Title Case Converter Tool:
Change Between Upper And Lowercase

How our case converter works:
  • Place your text (it can be one sentence, a separate paragraph, or entire text) in the screen of the case converter online.
  • Select the required function, press the button and start.
  • Enjoy the results immediately. You will see your content and will copy it.
Title Case
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Online Case Converter Free Tool For Your Everyday Tasks

EduBirdie brings you an instrument used by millions of people all around the world. Are you a student or maybe your job is connected with texts? We can offer you a new and reliable font case converter, which should be included in the list of your accustomed tools.

How Does It Function?

If you have accidentally written a large piece of an essay with caps lock on, paste it into the working space and correct essay mistake with just one click. Use this handy tool by EduBirdie if you have a special task format, for example, the information should be written only in capital letters. Just bring the needed part and change it with our title converter based on the rules required in your task.

For using this text converter, you don’t need to have any special knowledge or skills. Simply copy and paste your text block for transformation into an empty window. To change it, you can choose one of four simple options located directly under the window.

Want to Convert Lowercase to Uppercase Online?

Before you start your work, there is a standard phrase «Type or Paste Your Text Here…» and you may use it to check all available functions of our text case converter tool without even copying anything else. Give it a try!

So here are the functions that can change case:

  • Upper Case – will allow changing all the pasted blocks so that it will be displayed only in capital letters. Some types of writing work may want to convert case, so if you found the required information on the Internet, you no longer need to rewrite everything.
  • Lower Case – change all the words so it will be displayed in small letters. Please note that all punctuation marks are ignored.
  • Proper – can change all the words so that each will be written with a capital.
  • Sentence Case – will capitalize letters only in words at the beginning of each sentence.

Why Choose Our Headline Case Converter

  • It’s free and easy-to-use online helper. No payment or registration required.
  • It's designed to help you within seconds. Our capitalise tool runs fast, even with large amounts of info.
  • It will save time and prevent mistakes. Forget about manually correcting capital or small letters in your essay and pass your work through another convenient filter before sending it to the test.

When you finish the work, just create a doc and insert the text there. You may work with any amount of text you need without any bounds. Besides, you can adjust the size of the working area by clicking on the lower right corner of the window and pulling it in any direction until the size is comfortable for you. Don't forget to share it with your friends and colleges and put this great instrument into your bookmarks list so you can use it at any time.

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