How to Cite a Brochure in APA Format: Key Rules to Follow

Citing sources is a fundamental part of academic writing, including the citation of brochures. This blog post offers a comprehensive guide on correctly citing brochures in APA style, detailing how to format the citation and what information to include in a narrative citation. By the end of this post, you will clearly understand how to cite a brochure in APA format and confidently incorporate these citations into your academic work. Citing a brochure in APA format can be challenging, but mastering this citation style is crucial for ensuring accuracy and credibility in your nursing paper.

How to Cite a Brochure in APA: A Guide for Online Sources

Following these rules will make citing a brochure or pamphlet created in the APA 7 edition easy.

Author. If an author(usually it’s an organization) is listed, include the author's name in the citation.

Year. Include the year of publication, often found on the first or last page.

Title. The title should be in italics, followed by the word [Brochure] in square brackets to indicate the format.

Publisher. Include the publisher. If the publisher was already listed as an author, omit it.

URL. Provide the direct URL to the brochure(if available).

Concluding, to cite a brochure accessed online in APA 7th edition, you should follow the following format:

Author, A. A(Organization). (Year). Title of brochure [Brochure]. Publisher. URL

For example, if you accessed an online brochure from the American Cancer Society, the citation would look like this:

American Cancer Society. (2021). Breast cancer: Early detection [Brochure].

In this example, the author is the American Cancer Society, the year of publication is 2021, the title is “Breast Cancer: Early Detection,” the print brochure format is indicated in square brackets, and the URL is the direct link to the brochure PDF.

Providing such examples is crucial as they demonstrate how to format and cite brochures and pamphlets correctly in APA Style.

While we showed how a reference citation looks, the in-text one only includes the author (usually an organization name) and the initial publication year. Example:

(American Cancer Society, 2021)

It's important to note that not all online brochures contain complete information. If any element, such as the author or publisher name, is missing, simply omit that part.

Additionally, verify the accuracy of the in-text citation format with your instructor or editor, as different institutions may have specific guidelines for citation formatting.

A well-structured reference list is essential for organizing your sources and ensuring your citations are complete and accurate.

Conclusion: Mastering APA Style Brochure Citations

Properly citing a brochure in APA format is a vital skill for maintaining the integrity and credibility of your academic work. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this post, you can confidently incorporate brochure citations into your research papers and assignments. Remember to include essential elements such as the author, year, title, publisher, and URL to ensure accuracy.

While the process might seem daunting at first, practice and attention to detail will make citing brochures second nature. It's also crucial to verify the citation format with your instructor or editor, as institutional guidelines may vary. By mastering these citation techniques, you'll enhance the quality of your academic writing and demonstrate your commitment to rigorous research standards. Citing a brochure in APA format can be complex, so if you’re a first author struggling with this task, you might consider using a service to do my assignment for me cheap to ensure your citations are correctly formatted.

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