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The Basic Rules for Journal Citation in IEEE

The IEEE is an abbreviation for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is the most frequent and commonly accepted writing style for research papers and various assignments for computer science, engineering, and IT university students. As a standard, it is not overly complex like Chicago or APA, especially if we consider that in-text citations only require placing a related number in square brackets after the citation itself. IEEE journal citation citing in terms of Bibliography has some rules that we shall review in our guide with the help of examples and basic references for each case.

The sources found in print:

  • Regardless of how it is presented, only the initials of the author are given next to the Surname.
  • The title of your source journal must be placed in italics. Only the first word is capitalized unless it is required otherwise or represents an abbreviation.
  • You have the option of using either the full name of your journal or approach it with the help of a commonly accepted abbreviation.
  • The volume or “v” must not be capitalized.
  • There is no need to abbreviate the months.
  • Page(s) range can be either 134-6, 134-36, or 134.

Electronic sources IEEE journal format has two important additions:

  • Include a complete Database name and the URL.
  • Add: Accessed: date of access.

The Basic Journal Article Citing IEEE Template

For any print source:

[number] A.B. Surname. “Title of our article,” Title of Referenced Journal, vol. x, pp. page number(s), Month Year.

The number you have remains the same way all through your paper and does not change even if it is mentioned more than once.

[1] J.L. Piccard. “Sub-thermal engines enhancement,” Mechanical Engineering Journal, vol.2, pp.222-29, June 2019.

When you have an online source that comes from a certain database or represents an e-journal, use this template as a reference:

[number] A. B. Last Name, “Title of our Article,” Online Journal in italics, vol., no. x, p. page number(s), Month Year. [Format] (meaning if it is online or PDF). Available: Database Name (if appropriate and available), the URL. [Accessed: date of access].

An example of a real reference will look this way:

[4] A. Brown and M. Zwolinski, “Lee router modified for global routing”, Computer-Aided Design, vol. 22, no. 5, pp. 296-300, 1990. Available: 10.1016/0010-4485(90)90094-s [Accessed 1 October 2020].

As you can see, after the “Available:” part we included the DOI number since it is a full reference and can easily be found by the journal’s name. If there is no such information and your source is simply a web link, the full URL is included.

The Reference List for the IEEE Journal Citation

Online Journal Article

[number] A. B. Last Name, “Title of our Article,” Online Journal in italics, vol., no. x, p. page number(s), Month Year. [Format] (meaning if it is online or PDF). Available: Database Name (if appropriate and available), the URL. [Accessed: date of access]. [1]A. Soranzo and M. Grassi, “Psychoacoustics: a comprehensive MATLAB toolbox for auditory testing”, Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 5, 2014. Available: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00712 [Accessed 28 September 2020].
  • 1 Author in an electronic edition.
[1] A. Jones, Title.
  • 2 Authors
[2] R. Jones and S. Kelly, Title.
  • 3 Authors
[3] R. Stransky, B. Tomin, and A. Andrews, Title.
  • No Author

If there is no author, you should IEEE cite a journal article with the title or a short description of your quoted source.

[5] “Motor Turbulence in Air Turbines,”

Journal Article in Print

[number] A.B. Surname. “Title of our article,” Title of Referenced Journal, vol. x, pp. page number(s), Month Year.  [6] MJ. Stipe. “Foto film laser correction,” Electrical Engineering Scientific, vol.122, pp.22-3, Jan 2015.
  • 1 Author
[1] M. Barantsev, Journal Title.
  • 2 Authors
[2] K. Aberdeen and J. Holmes, Journal Title.
  • 3 Authors
[3] A. Philips, B. Johnson, and T. Phelps, Title of Publication.
  • No Author

If there is no author, simply continue with the title of your journal in quotation marks.

  • DOI Reference.
[5]V. Reddy, “The SpaceX Effect”, New Space, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 125-134, 2018. Available: 10.1089/space.2017.0032 [Accessed 1 October 2020].
  • Without DOI

If no DOI or Database number is available for your IEEE journal example online, use the URL after the “Available:” part by starting with the full link.

5 Reasons to Use Our IEEE Journal Citation Generator

As a rule, most engineering university students do not like spending hours with their IEEE citations, be it journals, books, or images. Knowing about this fact, we came up with a free and fast-working IEEE journal citation machine that also supports many other sources. Here is why it works:

  • It is completely free and does not have any premium features or limitations to let you cite as much as necessary for all your scientific journal needs.
  • You can enter ISBN or DOI number for your source and let our system find it right away with no trouble.
  • Just type your available information manually if you prefer this way and let our IEEE tool generate an error-free citation for you.
  • It helps to avoid any plagiarism issues as there are no spelling, formatting, or grammar errors as you do not have to type all the titles or names of the journals.
  • It is a great time-saver as you alternate between web and print sources without leaving the tool. It helps to focus on some other things free of charge!

Do not waste time citing manually, use our free IEEE journal article citation generator!


Can I enter the DOI number of my journal to get the perfect IEEE reference with your generator?

Yes! It is exactly what it does. Just type in the number by copying everything after the DOI part and let our machine do the rest!

Is it obligatory to use abbreviations for journal names?

The latest IEEE edition allows students to use full names unless it is specified otherwise.

What should I do if I do not know the date of my publication?

In such a case place N/A in square brackets and specify the latest access date.

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