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Online alphabetizer helps you to structure your text in alphabetical order or, in other words, to alphabetize list. Thus, if you have a task that has to be put to alphabetization fast, easy and quick – then this list alphabetizer is the best web-tool for you! EduBirdie tool puts all your words, numbers and all other data in structured lists. This tool has many functions such as to put your text in a list, remove of HTMLs or reverse order (ZYX). The best advantage of this alphabetical order tool is simplicity. It’s easy to be mastered and relieves you from many daunting additional tasks when dealing with textual information.

Utilize the Available Options of Our ABC Order Generator:

  1. Sorting type which can be ordinary ABC order, ASCII or sorting reversely (0-9) (Z-A).
  2. Input format - here you can choose a separator for items which are expected to be sorted alphabetically. It could be space, line-break semicolon, custom separator and even simple comma.
  3. Output format – such as line break, comma, semi-colon, space or any custom symbol to separate.
  4. Removal - erase duplicates, punctuation flaws, brackets, and unnecessary HTML
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