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AMA Journal Citation Guide with Examples

AMA writing style format, which stands for American Medical Association is an academic standard that is common in the field of Healthcare and Nursing. It is mostly used to cite sources related to medical research references.

Currently, in its 10th edition, this style has several peculiarities. Since it was designed for healthcare purposes, it is often met in medical publications. As it is the case with most citation styles, it has an in-text citation for something that is mentioned in our text and the References list that includes relevant Bibliography.

This part of our guide focuses on medical journal citation format in AMA style. If you already know how to cite any print edition source in AMA, referencing online journals only takes an additional bit where you mention the original location of your source.

What Information is Needed for Citing a Journal in AMA

An aspect that marks a difference with AMA style format is the inclusion of superscript numbers after the quote or an in-text reference. These numbers, however, should have a chronological order from the very start of your paper until the end. It is crucial to let your readers know what reference you have used in the middle of an article, so it is possible to look at the Bibliography and find it. It is also required to start every reference with a citation number exactly as it appears in a paper. 

Speaking of an average AMA citation for a journal article, there are certain abbreviation rules for every journal in AMA, so it is recommended to use PubMed Abbreviations Catalogue when citing. In most cases, entering the full name of a medical journal helps to find it out. 

Let us review a basic example:

Bridges N, Banks S, Cornwell, M. Effects of neurological regeneration among college
students. Phys Ther. 1995;79(13):1211-1213. 

Here is what has been included:

  • Author’s Last Name and initials. 
  • Title / Subtitle of your article. Only the first word is capitalized. The end is marked by a period. 
  • Title / Subtitle of the journal. This is where a discovered abbreviation is used. For example, we had a Physical Therapy medical journal, which has resulted in Phys Ther. 
  • Publication date. 
  • Volume and issue (if available). 
  • Page number(s). 
  • DOI number or URL. 

Most online sources will either include a DOI number or the URL. Remember that print articles usually vary from their online counterparts!

AMA Journal Citation by Source Type

Online Journal Article with a DOI

AMA citation format for journal article found online does not differ much from the print source that we have already seen above. The only difference is the addition of the DOI number. See our example:


Restoration of brain circulation and cellular functions according to past cognitive measurements.


Vrselja Z, Daniele S, Silbereis J et al. Restoration of brain circulation and cellular function hours post-mortem. Nature. 2019;568(7752):336-343. DOI:10.1038/s41586-019-1099-1

Online Journal Article with a URL

If the DOI number is not available and the article is published on a website, add the URL that will lead to the article. Include the access date and a published date if you know it as this style requires it. 

In-text citation:

The research has shown that some signs of improvement were largely cognitive in nature.

References page:

Smart RR, Richardson CM, Wile DJ, Dalton BH, Jakobi JM. Importance of Maximal Strength and Muscle-Tendon Mechanics for Improving Force Steadiness in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease. Brain Sciences. 2020; 10(8):471. Published July 22, 2020. Accessed July 22, 2020.

Print Journal Article

In-text citation: 

The post-radiation treatment has been efficient only at the larger dosages.


Sahiner B, Pezeshk A, Hadjiiski L et al. Deep learning in medical imaging and radiation therapy. Med Phys. 2018;46(1):e1-e36.

AMA Online Journal Citation With No Author

The in-text simply follows a next coming number of a resource in a reference, while our Bibliography will use the title instead: 

Introducing safety rules among ER personnel. Can Nurse. 2013;110(2):34.

A Single Author

Botezat A. Physicians’ brain drain – a gravity model of migration flows. Global Health. 2020;16(1). DOI:10.1186/s12992-019-0536-0

Multiple Article Authors

Garg R, Sinha M. Multiple ring-enhancing lesions of the brain. J Postgrad Med. 2010;56(4):307. DOI:10.4103/0022-3859.70939

How to Use a Medical Journal Citation Generator?

When you have a list of medical journals at hand, the most important is to cite them correctly. As a rule, this task always takes time, which is why we recommend using our AMA journal citation generator for your convenience. It is quite simple and free to use as much as you need:

  • Enter the journal article’s DOI number. 
  • Type title of the article in question. 
  • Cite manually by entering what you already know. 
  • Paste the article’s URL and let the automation cite for you.


What is the AMA journal citation format for journal editorials?

Talbot R. Work challenges in rural pharmacies [editorial]. Am J Health Syst

Pharm. 2009;72(21):174

Should the article titles be italicized?

No, only the medical journals are put in italics.

What to do if an online journal has no page numbers?

Use the number of publication instead: 

Jackson RV, Van Houston N, Callum, RN. Prevention of Infrared radiation outbreaks. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2015; (11): CD001749. DOI: xx.xxxx/14651858.CD001749.pub7.

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