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What is the ACM Citation Format?

ACM style format stands for Association for Computer Machinery. While this style format is not as common as Chicago or APA, the ACM citation format is used by professional organizations and technical universities dealing with various aspects of information technology and robotics. Learning about ACM citing conventions is essential since if your research paper or scientific report does not follow a clear referencing style, it will be returned for further editing.

Most importantly, remember that research papers dealing with technical disciplines will use BibTex files that will also include .bst format files that should include a list of sources listed according to source type. Take your time to study ACM BibTex formatting examples.

ACM Citation Rules

According to ACM reference format, your reference should contain:

  • Name(s) of the author(s) and/or editor(s).
  • Year of publication.
  • The title of the article, the name of the book, or conference proceedings.
  • Related bibliographic information about your source, such as the name of the publisher, city of publication.
  • Page number(s).

Your reference should contain enough information to let the reader find relevant resources easily.

Use only reliable sources! 

Remember that the ACM reference generator results must be checked manually for the CAPS part. All author names must appear as LAST NAME, INITIALS. If you have John Smith as your primary author and Melissa Etheridge as the second author, it will appear as SMITH, A. AND ETHERIDGE, M.

Using parenthetical citations, enclose the number of the reference like [1]. Sequential parenthetical citing must be enclosed in square brackets and separated by commas like [1, 2].

When your citation is part of some sentence, the name of the author should NOT be enclosed in brackets, (yet the year is), it appears as:

“We can conclude that Bridges et al. [1]…”

How to Cite in ACM Style Format?

Before approaching our ACM format generator, see these examples to learn how ACM citing looks in practice:

ACM Journal Citation

Vicente, R. et al., 2021. Modelling the Impact of Robotics on Infectious Spread Among Healthcare Workers. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 8.

The in-text citation will look this way:

[Vicente et al. 2021]

Here is how to cite books in ACM format

You may turn to the ACM citation generator and provide either ISBN or the author’s name to find your citation, yet take time to learn how it goes:

AUTHORS. Year of Publication. Title. Publisher, City of Publication.

In practice:

WHITAKER, H. and WHITAKER, H., 2014. Studies in Neurolinguistics, Saint Louis: Elsevier Science.


[Whitaker and Whitaker 2014]

An ACM citing example of a web resource

Website citation in ACM uses only the author’s last name and initial, followed by a year, original article or post title, and the name of the website. No URL is given.

Let’s take an example of an article discovered on the BBC news website:

Morris, C., 2020. Brexit: Five things the UK needs to resolve after leaving the EU. BBC.

An in-text citation:

(Morris 2020)

Why Use ACM Format Generator Tool?

ACM citation machine will help you to save time and nerves as you are able to use automation to let our system catch all reference data based on DOI or ISBN. It will also help you to avoid plagiarism and keep things accurate. Use our ACM citing tool and get your tasks done on time!