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What to Expect from College Essay Tutors Help

An essay is a decisive tool in college admission, ensuring students to go beyond their academic records and become noticed by the committees. When preparing a college application essay, you should give to admissions officers an idea of who you are, what your plans are, what you want to do with your education, and why you think you are the best fit for the specific school. Organizing the ideas into eye-catching and winning essay can be a real problem for a student.

Here, at Edubirdie.com, our college essay tutors help you brainstorm ideas, polish your essay, and gain admission to a dream college. Our professionals provide detailed comments and suggestions for making your paper an authentic and articulate expression of your individuality.

Being highly-qualified and having years of experience, we know how to reveal your strengths and passions and implement your ideas into a story. Our affordable pricing, one-on-one interaction and extensive experience set us apart from other online instructing services. All our educators can afford college essay tutor certification from the National Tutoring Association, American Tutoring Association, and other certifying bodies.

Our professional instructors work with students from all over the globe. We provide application essays and college essay help counseling for a student applying to any college or university.

We have taught countless applicants how to craft their thoughts into exciting and successful admission essays. Our instructors have helped every student shape the narratives and transform his stories into a compelling piece of writing. All our applicants received responses from the committees and were admitted to their dream colleges. Many of them wrote winning essays for scholarship. Our goal is to help you become an independent and confident writer.

Three main reasons to choose tutors at Edubirdie.com:

  • Your personal statement will make a memorable impression.
  • Your application will be distinguished from the multitude.
  • Your paper will be genuine, reflective, and insightful.

college essay tutors benefits

Having decided to ask for help, you put a question “Where can I find college essay tutor near me?” There is no need to worry. Using our website, you decide what tutor you want to have your online lessons with, when to chat and how much to pay. You choose the right candidate based on instructor's qualification, experience, and hourly rates.

Our benefits are:

  • You can have your classes on demand or schedule in advance.
  • You can study without leaving a house.
  • You can communicate with tutors from any place in the world.
  • You save your time.
  • You get help with your questions and personal challenges.
  • You strengthen abilities and skills.
  • You eliminate weaknesses.

Our experts can help you with:

  • Brainstorming ideas.
  • Choosing the most appropriate topic.
  • Developing abilities and skills in creative writing.
  • Structuring the first draft.
  • Providing critical feedback on every part of the draft.
  • Editing and proofreading multiple drafts.
  • Reviewing and polishing a final draft.
  • Keeping you on all deadlines for drafts and applications.

Apart from your college application paper, at Edubirdie.com, you can have face-to-face lessons with a college essay writing tutor on whatever topics you need help with. Whether you’re working on a creative assignment, statement, research paper, or book report, our experts will explain what makes a great paper, and how you have to write one. Instructors will assist in building a plan and structuring your statement, placing bibliographical references to primary sources, and proofreading once it is ready. The experienced educators at Edubirdie.com provide private instruction to assist a student to improve his educational performance, develop skills, or prepare for academic examinations.

No matter what paper you need, Edubirdie.com tutors help you structure and strengthen it, providing constant guidance and feedback.

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