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All university students should possess a certain level of skills if they want to get good grades or stay at the top of their classes. One skill vital for getting excellent grades is the ability to produce insightful essays. Some of us have an inborn ability of a writer. For others, writing might not be the strongest point, but they show admirable dedication and stubbornness. Still, both naturally talented and willfully meticulous writers might doubt themselves and need some assistance to make sure they’re on the right track. If you are one of such students, EduBirdie is the best choice for you. Our online assignment grader service will ensure that your essay meets all requirements by pointing out all mistakes.


You might ask, “Who is going to grade my writing?” Such concerns are understandable as anyone definitely wants to ensure that such an intricate task as rating is done on the highest level. EduBirdie will do that with pleasure! First, we have a special paper grader, an intelligent service with the most advanced proofreading algorithms. It provides accurate examination of the possible plagiarism as well as grammar mistakes. Then, our professional editors start working. Our grading service is available 24/7, and we do our job in the most efficient way so you could save personal time and money for the best grade. If you’ve written an essay but doubt whether it’s good enough, thinking, “I’d like to have someone to grade my paper in advance,” we are the ones who can do it perfectly.


Our “rate my paper” system combines automatic algorithms as well as manual evaluation by a paper editor with the highest degree in English language and/or literature. After the automatic system checks language aspects of an essay, it’ll be transferred to specialists in the field related to the assignment topic who will evaluate its content, double-check technical issues, and edit research paper for you. Among our staff, we have linguists from different parts of the world, so we can meet all "rate my paper" kind of inquiries regardless of deadlines. Chosen essay grader will have knowledge in a sphere you require in particular, so if you message us and say, “I want you to rate my writing,” it’ll be done efficiently.


Before you discover advantages of our service, one might want to learn some more specific details about how “rate my essay” system functions. The thing is, when you say, “Grade my paper online,” it won’t come back with an actual grade on it. Let us explain how service works.

Process of using a paper rater is quite straightforward. First, actually, write an assignment. Follow instructions and then send the document to us. Once you’ve done that, simply ask our specialists to rate or "edit my paper for me", work on it’ll begin immediately. After the up-to-date automatic checking, system points out some of the most common mistakes found in students’ essays, our graders will join in.

Editing and proofreading services online include a thorough assessment of spelling and grammar. Stylistic and logical mistakes are also considered in terms of “rate my paper” service. Do you have proper opening and closing sentences? Are your transitions logical? Do your ideas flow smoothly, do links between them make sense?

Plagiarism is also worth mentioning as it’s another crucial issue that both our paper rater tool and actual graders check. Copying someone else’s work without giving them due credit is not acceptable in most educational institutions, and though you might do it accidentally, consequences can be severe. If you’ve chosen to rate your essay, it’ll return with detailed comments from graders and you’ll be able to correct essay based on them. You may ask editors to edit it themselves. Having made all corrections, submit it to your professor and get an excellent mark.


When we offer professional assistance in your writing, we mean just that. Our system is transparent and safe: you see people who are going to rate paper and check what credentials they have; check feedback other students left for them. By grading assignments, we’ll help you notice areas for improvement. After using our “rate my paper” service, you’ll be aware of changes needed to make to get a desirable grade from your teacher. Don’t leave your grades to chance. Double check everything and walk an extra mile to improve your marks by using our “rate my paper” assistance. If you aren’t satisfied, we have a full money back guarantee.


  • Quality Assurance. All essays undergo a meticulous system of checking. Prior to sending you the final version, we check it for plagiarism, spelling mistakes, punctuation, etc. several more times.
  • Confidentiality Policies. Our service doesn’t disclose any personal data to third parties. We guarantee that no one will ever know that you’ve had your paper rated by our team.
  • Affordable Prices. Since students don’t have substantial financial resources, we have established fair market prices for our services, so you are definitely not going to go bankrupt.
  • Experienced Graders. Our team of graders, as well as editors, consists of linguists and university teachers. They have many years of experience, so continue helping us by meeting all clients’ requirements on a daily basis. We provide customers with a wide spectrum of help from simple college essay editing services to thesis proofreading.
  • 24/7 Customer Support. Our technical support team works 24/7 and is ready to answer any questions you might have via phone, mail, or chat. We provide help to our clients as quickly as possible, so if you’ve placed a “rate my paper” order today and specified tomorrow as the final deadline, it’ll be done by that exact time.
  • Money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the results of our paper rater service, you’ll get a full refund in the shortest time possible.

Knowledge is power and it is the key message that we’re trying to put across. If you are ready to work hard but don’t mind some assistance, we’ll gladly help you. Academic writing can be tough, and if you believe that the teacher isn’t going to give a very good mark, our “rate my paper” service will help to change this situation. So submit tasks for analysis and see how tremendously your writing improves!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is my data protected?

    Yes, it is. Your data is secure and does not go anywhere. We make sure your information is secure and never disclose it to third parties. In most cases, even the professional research paper writers would not know who you are, so that is completely safe to use our service.

  • What type of mistakes do you check my paper for?

    We check your papers for grammar, stylistic, and punctuation mistakes. We also make sure there's no plagiarism there. To make things even better, we make sure that all the citations and format of your paper are up to the academic standards so that you can be sure it is perfect.

  • Do you include a plagiarism checking report?

    Yes, we send you a plagiarism report where you can see which parts of your paper are unique and which could have been taken from somewhere. That way you can see that the whole content of your paper is 100% unique.

  • Are your editors native speakers?

    Yes, all of our editors are native speakers from English-speaking countries like the US and the UK. This allows us to ensure the perfect quality of each and every paper they edit, so you can be certain of it. These people know their job and do it great, so you can totally trust these guys.