How to Avoid Plagiarism With Ease?

01 Mar 2018

All over the world, numerous educational institutions use special tools to detect plagiarism in the papers that students submit because uniqueness has always been one of the essential requirements to an academic essay. In fact, plagiarism in any form is a serious violation that can have serious consequences and result in bad marks or even an even expulsion from the university. This is why avoiding plagiarism is so vital! In the following sections of this article, we will share the most useful and effective tips on how to avoid plagiarism but first, we have to clarify what this term actually means to have a full image of the problem.

ways to avoid plagiarism

What Is Plagiarism And How To Avoid It?

Plagiarism in any form is:

  • Presentation of words of another person as your own ideas;
  • Theft and illegal use of ideas or words (or any other intellectual property) of another person;
  • The use of other people's works without mentioning the source and its author;
  • Theft of literary property;
  • Representing an idea or product derived from an existing source, as either new or original.

It is also worth noting that this form of theft is punished not only by schools and by universities but is also protected by copyright laws, which makes it not only a violation of the school’s rules but also an actual offense.

For a student, it is important to avoid plagiarism simply because such a mistake can be vital for his personal reputation and lead to other negative results.

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How Not To Plagiarize?

Although low level of originality is a huge problem in the modern system of education and a common mistake for many students, preventing troubles is possible and even quite easy if you know how to avoid plagiarism! Below, we have gathered the top nine most efficient ways to avoid plagiarism that should help you keep your academic performance and marks high with ease. Learn them by heart and apply in practice to avoid issues!

  • Be aware of different forms of plagiarizing

Today, thanks to students’ creativity, we can distinguish several different forms of cheating that start from a simple copy-paste of the text to more sophisticated methods like swapping the letters. You need to be aware of all different types of intellectual property theft and ways to trick programs which detect plagiarism, such as how to cheat turnitin, in order to stay attentive and avoid their use.

  • Learn and remember the rules of proper citing

Probably the easiest in implementation tip on how can plagiarism be avoided is the correct use of citations and reference. This is exactly what helps students keep their written essay’ uniqueness high. However, always be careful with different styles of citations. Since there is a wide choice of source citation styles, do not forget to specify what style your teachers intend to use.

  • Have a plan of work

Start the writing process with formulating your original idea and write a plan of its presentation. In fact, having a detailed plan of work and a draft that contains your own notes and the information about the sources you intend to use will also help you avoid plagiarism. How? This way you will always have a list of your original ideas by your side and will eliminate the risk of forgetting something, so you will not have to look for other people’s ideas.

  • Study the topic you have

The better you are familiar with the topic of your work, the more likely you will express your thoughts in your own words, which is the first rule of creating a high quality and unique text.

  • Make notes while conducting a research

Noting down all the important thoughts you find and organizing them properly will help to keep your own thoughts organized and express other people's ideas in your own words.

  • Do not forget to include references

Follow every direct or indirect quote, passage or borrowed thought with a properly formatted reference.

  • Paraphrase

Although it is not the easiest way to avoid plagiarism, paraphrasing (or in simpler words – rewriting) is a good way to turn a plagiarized content into a complete new and original one. This is one of the possible ways to trick the uniqueness checkers. However, before using this method, you should understand that some anti-plagiarism software can also identify the content that has been rewritten, so there is no guaranty that you will get away with this.

  • Consider enlisting the help of professionals

If you are still wondering “how to avoid plagiarism?” or are having some troubles with improving the originality of your work, then using a professional writing service can be a smart solution for you. Finding a reliable company can help you get assignment done fast, without wasting your time and energy, and get a warranty of the text’s authenticity and uniqueness. How can such service assist you? Apart from the fact that the professional writers employed at such companies possess all the skills and knowledge needed to make a top-notch paper. They often use special software to deliver 100% unique texts.

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  • Check the uniqueness on your own

All the above-mentioned ways to avoid possible issues are effective and simple in use but you can’t be 100% confident in the positive result without conducting a uniqueness check on your own. There are many special tools, you can find free online plagiarism checker for students and teachers.

How do such tools check the text’s originality? At the heart of such programs is a unique text matching algorithm, capable of detecting exact and adjusted matches between the provided paper and the sources available online. After such a check, you will see the percentage of copied content present in your work with a list of sources where the similarities were found, which will allow you to make the necessary changes, ask a reliable service to increase the level of uniqueness.

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