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Citation style called ASA was introduced by the American Sociological Association and intended for use in research and academic papers in the field of sociology. Although ASA is widely used in different universities all around the globe, there is still lots of confusion regarding it, especially among students who lack experience in writing academic papers using it. Besides, the manual for this citation style is regularly updated. This makes it even harder to keep up with all changes.

ASA Format – Basic Principles

In general, this style is similar to the APA by its format and functions – both have shared citing format and require placing a list of references at the end of the paper. What distinguishes the ASA format? Unlike the MLA style, the references placed particularly in the text have to include the name of source’s author, the year when it was published, and page numbers in parenthetical.

There are also other things to keep in mind:

  • All resources that were used in the preparation of the document should be listed on the reference page;
  • The whole list should have double space between lines;
  • All materials should be organized in the alphabetical order;
  • In each citation, the author’s last name always has to stand before his first name.

These are just a few of many peculiarities of this style. To find the complete information about its rules and standards you can take a look at the full manual online or buy a printed copy. However, you should keep in mind that following all demands is not that easy! The majority of students tend to confuse different formats and make many mistakes, which in turn lead to low scores and a decrease in the overall academic performance. Is there a way to overcome these difficulties? Our ASA citation generator is the best helper for students!

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