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What Is the Word Counter?

It is a special online tool that has been created specifically for writers in order to make their job much easier.

How Does the Word Counter Work?

Obviously it counts characters and words, but it also helps you to choose the finest writing techniques and keywords. It finds your grammar errors, typos and elements of a text that considered as plagiarism as well.

It shows you which keywords you use most in number and percentage and what their density is. That way you’ll avoid spamming the same keywords. The Word counter has everything you need to analyze work. It counts character, word, sentence and paragraph quantity, so after this you only have to check for plagiarism the content and you’ll be well-informed about your text’s status.

Also this word count tool helps you to measure how many words per page there are, which will you to clarify on how many words can there be on your page.

word counter

Why Our Word Counter Service Is Best?

Word Counter has Auto-Save function. Now you won’t get distracted too to save your footage. This keeps you much more concentrated and saves time and text, so you’ll never lose any bit of your work.

Here are some other reasons why our website is the best with its services:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Confidentiality Policies
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We hope our article helped and now you have an editing tool to assist in your future writings!

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