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AMA Book Citation Guide for Everyone Who Wants to Know

If you’re a student, you must have already faced the necessity to make reference lists and cite your sources. The reason why all professors insist on citing everything correctly lies in the dangers of plagiarism because if you fail to cite a book properly, it might seem like you’ve copied idea from somewhere. As a result, your grade will be less than satisfactory and you might even be subjected to disciplinary actions, which comes close to being expelled.

AMA book citation, denoting American Medical Association, is very popular, especially in scientific areas and majors, such as Nursing and Medicine. So, how to use AMA textbook citation flawlessly?

AMA Books Referencing Rules

The first and most important thing you must remember is that AMA book citation is based on superscript usage accompanied by Arabic numerals. Don’t know what it means? It’s easy, just click on the space after relevant fact and add 1,2,3, etc. there by choosing ‘superscript’ option. This system is interesting because it makes in-text citations and referencing interconnected. Alphabetic order doesn’t matter here, all you should do is give Arabic numerals to references in the order you use them correctly.

For example, you’re starting your paper and mention first fact from some book. Give it numeral 1. For fact from second book, numeral 2 is needed. For reference list, use AMA book citation exactly in the way you did it in text: first mentioned book will also be first there. Look how general in-text citations should look like.

Mathews admits that 32% belong to this category4.

This source will be mentioned as fourth as per bibliography format. Now, let’s see how reference list in AMA should look like.

Books with One Author

For printed version with one author, AMA format reference will entail several elements. You can use AMA citation generation machine but at the same time, knowing rules is critical as it allows you to avoid mistakes and cite everything quickly when needed. So, check model below for AMA referencing.

Numeral) Author AA. Title. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year.
1) Lions KV. Elected as President. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker; 2013.

Page number isn’t needed even in case of direct quotes. If professor asks for it, clarify how it should be formatted.

From Two to Six Authors

Very often, you’ll be encountering printed versions with many authors. Every style has its own rules developed for such situations. So, how to cite a book in AMA if it has multiple authors? As long as their number doesn’t exceed five, format them in the following way.

Numeral) Author AA, Author BB, Author CC. Title. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year.
2) Powers GN, Niles CV, Riddle MP. Leaving Abusive Relationships. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker; 2019.

With More Than Six Authors

AMA citation for book with six and more authors are rare but you might still come across them. Don’t worry, though, as this style presupposes easy rules for such instances. Simply mention the first writer and mark the rest through “et al”.

Numeral) Author AA, et al. Title. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year.
7) Mels DS, et al. Accepting Responsibility. Newbury Park, CA: Sage; 2019.

No Author

There will definitely be instances when source has no mentioned author. If so, how to cite a textbook in AMA? Look at the model below. All you need is to start with title, everything else remains the same.

Numeral) Title. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year.
2) Under the Sun. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker; 2013.


E-Books Found on Websites

Did you find e-book on some website? AMA book citation rules won’t differ much from previous examples. You’ll just need link as well as date of access.

Numeral) Author AA. Title. Date. Link. Accessed Month Day, Year.
3) Andersen TL. Machinations & Lies. 2011. http://www.111. Accessed October 12, 2013.

Kindle E-Books

There are lots of books that are available in Kindle format only. Check this AMA book citation example to see how they should be referenced.

Numeral) Author AA. Title. Kindle ed. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year.
7) Licoris SA, et al. Drinking Culture. Kindle ed. Newbury Park, CA: Sage; 2019.

Edited Books

When editors are responsible for books’ crafting and you want to emphasize them, just treat them like you would authors.

Numeral) Editor EE, ed. Title. Number ed. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year.
3) Blom FD, ed. Telling Lies. 3rd ed. Edinburgh, Scotland: Livingstone; 2013.


Books with editors often signify anthologies where multiple authors for each chapter are present. For such cases, AMA book citation will look like this:

Numeral) Author AA. Chapter’s title. In: Editor E, ed. Title. Number ed. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year:pp.
1) Sypok E. Writing Horrors. In: Nevils A, ed. Crafting Fiction. 6th ed. Newbury Park, CA: Sage; 2011:35-57.


Sometimes, a crucial source is not in English and only translation is available. If so, mention translator, but don’t place him/her instead of author.

Numeral) Author AA. Title (T. T. Translator, trans.). City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year.
5) Borks JK. Flowers Don’t Lie (R. A. Ambers, trans.) New York, NY: Dover; 2018.

Book From Database

Some very useful books can be accessed via various databases. When you need to cite one, mention everything like in examples above but add database’s name as well as link and access date.

Author AA. Title. Name of the database. City/state of publication: Publishing company’s name; Year. Link. Accessed Month Day, Year.
Zelen VD. Going forward. ISBNdb. Newbury Park, CA: Sage; 2011. http://www.111. Accessed October 12, 2013.

In-Text Citations: More Specifics

There are instances of in-text citations that occur most commonly. You already know how to format books with one author — let’s see a few other cases.

Two Authors

When there are two authors, you have to mention their last names in text before adding numeral to the second one. Don’t forget to use ‘and’ conjunction. Another option involves just putting numeral after fact.

Alesis and Verdil3 achieved those results.

Three and More Authors

Wonder how AMA book citation works where there are three or more authors? Use only the name of a first one. Others will be covered via ‘et al’ combination.

Amelos et al4 state the opposite.

Several Sources in One Citation

Separate several sources through comma and use superscript for their numerals when you’d like to indicate a group of contributors.

Four distinct groups of scientists confirmed this hypothesis4,7,12.

Other AMA in-text citations specifics include putting titles into italics as well as not mentioning page number unless specifically required by professor. Don’t forget to capitalize the first letters of titles. If you’re using a long quotation (usually including more than 40 words), create a separate paragraph for it. Don’t forget numerals for all types of citations, whether they entail summary, paraphrase, quotes, simple facts, etc.

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To facilitate the process of citing a book in AMA, just use our special generator. It can assist in all types of tasks, all you need include visiting and selecting AMA as your preferred format. Then provide info our generator will require to make a reference. See top 5 benefits that our AMA helper provides.

  • Highest accuracy degree. Formatting styles can change with time. EduBirdie watches such changes attentively and makes all corrections along with updates. This way, you can be sure that references we create for you correspond to all requirements.
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