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When the majority of college students have to support their thesis statements and ideas with academic and peer-reviewed sources, APA book citation is one of the first challenges they face. APA, which stands for American Psychological Associаtion, is a formatting style that is most common for Social Sciences, Psychology, and Healthcare studies. As a rule, from 10 to 15 sources have to be used for a middle length written assignment. A reason for the frequent confusion is a variety of different citation cases, like when a source hаs no author or there are more than three authors. Our citing guide aims to help you learn how to cite a book APA.

At Edubirdie, we offer a handy APA book citation generator that can assist you with any book citation tasks. But check out our free and complete APA citation guide first!

Easy APA Citation Rules for Books

General format when citing a book APA is:

Author, A. B. (Publication Year). Title: Capital letter also for subtitle. Publisher.

APA 7 format does not require specifying location. Previously, for APA 6, In the “Location” part, it was necessary to list both city and the state of publication with the two letter postal abbreviation. An example for APA 7 looks as follows:

Johnson, N.R. (2014). Using mentoring therapy: Postnatal periods. Turner Publishing.
The research by Anderson and Willems (2007) confirms that…
Anderson, F. C., & Willems, T. K. (2007). Cultural traits of African Americans. Penguin.

If there are five authors, for an in-text citation:

(Kurtis, Lindemann, Sun, Turner, & Xander, 2003)

In APA References part for thrее authors:

Kurtis, M. E., Lindemann, E. S., & Xander, V. D. (2003). Safety Measures for Police Officers
(4th ed.). University of Chicago Press.

In this case, the name of the first author is followed by et al. phrase. For the in-text citation:

Jones et al. (2007) believed that…
(Jones et al., 2007)
Jones, F.H., Hills, N.W., Miller, A. B., Stiller, J.A., Thomas, Q.V., Richards, L.B. (2007). Stress
Management Methods in Healthcare. Syracuse University Press.

Books with no author

If there is nо аuthor of the source specified, сite by the titlе or first word (or two) that should be placed in parentheses.

Book titles and reports are italicized.

… the study was done by American college students with their teachers as a volunteering project to help homeless animals and birds (“College volunteering,” 2005).
College volunteering in The United States (6th ed.). (2011). University Press.

E-books found on a website APA

  • This citation format is used only when the source is not possible or difficult to find in print.
  • If not directly accessible online, “Available from” is used instead of “Retrieved from”.
  • If available, including publishing date in parentheses after specifying author’s name.
  • If available, provide DOI or any publishing information at the end of a reference.
  • Include type and edition of the book, if available in [ ], like [EPub] or [2nd ed.]
Moore, S. (2018). The Colar Traveller Private Archives. Available from https://www.site.com

Kindle book APA citing

Citing Kindle or any other types of electronic books in APA format, include author’s name, publication date, title, version, DOI (if available), and URL where it can be accessed or downloaded.

An example:

Bridges, N. (1994). Lyricism of country music: Private chronicles. [Kindle DX version].
Retrieved from www.Amazon.com/yourlink

Edited book citing

If edited book has an author or authors, follow this example:

Ruth, S. (2004). Education in Costa Rica. A.G. Lopez (Ed.) Harlem Press.

If it has no authors, follow this citing:

Banks, G. J., & Ginsberg, Е. (Eds.). (2007). Modern English Language Techniques & Features. Sage

Translated book

Lange, A.R. (1976). A philosophy of the Reformation Age. (C.W. Andrews & S.P. Bricks,
Trans.). Penguin. (Original work published 1951)

For an in-text citation, both dates should appear like: (Laplace, 1951/1976).

Accurate APA In-text Citation Guide

It is important to understand that as you use APA Book Citation Generator, there are still in-text citations that have their rules and specifics. Assuming that the References part is clear, let us review some more APA 6th edition rules:

  • When using in-text citations, APA style recommends using the present perfect or past tense for signal phrases that describe research conducted. For example:

In his research, Mills (2010) discovered or (Mills 2010) has discovered that…

  • Names and initials of the authors and other proper nouns must be capitalized. Like:
D. Stevens.
  • For short quote in-text citation, mention author and publication year. If available, include page number for referencing. Example:
(Tomlin, 2015, p. 24)
  • Use capitalization in titles for in-text citation for all words that are four letters or more letters long. Like:
Persistence and Justice.

Only the short words like nouns, adverbs, and pronouns are omitted. Yet, in the References page only the first word of the title is capitalized.

  • If a direct quote is 40 words or longer, it should be placed in a free-standing block of typed lines with no quotation marks. Quote starts on a new line with 1/2 inch indent from the left margin, same as a new paragraph. It should be double-spaced. See the quote example:

Mills (2008) research has found the following:

Students often found it difficult to refer to the nursing theorists in lab works, especially
since it was difficult to apply it to the modern practices. This difficulty has been resolved
with a help of field work in rural areas of the United States where the students could
use less common nursing practices. (p. 213)

  • Quotation marks are always placed around titles of shorter works like song titles, TV series, and so on.
  • When paraphrasing ideas from another work, only reference author and publication year when citing in-text. If available, provide a page number.

EduBirdie APA Book Citation Generator

APA book citation generator is a great way to cope even with the most complex reference tasks. Use it 24/7 for free and cite any electronic materials or resources.

Here are the main benefits:

  • It is free and easy to use.
  • Just select the APA format style from the pulldown list of styles, choose source “book”, then required type of it. Paste your title. Click Generate!
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  • You can choose “Manually Cite” and enter all the information manually in a simple form. Just type it in and let the citation generator do the work for you.
  • APA textbook citation generator is your secret sources search engine free of charge! Type any keyword and click “Generate” to see the search results to choose from!

Remember that even when you use APA 7th edition book citation generator, make sure that citation and formatting rules are clear and you are not confused with them. Every APA paper should follow assigned guidelines and have sources listed by ABC. Consult with the teacher as there are educational establishments that prefer to modify formatting style and make it a bit different. If you are uncertain and need just writing help, do not hesitate further and turn to our writing experts at EduBirdie. You can choose writers by any subject and level of experience.