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IEEE Website Citation for Electrical Engineering Students

Citing information is essential for avoiding the issues of plagiarism as well as the uncertainty of facts’ credibility. In modern times, Internet-based technologies are playing a more and more relevant role since most information is stored and transferred online. Students from all US states as well as all over the world in general have to rely on it. They pick Internet sources before citing it, indicating how it was created and by whom. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers located in New Jersey has devised a special IEEE website citation for this reason. It’s convenient, quick, and can be of great help for students.

IEEE Website Citation: Rules and Examples

The reason why IEEE website citation is so popular is that it covers all elements needed for creating a proper reference while staying relatively simple. In in-text citations and references, square brackets are used along with Arabic numerals to indicate a used source. That’s it! No info about author or date is needed here. It’s elementary, and that’s why in most cases, many people, especially those who have chosen Information Technologies major — for example, in Cornell University, use IEEE citation.

Website citation

In in-text citations, if one source is used several times, its numeral is repeated as often as needed after the fact or quote is cited. Say, you’ve used DMS 5 website and you mention it first in the text. This is how it should look like:

Psychological disorders of this type are present in 35% of people [1].

How to cite a website in IEEE when creating the final reference? It’s also easy. It should include seven specific elements: numeral in square brackets that corresponds to numeral of the source mentioned in in-text citations, author’s initials as well as last name, website title, information about publisher, publishing date, access date, word [online] (also in square brackets), and finally, “available” with link to your source. Look at structure below to see how it should be done based on an example:

[Numeral] A. Author, “Source’s Title”, Publisher Information (if applicable), date. [Online]. Available: http://website_URL. [Accessed: day-abbreviated month-year].

Now let’s regard some more specific ways of how to cite a website in Ieee for different sources types.

Journal article from a full text database

IEEE citation covers full text databases, which include credible collections of relevant sources like ProQuest or Academic One File. If you use online articles from there, this is how you should cite them in a reference list.

[Numeral] A. Author, “Article’s Title”, Title of Journal, vol. number, no. number, p. page number, year. [Online or printed]. Available: Database Name, article URL. [Accessed: date of access].
[4] H. Lianne, “Processing Transactions”, New IT Era, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 55-79, 2015. [Online]. Available: ProQuest, http://www.url. [Accessed: Sept. 15, 2017].

Journal article from the internet

Similar structure should be used for Internet articles. Just don’t use the name of database since there isn’t any.

[Numeral] A. Author, “Article’s Title”, Title of Journal, vol. number, no. number, p. page number, year. [Online]. Available: http://website_URL. [Accessed: day-abbreviated month-year].
[1] B. Byers and J. Smith, Effects of shrooms of everyday life’, Safe and Insightful Trips, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 132-167, 2017. [Online]. Available: http://www.url. [Accessed: Oct. 10, 2018].

Article from an electronic reference book

If you need just one article from the reference book online, follow this structure:

[Numeral] A. Author, “Article’s Title”, in Title of Reference Book. Publishing information, year. [Online]. Available: name of where the source is located.
[2] V. Lundce, “Viral marketing”, in Dictionary of the Internet. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. [Online]. Available: Oxford Reference Online.

Newspaper article

There will be instances when students need to use article from some online newspaper. Fortunately, IEEE website citation provides great tips about such formatting!

[Numeral] A. Author, “Article’s Title”, Title of Newspaper: Date. [Online]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[15] C. Mione, “Excessive sunlight exposure”, New York Times. Jan. 2, 2018. [Online]. Available: http://www.url. [Accessed: Sept. 3, 2018].

General Internet site IEEE Citation

IEEE citation format for website which is the common Internet source doesn’t really differ from other mentioned examples. Since it won’t have pages, mention paragraph from which your info was taken as well as domain’s name. To have a clearer impression, take a look at examples below.

[Numeral] A. Author, “Article’s Title”, site’s name, para. number, date. [Online]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[7] L. Noyels, “Losing a Game”,, para. 3, Jan. 23, 2011. [Online]. Available: http://url. [Accessed: May 6, 2013].

Personal Internet site: IEEE citation

While personal sites aren’t academic and rarely have value that would be accepted by universities, they might still come in handy — for example, you might be interested in seeing some product website. For such reason, Ieee developed certain guidelines. See them below.

[Numeral] A. Author, “Page’s Title”, date. [Online]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[12] D. Lewis, “Home page — Making Toys Yourself”, July 2014. [Online]. Available: http://www.url. [Accessed: Sept. 6, 2018].

Electronic books IEEE Citation

Book market remains highly popular but it has changed dynamics to the significant degree. Instead of paper books, there are now electronic ones. It’s not surprising that so many people, including students, use pdf versions instead of purchasing physical copies. Here’s how IEEE website citation should be done in such cases.

[Numeral] A. Author, Book’s Title. City, state: Publishing company, date. [Online]. Available: place where a book is stored.
[2] J. Lowly, Learning Enemies and Abuse Tactics. Mahwah NJ: Antih Publishers, 2015. [Online] Available: Planet e-book.

Chapter from an electronic book

When you need just one chapter, without requiring other bits from the book, you can still cite it easily. Just put book’s title in italics and add “in” before it like this.

[Numeral] A. Author, “Chapter’s Title”, in Book’s Title, E. Editor, Ed. City, state: Publishing company, date, pages. [Online]. Available: place where book is stored.
[8] N. Ribinskaya and K. Daughter, “Addressing unnecessary worries”, in Making Your Life Happy, V. L. Burmic, Ed. San Diego CA: Liberating Press, 2019, pp. 333-348. [Online]. Available: Life Direct.

Blog post IEEE Citation

While not being academic in nature, blog posts can still be useful, especially in subjects like marketing. You can cite them with the help of IEEE website citation without any problems.

[Numeral] A. Author, “Blog entry title”, Blog’s Name, date. [Online]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[4] J. S. Spider, “Mediation basics with professionals”, Against Antis, May 13, 2019. [Online]. Available: http://www.rhurl. [Accessed: May 30, 2019].

YouTube video

These days, many useful things can be found on Youtube, including academic sources. Here’s how they should be cited in Ieee.

[Numeral] Contributor’s name, “Video’s title”, YouTube, date. [Video file]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[2] AlexMansterov, “Where is this mountain?”, YouTube, Feb. 12, 2018. [Video file]. Available: [Accessed: May 18, 2019].

Image on a Website IEEE Citation

Images can be valuable, especially for graphs. Cite them like this.

[Numeral] Contributor’s name, Image’s Title. Date. [Image]. Available: http://www.url. [Accessed: date].
[6] Vanson, Current Tide. Jan. 11, 2017. [Image]. Available: [Accessed: May 18, 2019].

Technical report: IEEE citation

[Numeral] Author’s name, “Protocol’s name”, Place of report publication, City, Country, Tech. Rep. number, date.
[11] K. E. Green, “International Voyage protocol”, Communication Center, Paris, France, Tech. Rep. 132-1212-AA, 2013.

Online forum or newsgroups

[Numeral] Author’s name, “Title of post”, date. [Type of medium]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[21] F. Foees, “Self-destruction as unhealthy coping mechanism”, Jul. 2, 2015. [Blog]. Available: http://url. [Accessed: Jul. 2, 2017].

Electronic document IEEE citation

[Numeral] Publisher’s name, “Document’s title”, Publisher, document reference number, date. [Online]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[4] IT Standards Institute, “Video guidelines with transmission aspects”, IT Standards Institute, ETSI TR-145-211, 2010. [Online]. Available: http://www.url. [Accessed: May 17, 2012].

Government publication

[Numeral] Name of organization, “Publication title”. City of publication, state: Publisher, date.
[1] Environment Safety Commission, “Preventing and dealing with plastic recycling issues.” New York, NY: Environment Safety Commission, 2018.


[Numeral] Name of legislation (abbreviated association’s name — for example, Commonwealth (Cth). [Online]. Available: URL. [Accessed: date].
[5] American Energy Market Act 2004 (Cth). [Online]. Available: https://www.url. [Accessed: Apr. 23, 2019].

Additional IEEE Citation Rules You Should Know

There are likely to be cases when the source you need is rare and doesn’t fit into aforementioned categories, or you’re simply unsure how to cite it. If so, don’t worry! Check the following rules for IEEE website citation. Maybe they’ll be just what you’re looking for.

  • No author.

Sometimes, there will be instances of the source without an author. Let’s say, it’s an article in a credible journal that fits your research very well, but the problem is, it’s with unknown author. Just start with article’s title in this case.

[Numeral] “Article’s Title”, Title of Journal, vol. number, no. number, p. page number, year. [Online]. Available: http://website_URL. [Accessed: day-abbreviated month-year].
  • Unsure whether to cite print or online version.

Some sources exist in two versions. Just mention [print] if what you used came in print or [online] if you’ve found it in the Internet.

  • Italics for long pieces.

If a source takes many pages or hosts a collection of something, put its name in italics. It covers journals’ and anthologies’ titles, books’ titles, etc.

EduBirdie’s IEEE Citation Generator as Your Attentive Helper

If you are still facing problems with manual IEEE website citation, come visit our Ieee citation generator. It will cite every source you need — just mention its type and wait for results! Here’s why EduBirdie’s citation machine is the best.

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So, if you’re struggling with IEEE website citation and want to save time, just use EduBirdie’s reference generator. It deals with all types of sources, including online and print ones. We constantly update it according to Ieee official manuals, so rest assured that you won’t make a mistake when using it!

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