Scholarships by Edubirdie

Supporting Young People Through Education

What is an Edubirdie Scholarship?

An Edubirdie scholarship offers funding to students who need a little extra help with education. We decided to launch student scholarships since we understand the future depends on the young generation. We practice our social mission and support important causes with tangible investment, and are happy to give back to the communities we serve. We’ve built a solid community here and Edubirdie and now we feel it’s time to give back and support the most important cause, an education.

The reasons we decided to start our scholarship fund:

  • To help students struggling with student debt and high tuition fees
  • To support education and the future generations entering the workforce
  • Practicing inclusion through diversity so all people can benefit equally
  • To give people who deserve a bright future the chance to do so

Our scholarships

Below you can find a list of scholarships available through Edubiride, the links contain everything you need to know on the application process and the criteria required.



Awards ($)


Students from single parent or parentless household

in 2019


Scholarship for Orphans and Half-Orphans

General Application Terms and Conditions

As with any application process, there are rules that we need to apply in order to make the scholarship as fair as possible. Any scholarship winner must submit proof of identity and college records so we know that they are still studying and eligible for the award. When a scholarship is granted it must be used on college needs like tuition, school books, equipment and anything else that can be considered college necessities. We will let selected participants know as soon as we have chosen the winners and we will give them all the details on how to receive their scholarship. Unfortunately, if we do find that a selected recipient hasn’t followed the rules or no longer meets the eligibility requirements we would have to revoke the scholarship.