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Free Harvard Referencing Generator for College Students

Providing a strong evidence to the arguments within any academic document is very important. You confirm your words with the existing research reports and scientific articles written by trusted academics. Understanding the basic principles of formatting an essay in a certain style developed for your field of study and subject is one of the main objectives a student must set before him/her during the first years at university.

Harvard citation style is same as popular as APA or MLA referencing formats for providing evidence to your statements in the running text. For those who have troubles with providing the quotes in a proper format, there are special style guides and manuals as well as a plenty of tools like Harvard Citation Generator. You can use either to format your scholarly document or to check if your formatted citation is correct.

To properly edit college papers in a Harvard style, adhere to these helpful guidelines:

Creating Your Bibliography List

Wondering, "How can I write my annotated bibliography in Harvard style?". Here are some tips you need to know:

  • A reference list is written on a separate sheet and is a final part of a college work.
  • The list is composed in relation to the authors’ names put in alphabetical order.
  • The space between the lines is double.
  • If there are several works written by the same author, arrange them in chronological order.

Building Correct Citations in Text

  • The formula for structuring the in-text quotes is as follows: Author’s last name, publication year, number of the page. Below is a clear example:

    Table illustrating checklist of information for common sources (Pears, 2008, p.22)
  • If you have more than one editor or author, look at this:

    (Mitchell, Coyne and Thomson, 2017, p. 198)
  • If there are much more than three authors, write the first one with the words “et al.” following, for example:

    (Coyne et al., 2017, p, 199)
  • If your source has no author, write only its title in italics.
  • If the material has no date, write instead of the publication year “no date”.

These were the main features of Harvard style referencing. To have your reference list formed automatically online use a free Harvard citation maker. To get the suggestions fill in the necessary information: writer’s name, title, website, date or year of publication. Use our Harvard reference generator to generate and copy the results appeared. It is the fastest way to have your work done.

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