it a go. My address to the college went perfectly because Edubirdie made it sure that it was not how I was speaking but what I was saying that mattered.

Anna A.


Verified order

Excellent literature essay of great cost and quality

When I heard that we should write an essay about George Orwell`s "1984" I was terrified as I haven`t read the book and there were only a few days before the deadline. But, luckily, I found I was suspicious at first, but when I texted my writer, I was sure it is legit. The assignment was done on time, grammar was perfect, the quality was on the highest level. And no plagiarism!



Verified order

This Is What I Call Professionalism

When I was in high school, our class has always treated speech writing as something mediocre, something not serious that nobody cared about. However, when I got into college our professor showed us that speeches can change people’s lives and we started practicing writing them. I wanted to learn more, so I started looking for a professional writer to hire. Eventually, I’ve started working with Edubirdie and analyzing the speeches that they’ve been writing for me made me the best speech writer in my class.

mad pem


Verified order

I am absolutely satisfied with the work!

My Linguistics paper was written on time and exactly as I needed it. The writer followed all guidelines, used the textbook I have provided and applied the required formatting. I recommend EduBirdie to everyone!



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Good Speeches for Good Money.

If you are looking for somebody to write you a speech for a special occasion or for your class, make sure that you go straight to Edubirdie. I’ve ordered more than once from them and they always delivered just right. Their prices are low and their services are incredible.



Verified order

Privacy Matters

Whenever you feel like you need some professional writing help with your speech, but you are concerned about your privacy, order from Edubirdie and forget about it. Your privacy is one of their main concerns as the company does not even ask for your name when you order from them.

Steve C.


Verified order

Presentation on a high level by Edubirdie

History was always the worst subject in my school timetable, and I am so happy that EduBirdie gave me the opportunity to have a rest and get my presentation for pleasant price. The writer followed all my suggestions and designed a presentation that helped me to impress my teacher!

Michael Figler


Verified order

Satisfied with their Services!

I needed some assistance to gather facts and resources for my research work. I used EduBirdie to help and get everything for me, so I could focus on more important work. They provided reliable services at affordable prices. I am really satisfied! Very professional, quick, reliable, well worth the money. Thanks a lot for your brilliant support. I would highly recommend their fabulous services to everyone.

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Find Your Perfect Speech Writer for Hire

The definition of a speech writer can be easily understood from the name. The term is used to describe a person whose job is to prepare and write publicly-read notes that would be delivered by another person. The people who often require these services are high-class executives, presidents, or people who aren’t good at creating this kind of texts for themselves.

Nowadays, a speechwriter can be found just by dialing certain numbers, or you can consult your friends and relatives for a reference. Since it is well known that not everyone has the skill of writing texts for the public, these people make it a priority to be available both online and offline.

Writing Services Provided by Speech Writers

Writers who deal with these kinds of services have a variety of jobs they can take on. Online speech writer can create a number of specific writing types:

  • Weddings: often employed to write professional informative speech essays to be read at weddings, usually by the groom, bride, or the couple’s families.
  • Best man text: written specifically for the wedding occasion.
  • Political speech: These are more like public notes written for the consumption of the public. These might be manifesto texts (custom written to fit the agendas of various politicians or public persons), or comments regarding national events.
  • Motivational speech: designed to help motivational speakers and life coaches pass their message across to the public.

Getting the Best with EduBirdie

At Edubirdie, we direct our efforts towards providing the highest, top-quality services for our clients. Our professional speech writing company offers a cross-section of the most skilled speech writers for hire, ready to fulfill the criteria you need to boost your public talk.

Why are we the best? Beyond having hand-picked team members, we have other features designed to provide you with the best experience ever:

  • The best team members

Our speechwriters are among the leading figures in the industry. Their many years of experience are reflected in their work profiles and customer Edubirdie reviews.

  • Only the best works

At, excellence is a watchword and a yardstick. We ensure every written task we get ends up in a seamlessly delivered order, and ultimately – a satisfied customer.

  • Constant presence for our clients

Need help? We’re here. Something you are dissatisfied with? Our round-the-clock team is there to answer your queries with a smile, ensuring that you are left with no doubts whatsoever after getting an answer.

  • Reasonable prices

Our price ranges are built to help ensure that students get adequate access to all the services we offer. We value the comfort of our customers; hence we model prices that would be appropriate for their budget to buy speech.

  • Plagiarism-free

At Edubirdie, we avoid plagiarism and do not allow duplicating anyone’s work to complete an order. We make sure all articles are checked for similarity to any other published works.

  • Money-return Policy

Should you have any issues with any of our works and request your money back, we won’t hesitate to oblige to your requirements.

  • Anonymity

We keep all client details private, ensuring they don’t get distributed to anyone else. We would never sell out your details to anyone.

So it's your perfect chance to find the best speech writers for hire online and proceed to your success. There won't be any problems with preparing your speech anymore!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does the speech writer cost?

    Prices of our speech writers start from $13.99 per page, but they can change according to the type of the assignment, its complexity, academic level, and deadline. For some tasks, one page of speech will cost around $20-$25. Our prices are more reasonable than the ones of other writing services, and we grant you a timely delivery with the highest quality.

  • How can I place an order?

    Once you decided to place an order, submit the instructions for your order and fill in a special form with essential information about the assignment. Also, you should add a deposit that will not be delivered to a writer before you approve his or her final paper.

  • How fast do your writers work?

    You may set almost any deadline for your assignments, and our writers will deliver a finished speech to you on time. The minimal deadline for the completion of order at our service is 3 hours.

  • Can I be caught using your service?

    No, there is no chance that you will be caught because we grant you maximal privacy. Also, your speech will be plagiarism-free and written according to all the requirements. You may even indicate your level of English in order to make our writers choose an appropriate style for a speech.