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What is an ASA Website Citation?

ASA academic writing format, which stands for the American Sociological Association, is a common style in the field of Sociology. Even though it follows a separate set of rules for journals, print, and online publications, it revolves around the Chicago Manual of style. A reason for that is a necessity to get one’s research paper ready for printing purposes.

In practice, it follows the usual “author-date” format when an in-text citation is required. Now when there are bibliographic references, ASA format is closer to APA style where they use a parenthetical referencing pattern. Therefore, at least a little bit of APA and Chicago format knowledge will help to cite a website ASA style or any other reference type. 

Although ASA style is most often used by sociologists, this writing format is also used by journalists and those who publish educational research projects. It might force the researchers to use numerous online sources, making it challenging to cite without mistakes.

General Requirements to Website Citation in ASA

If you already know how to cite at least one of the most famous formats (MLA, APA, Chicago), you won’t have any trouble with ASA. An only challenge is ASA in-text citation for website because there are minor requirements for each variation. See our classic template requirements: 

  • When you have a quotation for your reference, it is necessary to add parentheses that tell of the author’s last name and a publication year. Now another major difference is placing a colon between the year and a page number. 
“The PTSD in boys is also related to sports competitions” (Johnson 2006:11)
  • If you have already mentioned an author of a website post in your text, do not include it once again in the parentheses: 
In his research on autism, Dr. Johnson (2006) believes that “nervous breakdowns were…”
  • If there is no website author available, place the first phrase or a reference that you have, followed by the year. 
  • Use quotation marks around your titles or web pages.
  • Italicize titles of books or reports. Likewise, if you have legal materials online, use the title instead of an author. 

Now for the basic ASA website citation, you will have to include the author’s name or a title, followed by a year. Next comes a title in quotation marks with all words starting from a capital letter (subtitle separated by a colon), Retrieved Date (Retrieved Jan. 12, 2015) with the URL being in parenthesis. 

An example: 

Oxford University. 2019. “Oxford University Privacy Policy: Data Sharing With Third
          Parties.” Retrieved Jun. 1, 2019

In-text citation:

(Oxford University 2019)

Main Types of ASA Website Citations

When you need to cite website ASA style, there are at least four different scenarios that will change your formatting:

Basic format

In-text formatting: 

(Organization / Author’s Last Name / Year of Publication)
(Boy Scouts of America 2019)


Organization. The year it was published. “Title of our Website.” Retrieved Month Date, year (URL).
Boy Scouts of America. 2019. “Guide to Safe Scouting.” Retrieved July 7, 2020.

Website of the Institution with a Known Location

Bibliography example: 

New Hampshire National American Archives. 2010. “Birth Certificates in New
      Hampshire.” New Hampton, NH: New Hampshire National Archives. Retrieved Jan
      2, 2018 (

In-text quoting: 

(New Hampshire National American Archives 2010)

Corporate Websites (unknown location)

If you need ASA citation for website from a corporate website with an unknown location resource, use this template: 

Intel Corporation. 2019. “2019 Annual Report Investor Relations & Proxy.” Retrieved 27, 2019 (

In-text citing: 

(Intel Corporation 2009) or (“2019 Annual Report Investor Relations & Proxy” 2019)

It depends on whether there are any other entries by the same institution.

Social Media Sources

According to the latest ASA manual, any references to social media platforms should not appear on the Bibliography page. It should be in the footnotes in the body essay text where you have to place a reference. The footnote itself should include a relevant page’s title and URL.  

The (Institution) mentioned the (topic) on its (social media platform) page.

In-text citation: 

The British Broadcasting Corporation mentioned WWII archives of the Nuremberg Cases on its Facebook page.

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Since ASA represents a complex mixture of APA and Chicago formats, it is easy to get confused when you have over ten references. Even if you know the rules well and have cited more than enough, it takes time to double-check the formatting and your citing accuracy. Add up several more pages and typing of each year and the title, and it takes more than an hour. It is where our ASA citation generator for website purposes helps. Here are some of its benefits:

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