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What Is APA Style for Videos?

APA is one of the most commonly used referencing styles for the majority of students; unfortunately, it is hard to keep up to date with all of the recent requirements and changes. The updated version of the APA Manual, which was published by American Psychological Association late in 2019, includes a few updates on referencing online sources. Among all other changes, the Manual focuses on citing various types of videos in one’s work, which is what we wanted to talk about. You’ve probably found a good TED Talk on the topic of your paper and weren’t sure how to reference it or didn’t know what to include in APA citation YouTube video in-text. If this sounds like you or you’re interested in learning more about APA Video Citation, be sure to keep on reading as we have gathered everything you need to know about the subject.

What Data You Need And Where To Find It

Regardless of the video type you have to reference in your assignment, the information you need in order to compile a complete entry is pretty much the same. You will need the author’s first and last name, the year of publication, and the complete title. In case it was originally published in a language other than English, be sure to include both the original and the translated title. If it was originally published (and retrieved) online, include the complete URL; such can apply to a TED Talk or a YouTube video. All of this information can be found along with the video.

APA 7th vs. APA 6th for Media

In 2019, the American Psychological Association introduced the 7th edition of its publishing manual, which is now to be used instead of the 6th edition first published in 2009. Undoubtedly, the last 10 years have changed the way we search for information, and now we have to cite more and more online sources. However, it would not be reasonable to mention that the 6th edition is incorrect or entirely outdated as many schools and students still use it. Because of this, we have gathered everything you need to know about the differences between the two editions.

APA 6th Edition

APA 7th Edition

Only basic structure for referencing audiovisual content is outlined; no special focus on YouTube videos, TED Talks, Podcasts A variety of modern audiovisual content types are acknowledged, and their referencing structure is outlined
Focus on referencing feature films and movies; no specific guidelines for referencing a YouTube video or other forms of audiovisual content. Specific bibliography entry structure provided for referencing online videos and podcasts. 

Video Referencing in APA Examples

When it comes to APA film citation in your paper, there are many various types of videos you might have to include in your work. In order for you to know for sure what information to provide for each specific one, we have gathered some of the most popular examples you might need. In case you want to create your own references or double-check what you already have, look at the examples below.

APA Movie Citation

Director Last Name, Initial. (Director). (Year). Title of the film. [Film]. Production company.
Welles, O. (Director). (1941). Citizen Kane. [Film]. Mercury Productions.

Citing a movie APA in another language

Director, D. D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of motion picture in original language [Translated title] [Film]. Production company.
Joon-ho, B. (Director). (2019). 기생충 [Parasite] [Film]. Barunson E&A.

TV series

Executive Producer, P. P. (Executive Producer). (Date range of release). Title of series [TV series]. Production company(s).
Crane, D., Cauffman, M. (Executive Producers). (1994-2004). Friends [TV series]. Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, Warner Bros. Television.

An episode of a TV show

Writer, W. W. (Writer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Original air date). Title of episode (Season number, Episode number) [Tv series episode]. In P. Executive Producer (Executive Producer), Series title. Production company(s). 
Korsh, A. (Writer & Director). (2019, September 25). One last con (Season 9, Episode 10) [TV series episode]. In D. Liman & D. Bartis (Executive Producers), Suits. Untitled Korsh Company; Universal Content Productions; Open 4 Business Productions. 

TED Talk

Speaker, A. A. (date). Title of talk [Video file]. Retrieved from URL.
Ali, P. (2019). The universal languages of a human being [Video file]. Retrieved from

However, these general examples are not everything you might need to reference in APA style, and YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular platforms for sharing content nowadays. Because of this, we should go over everything you need to know about APA YouTube citation.

Basic format for citing a YouTube video APA

Person or group who uploaded video. (Date of publication). Title of video [Video]. Website host. URL 
Bon Appetit. (2020, April 6). Pro Chefs Share Their Favorite Kitchen Tools. [Video]. Youtube.

Video with creator's real name

Person who uploaded it. (Date of publication). Title of video [Video]. Website host. URL
Ballinger, C. (2013, February 22). Becoming Miranda Sings! [Video]. Youtube.

Video without a creator's real name

Name of the channel. (Date of publication). Title of video [Video]. Website host. URL
Bon Appetit. (2020, April 6). Pro Chefs Share Their Favorite Kitchen Tools. [Video]. Youtube.

Citing a YouTube channel

YouTube username. (date). Title [YouTube Channel]. YouTube. Retrieved date, from URL
Shane. (n.d.) Home [YouTube Channel]. You Tube. Retrieved 2020, June 18, from

Direct quote from a video

An in-text citation will be in parentheses after the quote and will include the Author’s last name, the year of publication, and the timestamp; the reference list entry will follow the basic structure. 

(Name, Year, Timestamp).
(Bon Appetit, 2020, 8:13).

Comment on a YouTube video

If the commenter’s real name is included in the profile, state it before the username; if not, start with the username without the brackets. 

Last name, Initial [username]. (Date of the comment). Re: Video Title. [Video file]. Retrieved from URL.
_Smile_. (2019). Re: Becoming Miranda Sings! [Video file]. Retrieved from

APA Video Citation Step-by-step

Although it may seem complicated, having to cite a video APA is not that hard, especially if you have all of the necessary information and have the structure to follow. So, here’s a little step-by-step guide for you to keep in mind.

  • Write the creator’s last name and initials, separated by a comma. Example: Welles, O. 
  • In parentheses, write the creator’s role in creating the piece. Example: (Director). 
  • In parentheses, write the year of publication. Example: (1941).
  • In italics, write the title of the video. Example: Citizen Kane
  • In square brackets, write the type of video. Example: [Film].
  • Write the production company name. Example: Mercury Productions.

Do not forget to separate everything with full stops. When you’re done, your reference should look similar to this:

Welles, O. (Director). (1941). Citizen Kane. [Film]. Mercury Productions. 

Benefits Of Using Our Video APA Citation Generator

Referencing Videos in APA all by yourself is time-consuming and complicated, but you’re not sure if our Citation Generator is the best option for you? Don’t worry. Here are a few benefits of using our product to create your APA video references.

  • Save your time. 
  • Submit perfect papers.
  • Keep your references organized.
  • Edit your references as you go.
  • Receive both in-text and reference page entries at the same time. 

Whether you want to APA reference YouTube video on your own and have us revise it or have everything written from scratch, our professional writers are here to assist you. Hopefully, this little guide was of help on your journey to submitting perfect assignments every time. Feel free to contact us in case you have any further questions.

FAQs About APA Video Citation

What should I do if I can't find the author for APA citation for YouTube video?

If you can’t find the name of an individual responsible for creating and uploading a YouTube video, credit the group of creators (a channel name).

How do I reference a TED Talk in-text?

To reference a TED Talk in-text, put the presenter’s last name and the year of the presentation in the parenthesis separated by a comma.

What are the main differences between citing videos in APA 6th and 7th editions?

Although there are not many differences regarding the information required in the bibliography, the 7th edition provides more details in regard to referencing various types of visual content.

Can your writers or editors check my draft and format it according to APA requirements?

Yes. Regardless of whether you want us to write a paper from scratch or revise your draft, we will be happy to assist you with creating a perfect APA-formatted paper.

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