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Benefits & Perks of Edubirdie Citation Maker

Auto Citing

Do not waste your time entering titles, authors, and publications manually. Our online tool will cite everything automatically for you!

Bibliography Download

You can copy and paste formatted entries. Also, you can download bibliography page directly to your computer and add to the paper.

Edit Citations

Click on edit to make necessary manual changes in your references and save them again.

Why Citing Matters

Avoid Plagiarism

The main reason to cite your sources is to avoid plagiarism. Copyright violation is a crime and in order to avoid it, one must cite every quotation or paraphrased material.

Credible Research

Bibliography represents the research done by the author and their knowledge. It allows to check the sources used, their credibility and connection to the written text.

Give Credit

Providing references is a way of giving credit to other scholars and their works. Who knows, maybe there are your future colleagues among them!

Professional Look

Accurate citations make the paper look organized and professional. It is a basic skill that is required at any university and highly appreciated by any employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit the paper without in-text citations?

Unfortunately, no. Every source listed on the reference page should be cited in the text at least once. Otherwise, it means that the source was not used. Professor will not count is as a source and may even lower your grade.

Should I cite even if I paraphrase from the source?

Paraphrasing is also plagiarism. It means that you take credit for another person’s thoughts and ideas. Cite all the information, data or figures taken from outside sources.

Can I cite sources in different styles in one paper?

It is suggested to stick to one selected format for one paper. It will make your work look more professional and organized. You can always choose preferred style and use Edubirdie citation generator for help.

Why fake referencing is bad?

Citing fake sources is regarded as a form of plagiarism. Professors usually check every cited source to make sure the referencing is accurate. It also makes your paper not credible and of no academic value.