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Why Using Correct Video MLA Citation in Your Essay?

Since MLA 9 or Modern Language Association is mostly used in Sociology, Arts, Psychology, Political Science, and Journalism degrees, the use of video citation becomes obligatory. A reason for that is using various Youtube, Netflix, DVD, or any other streaming sources as strong evidence that backs up certain facts. While the rules of MLA format for video referencing may seem simple, pay attention to various content types were some of the usual format changes. Follow templates and examples given in our guide to discover a better idea of how to cite and help your essay avoid formatting or referencing mistakes.

What Must Be Included in Referencing?

Regardless of what information you may have, there are standard requirements as to what must be present (at best) for citing videos or movies in MLA 9 format:

Creator’s name of the film or video, an original title or a relevant description, your website source title that your reference has been found on. 

Once this information is entered, continue with names of any contributors. This part usually becomes complex for novice students, yet there is no need to panic! Speaking of contributors, it may mention: 

  • Uploader’s name (especially relevant when you MLA cite Youtube video and have a user’s name). 
  • Narrator’s name or credentials. In this case, it means that you can mention a narrator if available. 
  • Directed by (ex. John Smith). 
  • A list of performers, which usually goes by “performed by” beginning and includes a list of actors in a movie or Youtube video. 

Then comes the version of a video, which usually stands for what kind of a movie you have as a source. It may be a director’s cut, unrated version, educational edition, and so on. 

Now continue with any numbers or identifiers associated with your video, publisher, publication date, name of a particular database (if using one), and the URL (if it is a digital reference source).

MLA 9th Video Citation Style Specifics & Notes

  • Remember that MLA citation video standard uses academically-accepted rules for capitalization of movie titles or documentaries. Since many YouTube videos can use their own style or intentionally change formatting, remember to double-check instead of blindly copying it from the website. 
  • The name of the content creator must not be mentioned if it is the same person as the original uploader. A video title is used as the first part of your bibliography or an in-text reference. 
  • If you are mostly talking about the movie and its particular actor or a director, it is best to include their name(s) at the very start of your citation where the author part would appear in any other citation. 
  • Every in-text reference that you provide must be equal to the first word that appears in a relevant Works Cited entry. 
  • The movie titles are usually done in italics. 
  • If the title has already been mentioned as your MLA citation for a video or a movie in your essay text, the citation in parenthesis has to include the time range. 

For example: 

The third minute of Event Horizon shows a rare environment of panic even though everything is peaceful in the background (3:14-3:29).

How to Cite Different Types of Videos in MLA 9 Style Format

Youtube video

Follow this helpful template: 

Last name, First name of the creator. “Title of the video or audio.” Title of the Website, roles of contributors, and their First name Last name, Version, Numbers, Publisher, Publication date, URL.

Our real-life example becomes: 

MarineTravel. “MarineTravel Diaries: Watching Birds at Texel in 2004.” Youtube,
        commentary by Saskia Giles, 29 June. 2019, 

Now when you need an MLA citation of a youtube video in the text, use this example:


Alternatively, you may add relevant time stamp like:

(MarineTravel 2:16-2:59)

In-text citation template is: 

Author Surname / Screen name of the uploader.

YouTube channel

There are times when youtube citation requires referencing an entire channel, which is not difficult at all if you follow our example:

“Warnermusicgroup” YouTube, 9 Aug. 2005, 

In case of an in-text citing, it goes as follows: 

Turning to statistics in April 2020, the Warner Music Group Youtube channel became one of the most visited media platforms with over three million unique visitors (“Warnermusicgroup”).

Citing a specific fragment using timestamps

As a rule, almost any film citation will refer to a particular passage, which is why this aspect has also been noted in MLA 9 format. See this example:

Our Works Cited page: 

“Academic Writing: College Rules.” YouTube, uploaded by Eton College, 2 May. 2013,

As for in-text citations, it is only recommended in case if you want to speak of a particular film minute. For example:

Since most students ignore basic college help, it always reflects in low grades and confusion (“Academic Writing: College Rules” 01:12-01:34).

Video from a Website

Citing videos MLA style from any website, be it Vimeo or a college website, goes according to this template:  

Last Name, First Name of the creator or Username of a creator. “Title.”
Title of the Website, Day Month Year of Publication, URL. Accessed
        Day Month Year when our video has been accessed.

Works Cited goes this way: 

Kirk, James. “How the Black Hole was Discovered.” Vimeo, 22 April 2014,
 Accessed 1 Jun 2019. 

In case of in-text citing: 


Online Video Without an Author

If a creator is unknown or you cannot find any reliable information, do as follows: 

(“Descriptive title or a phrase” Starting Time of required moment – End Time)
(“Scouting in Canada” 04:24-05:12)

Works Cited page would simply mention the title instead of an author: 

Scouting in Canada. Scouts Canada, 27 April 2018, Accessed 5 Jun 2019.

Video From a Streaming Platform

Citing videos MLA 9 format will go the same way even if it is some bizarre streaming platform:

Cox, Graham, director. Story of Blur: Our Turbulent Times. BBC 4 Video Archives,
      uploaded by BBC 4, May 2011, 

Every in-text citation will either include a relevant title of the content or author’s last name:

(Cox) / (“Story of Blur: Our Turbulent Times”)

Film or Video Not Viewed Online (DVD)

Citing a film that is not available online goes according to MLA 9 DVD reference standards: 

Title of Movie. Director’s Name. Performers Names. Production Company, Year of

Works Cited page: 

The Goonies. Directed by Richard Donner. Performances by Sean Astin, Josh Brolin,
        Jeff Cohen, and Corey Feldman. Warner Bros, 1985. 


(“The Goonies”) or (Donner)

Film from a Streaming Service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.)

When you cite video MLA 9 format from Netflix or any other popular platform, use this template:

Last name, First name of the creator. Title of the film. Role of contributors and
        their First name Last name, Version, Numbers, Publisher, Publication date.
Service, URL.

Citing a movie in Works Cited page becomes this:

The NeverEnding Story. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, a performance by Noah
Hathaway, Neue Constantin Film & Bavaria Film, 6 April 1984. Amazon Prime, 

In-text example: 

(The NeverEnding Story 07:12:33-08:01:12)

Television Series Episode

Use this template: 

Title of Episode.” Title of TV Series. Contributors Name(s), Season, Episode,
        Production Company, Year of Release. 

Works Cited: 

Reflections of the Mind.” Murder, She Wrote, created by Peter S. Fischer, Richard
        Levinson, and William Link, performance by Angela Lansbury, season 2, episode
        6, NBC Universal Television Distribution, 1985. 

In-text citation:

(Murder, She Wrote 12:16:11-13:34:00)

Why Choose Our MLA Movie Citation Generator?

Movie citation is not a simple task! It always takes time, especially if you can overlook a missing space or add an extra character where it is not necessary. Here is where our MLA Movie Citation Generator helps a great deal. The best news is that it is free and does not require any registration. Just enter what you have available for any movie type reference. The MLA format citation generator will provide you with both Works Cited and an in-text citation. Give it a try and save some precious time!

FAQs on How to Cite a Movie in MLA

What if my TV-series episode has more than five contributors?

Include only the most relevant. If it is a key character, mention the director or series main actor in an episode.

How to cite a video from an old VHS?

Citing template: 

Last name, First name of the creator. Title of the film. Role of contributors and their First name Last name, Version, Numbers, Publisher, Publication date.
The Mighty Ducks. Directed by Stephen Herek, Walt Disney Pictures, VHS. Buena Vista Pictures. 2 Oct. 1992.

In-text citation example:

(The Mighty Ducks 11:22:00 – 11:23:21)

Does citing a video in MLA 9 differ for Vimeo or Amazon Prime?

No, it follows the standard movie citation template for all streaming services where only a platform name changes.

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