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Term papers are research-based works produced by high school or college students over an entire term and submitted by the end of the semester. They are major writing assignments that account for a significant fraction of the final grade in a particular course and hence, are associated with important effort and time-consuming research.

Although students might have freedom to choose their preferred topics, such tasks typically have to demonstrate a profound knowledge of the coursework, apply it in studying new problems. So, this may sometimes be very challenging, students might opt instead to buy term papers online from professional writing services.

Edubirdie Can Write Your Term Paper Online

Our writing academic service, Edubirdie, has vast experience in writing college term papers besides many other assignment types. Although it was founded in 2015, it has managed to gain huge popularity and establish a leading position among the competition with hundreds of orders per week – this was possible largely due to the quality of work, good prices, transparency in interaction with clients, and value/benefits offered.

Our pool of hundreds of professional writers with different specializations and skills enable us to approach a vast spectrum of term paper topics of varying complexity and volume, even those with pressing deadlines. Since they are well-acquainted with student curricula and have corresponding specialization knowledge, they approach any custom term paper with relative ease, guaranteeing exceptional quality. They often deal with much more complex tasks like Master or PhD-related work, so do not hesitate to buy them.

Buy term paper online in any of the following disciplines: economics, marketing, business, management, psychology, history, languages and literature, philosophy, theology, law, sociology, chemistry, biology, medical and health disciplines, physics, geography and earth sciences, computer science, mathematics and statistics, engineering and many more.

Our Working Procedure

When you decide to buy term papers online from our service, you’ll be required to place an order specifying detailed instructions that would allow experts specializing in this area to evaluate the task in its entirety and bid on it depending on deadlines and the amount and complexity of work required. Then you can select a favorite writer from all bidders, you might consider having text chats with them first.

Clients are required to pay for term papers not when they place orders online but later, when they select a writer for their essay with a corresponding bid price. Nevertheless, this money is not released unless a satisfactory result is achieved. If this is not the case (instructions have not been followed closely or quality does not match requirements), clients request multiple revisions for free until all issues are corrected. If requirements are not met even following revisions, clients may require full refunds.

As your term paper project progresses online, it helps to communicate with your assistant by providing useful guidance and feedback, ideas you want to incorporate, etc. You might consider requesting and evaluating outlines, drafts, bibliographic lists, certain text sections – all these would help you have greater control over your project after you buy it.

One or more rounds of editing and proofreading are typically performed by writers before final papers are submitted – these help eliminate mistakes, optimize essay structure, content, vocabulary, sentence structure, and writing style.

Finally, be confident that, whenever you buy term paper online from us, there is no risk of being accused of plagiarism, since we have very strict rules prohibiting and punishing any manifestations of it – we closely scrutinize each paper to eliminate even accidental plagiarism.


Buying term paper from our paper writing service comes with some important advantages that positively distinguishes us from the competitors:

  • Guaranteed result or a refund. As mentioned, clients are guaranteed to either get a term paper of the desired quality, unlimited free revisions are allowed, or their invested funds back.
  • Better control over your funds. Money is released to experts only when tasks are received, evaluated, and approved by clients. This maximally limits the risk that your money disappears into a black hole.
  • Maximum transparency in writer selection. Unlike other online platforms, at Edubirdie one may explore the ratings and previous performance of all experts bidding on your task – this helps you decide which aspects to prioritize (money vs experience) and say choose between a very good and an exceptional personal assistant.
  • Direct online communication. We not only allow – we encourage interaction with our writers as this is a prerequisite for predictable outcomes, avoided misunderstandings, and best possible implementation of the client’s desires and visions regarding the term paper. When buying, you pay not only for the paper, but for the comfortable service that goes together with it.
  • Integrated online services. Apart from writing your term paper from scratch, we offer a wide spectrum of complementary services that may cover intermediary steps, such as writing an abstract, conclusion, introduction, outline, annotated bibliography, editing, proofreading, selecting a list of sources to base your content upon.
  • Maximum confidentiality. We guarantee full privacy throughout your interaction with our customer support or our writers.
  • Low prices. Buying papers or contracting any other services comes really cheap when considering both the value provided and the competition. Thus, you may buy term papers without ruining out your budget.
  • 24/7 support. Our customer support works non-stop and you will likely find writers on our platform at any hour to help with urgent orders.
  • Universal access. Edubirdie has a mobile app facilitating access and allowing clients to order a term paper from anywhere, by uploading instructions and photos or making payments directly from their mobile phones.

Requesting help with these intermediary steps help get you started or bypass certain obstacles. Note that our services don’t stop here – buy speeches online from us for various ceremonies or events, order capstone projects, application essays, presentations, lab reports, research proposals, business plans writing, request "write my coursework" help, etc.

Our Carefully Selected Writers

Writers pass through a tough selection process when applying to our company. Our hiring process has several stages:

  • first, we preselect our candidates based on their previous experience and skills – only 63% of initial applicants pass this stage.
  • second, we administer a fairly voluminous English language test with limited time available (only half an hour) to ensure that there is no time to use external sources – only 35% overcome this stage.
  • third, applicants must produce an essay on a random topic also within 30 minutes – about 10% pass.
  • fourth, we verify study diplomas, certificates, other proof of knowledge and skills but also perform identity checks to ensure these documents truly belong to declared owners – about 8% of initial applicants end up passing this last stage to become verified writers.

Even after passing all stages, all newbies are closely supervised to evaluate how they deal with the first few orders. Nevertheless, quality monitoring does not stop here as there are constant internal quality checks aimed at assessing their performance. Importantly, each term paper writer’s performance is reflected in appropriate statistical parameters that can be seen by clients (when the latter review bids), which serves as a powerful motivation to perform better and provide consistent quality.

Our vast pool of carefully selected writers allows approaching complex tasks and performing high and consistent volumes of work. For clients that buy term paper, this normally translates into high rates of order acceptance, great punctuality (respected deadlines) and high-quality work. Thus, purchasing tasks or contracting services comes with consistent positive expectations.

We Are Here To Save The Day

Term papers might be really challenging and frustrating to many students. To help with this, Edubirdie makes it possible to buy term paper written from scratch or provides assistance at many intermediary writing steps. Edubirdie takes pride in its strong team of writers which are the backbone of its operations and interaction with clients. A strict but fair applicant selection together with continuous performance evaluation ensures that only those with the best language skills and specialization-related knowledge end up working for us in the long term.

This, along with the numerous benefits we offer allows us to maintain high rankings among students many of which have become valuable friends over time. If you experience particular trouble with any given course or in case you are pressed by deadlines or a tough schedule (combining studies with work and family life), or just in case it is vital that you secure a good grade for a particular course, don’t hesitate to contact our online services and buy term paper now!

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  • Free Revisions
  • Free Submission by Chapters
  • Free Plagiarism Report
  • Free Customer Service
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  • 1 – page abstract
  • VIP Support
  • Expedited delivery
  • Essay outline
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  • $25.25
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