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Editors ensure commas and hyphens are where they should be and semicolons tie sentences together. When your editor has fully reviewed the text, they will send back a perfectly edited piece.

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Submit the completed paper together with the initial instructions. Our editors will make sure you did not miss anything, followed the outline, used all the required sources and materials.

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Revise My Essay: Prompt Help by Professional Editors

While studying at college, students often complete essays. Frequent writing is very beneficial, as it contributes to the development of critical thinking skills. But depending on a chosen major, some students may end up writing as much as an essay a day. Under such circumstances, it becomes rather common to be so overwhelmed with written assignments that at times they say: “We wish there were someone else who would revise my essay.”

Why Using EduBirdie?

Nowadays, students consider outsourcing some of their tasks to professionals. This opportunity is particularly relevant when it comes to essay revision. Trying to submit by the deadline, some may think that draft writing and quick research paper editing are enough for producing good final piece. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. To create really strong papers, students should spend significant shares of hours revising their drafts. Just visit your writing center. No matter whether you attend Stanford University or Guilford College, revisions are a must and it is beneficial to improve essays.

Indeed, good revision is only possible when you edit your essay with a fresh mind. So upon writing an essay, revise it in a day or two. But what if you don’t have that much time? How to manage the unmanageable? EduBirdie has a solution and professional editorial team on the platform who are always ready to complete this task for you. You can simply ask them to "correct my essay", and they will do their best, saving your precious time and excellent grades.

What Revision Includes?

Revisions are very important, but the curriculum and personal schedules might be so tight that you can hardly spend an extra hour with your friends. Looking for a solution, some students deliver unrevised papers. But this choice brings lower grades. So eventually, you should either sacrifice your spare time for the sake of higher grades or look for alternatives. 

Some students confuse revision with proofreading. But indeed, it is much more than just spelling and punctuation check. Here are some of the common aspects that editors look through while revising essays:

  • Structure – excellent structure impresses most readers. Editors on the platform know how to balance each paragraph so that they would unite into a perfect structure.
  • Format – proper formatting allows to avoid plagiarism accusations. Editors often ensure that all in-text citations, quotes, or paraphrases follow the requested formatting style as well as specific professor’s guidelines.
  • Layout – it is very sad to lose valuable points because of layout issues. Editors pay attention to every detail and polish the essay, making sure it is set out correctly on the page. They strictly follow the requirement the client provides.
  • Grammar – no matter how strong the student’s argument is, it loses points if there are grammatical errors in the essay. Editors proofread essays while revising them, ensuring correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structures, as well as word choice.
  • Reference page – Editors check works cited and edit your citations if needed, because any mistakes here may result in plagiarism. They not only check the formatting of references but also substitute unacceptable sources with academic alternatives.
  • Content – sometimes, content changes are necessary. These may range from small corrections in student’s initial thesis statement to more serious rewritings of whole paragraphs. Such work often improves essays significantly, but it is always done on specific requests or with an agreement of the client. Clients may either accept editors’ suggestions or deny them.

Who Will Revise My Paper?

There are reasons why students should choose EdiBirdie services among all the alternatives available online with the 'rewrite my essay' request. Most importantly our editors possess all the qualities you look for. Apart from impressive experience, each of them holds a degree in a specific field. They are native speakers because EduBirdie never opens editing jobs to foreigners. They handle any work. Whether you need to revise an argumentative essay or edit a personal statement, only an editor with corresponding major will take this task. 300-word essay or a 100-page long dissertation, every piece of writing will be properly fixed.

Benefits We Offer

Apart from expertise and experience, EduBirdie offers other benefits as well. Company’s services allow students to not only secure high grades and save time but also:

  • Chat directly with an editor;
  • Have 24/7 customer support;
  • Enjoy full anonymity;
  • Have a money-back guarantee;
  • Get the help you really need - from dissertation editing to professional proofreading services;
  • Set short deadlines, which is very convenient if you want to receive an essay by tomorrow morning.

The Best Solution is Here!

Today is truly a day of opportunities, and any student can use this great opportunity and improve grades with the help of experienced professionals. No matter how complex your essay is, mind that for every “Will you revise my paper?” EduBirdie has a single answer, “Yes, definitely!” Don’t waste your time, because there are experts who can check your essay right now, ensuring both fresh perspective and attention to detail.