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You have landed on this page for a reason! If you study Computer Science, IT or Engineering, your lecturer may have prescribed you applying IEEE citation format guide to your paper. This format was created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is widely used for papers in the Engineering and Computer Science fields. IEEE reference format is not as easy as it may seem from the first look, thus to do everything correctly, you’ll have to find a credible IEEE citation guide online.

We have good news for you! We have already created very informative and reader-friendly guide for students from the Institutes of Electrical and Electronics Engineers all over the world. A nitty-gritty of IEEE citation format is revealed in this guide.

Maybe you have spent a lot of time researching for the best format, like an ASAAPSA or MLA, but it gets confusing because different guides offer controversial information.

Read on to find out about the IEEE citation guide, rules, format and much more.

ieee citation format guide

What is IEEE Citations?

Maybe you have spent a lot of time researching for information about IEEE reference format, but it gets confusing because different guides offer controversial information. We tried to cover the most common rules in our guide and make it understandable for an average student. Your professor of Engineering may ask you to use a specific style formatting for your paper citations and formatting. Any of such referencing styles helps readers to discover sources that you have used while creating your project. This way you can avoid plagiarism, and a piece of work becomes authentic and better researched.

The references provide support for arguments, which have been already added to the text. It helps when citing authors, books, articles or online sources that you may have used properly. Moreover, this shows that you have done extensive research while creating your project.

How to create IEEE citations?

The crucial question is – how to cite in IEEE format for learning correctly? There are many technicalities related to it. However, it is the most valuable style for engineers and computer experts. An ideal option for you is following a guide your professor provided you with and take notice of some tips below.

Each university requires comprehending to certain Engineering citation style rules, which is obligatory to comply. Here you can find the most common rules for this style:

  • Unlike MLA, it is obligatory to write the initial name of a writer first before the surname.
  • The title of an article indicated must be used in quotation marks, but the title of journals or books should be italicized. These help a reader to distinguish between types of the cited source at a glance.
  • If there are more than 3 authors cited in the content, you will need to use et al afterward the name of the first author. But, you should not use a comma before the ‘et.’
  • In case there is no date mentioned, you have to write n.d. This abbreviation means, ‘no date.’ Do note that the references are added as per citation and not in alphabetic order.
  • This particular style includes in-text citations, which are numbered in square brackets.

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Check out IEEE citation examples that might help you:

Marx [4] mentioned that….

This theory was put forward by Pareto in the year 1918 [6]

These numbers in brackets refer to full reference list, which ends whole paper. But, this list isn’t made alphabetically, but numerically.

This format needs spending much time on studying it, but with our guide, its use becomes much clear for electrical and electronics engineer students. But, you must read IEEE citation manual to grasp all rules, as there are many technicalities that you need to follow. However, by reading our IEEE format citation guide, it will be much easier for you to decode correct way to use this particular style.

The Easy Fix

If it is too much to deal with, you can use a referencing generator, which is available online. You could also hire a writer and they would take care of the referencing as well! has a team of such professionals who can save you from tremendous assignments and deadlines.

IEEE style is not for amateurs. Thus, for many students hiring a professional who will do everything for them will be an ideal option. You can also use our IEEE citation machine for free.

Some IEEE format example:

IEEE Electronic documents example


ieee Internet documents example

ieee citation lecture example

ieee Print documents example

ieee format Reports example

data citation ieee exampleieee journal citation example

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