Computer Science Degree Guide for Students

It is not surprising that a Computer Science degree remains one of the most popular choices today, considering the impact of technology, digitalization, and an expansion of online resources. Regardless if you want to choose Data Analytics or Engineering, it takes time and effort as every company will look for specialists that can provide certification and good social skills. The most important aspect is remembering that you should not study Maths and Programming precisely if you want to get enrolled in an average Computer Science course. While knowing Java and Calculus will be essential for some programs, it is not the core elements that can help you graduate. Starting with analytics and administration of small to large databases, your skills will always be relevant since you can apply your knowledge in basically any scientific field. Take your time to explore various resources and make a good CS degree choice to advance both as a professional and as a person. 

Another aspect that must be noted when talking about Computer Science degrees is income and professional stability. According to statistics, students who major in Computer Science earn from $68,600 at the very start of their career to $114,700 salary once an advancement takes place. It provides secure employment since such specialists are not so common, which means that every experience that you have will make you a better and sought-after specialist. 

Types of Computer Science Degrees 

There are three main types of CS degrees:

  • Computer Science Degree Online. It basically speaks about entry-level skills that would include general knowledge about data analysis, code decompilation, basic programming skills, and an introduction to a more complex subject. 
  • Bachelor's Programs. In this case, it stands for more advanced courses and includes a 4-years study. It usually approaches such subjects as Data Security, Networks Design, Informatics, Software Development, Network Engineering, Data Analysts, and Mobile App Developer. 
  • Master's Programs. It always catches on where every Bachelor's program has left, which means that it brings in additional skills that include management, analytics, and those aspects that deal with forensics, cybersecurity, and the other specific parts. It must be noted that those who hold Master's degrees also earn more since it allows one to provide additional certification. 

There also are some doctoral programs for those who aim to focus on their research on the academic level.

Best Computer Science Programs 2021

We’ve collected the short list of the best computer science programs out there for 2021.

  • The University of Oxford. If you may not know Oxford's University Computing Laboratory, then you might not know the IT history. Currently, it provides the best computer science degree program called Software Verification. Starting with Hoarase's method and up to semantic analysis, it is truly one of the best, most excellent, and detailed programs. 
  • Artificial Intelligence. Stanford’s University Computer Science Department was established in 1965, which already says quite a lot. If you want to study robotics, design the most innovative digital solutions, and learn from the best in the industry, it is your ultimate choice. Contrary to the popular belief, it is possible to enter this course and even apply for scholarship help if you are a gifted student. 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Starting from artificial intelligence and information technology analysis, this famous institute provides a unique program called Parallel Computing. Although it involves a fair share of Maths, it is applied in anything from Python programming to architecture and civil engineering. 
  • Computer Systems Design. Even though this entry will be interesting for students from all over the world and we are not talking about an American university, ETH Zurich belongs to premier European universities and scientific centers that provide online (and campus) Data Science degrees for international students. If you want to design something innovative and connect networks that have not been linked before, consider it as an option. 
  • Carnegie Mellon University. If working with a programming language does not sound good to you, consider a Computational Biology course. Start with the cutting-edge laboratory experiments and learn from various lecturers that have set the industry standards. It shows how wide-ranged your degree in Computer Science can be. 
  • UC Berkeley. Robotics and Intelligent Machines curriculum is one of the most powerful undergraduate courses that you can join as an engineer. If you want to cooperate with various projects and focus on mechanical aspects with as little programming as possible, this is your choice. 
  • Cornell University. Ranked as the 5th university in computer science, it provides an amazing Data Analytics program that can be taken online. Based on the problem-solving and data management curriculum, it offers a good foundation that will help you to receive one of the most required Data Science certificates. 

We’ve tried to present the most promising offers but there are endless other opportunities for those who watch closely! Remember to make sure to read all the requirements and specifics before you try to apply.

The Most Common Computer Science Specialties 

If you want to narrow things down for your computer science major, think over these ideas that will inspire you as you make your choice: 

  • Computer & Network Security. Starting from learning about software vulnerabilities and security risks, you will also learn database management, analysis, work with operating systems, cryptography, and complex encryption methods. 
  • Mobile Development. One of the most popular majors these days that work with cloud-based mobile development and networking protocols. You will learn about computer systems design, and the creation of web applications and mobile software. 
  • AI Interaction. Often named the AI course, it deals with the cooperation of humans and computers for the next generation and innovative technologies that will help people work in a better way. 
  • Software Engineering. It focuses on programming languages (software developer sector) that can be applied to software and microchips up to hardware solutions that include collaborative networks and security of governmental structures. If working with compilers and databases sounds like your thing, choose one of the similar programs that deal with software programming. 
  • Bioinformatics. It deals with the intersection of the computer science approach and biology. In simple terms, Data Science specialists in this field help to interpret biological data. Think about genome sequence and prognosis of various medical solutions. 
  • Data Analysis & Information Management. If you think that Data Analysis is only used by computer scientists in programming or statistics, think about making things better by finding mistakes that exist in networking or distribution of information worldwide or finding weaknesses that a web developer has made.
  • Robotics & Language Processing. Based on AI, the majority of computer science courses that relate to this field deal with machine learning, logical reasoning, and simulations. 

CS is a huge field and there are a lot of specialties we did not mention.Depending on your goals for the future it can offer you almost endless possibilities to grow.

10 Scholarships for Computer Science Majors

Demand for CS is not likely to reduce in the next few years, and a lot of organizations are interested in preparing the new generations of computer specialists providing them with financial help they need.

  1. AACE International Competitive Scholarships. If you are pursuing a degree in computer science, data engineering, or information technology, you can consider this $1,000 financial aid that will cover your tuition costs and laboratory projects. You must show financial need. Deadline: June 2021. 
  2. Xerox Technical Minority Award. You can win from $1,000 to $10,000 as a full-time student enrolled in a 4-year technical science field. If you belong to any minority, consider writing an essay, and helping your financial state. Deadline: February 2021. 
  3. SMART Scholarship. If you have a 3.0 GPA and belong to one of the approved colleges that deals with the IT and Data Science sector, you can think about financial help. Guided by the Department of Defense, you can have employment once graduating. 
  4. AFCEA Cyber Security Scholarship. You must have a 3.0 or higher GPA with two or four-year courses dealing with cybersecurity, digital forensics, or electronic engineering. It has scholarships for both online and campus courses. 
  5. The CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Program. Hosted by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security, it is aimed at full-time computer science majors with a focus on Network Security & Cryptology. This scholarship of $20,000 - $30,000 can be won by those who pass 10-week summer internship work and employment in the field after graduation. 
  6. The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. Offered by Google, this $10,000 award is aimed at female undergraduate and graduate learners in the CS field. If you have strong academic and leadership skills, consider this opportunity. Deadline: May 2021. 
  7. ESA Foundation Scholarship. Those female students who belong to minorities and are enrolled in a male-dominated Data Science sector can win $3,000. It covers tuition costs and provides special classes that help to improve one's self-esteem. Deadline: August 2021.
  8. Betty Stevens Frecknall Scholarship. You must have a GPA of 3.0 and be enrolled in Computer Science, IT, Computer Information & Management Systems. An award of $1,000 and more will cover tuition costs and boarding. 
  9. Dell Computer Corporation Assistance. Even if you are enrolled in a computer science online degree, you can think about financial assistance. Applicants must have a 2.75 GPA and go for a full-time Bachelor's degree. If you belong to an underprivileged family, be sure to mention it. 
  10. Wayne V. Black Political Science IT Award. Write about how politics, telecommunications, legislation, and engineering deal with technology and what can be done. Just offer an idea and win up to $5,000. Deadline: October 2021. 

CS is probably one of the richest fields when it comes to scholarships. If you haven’t found a fitting one here, you will definitely find one once you decide what exactly you;re looking for and what makes you stand out.

The Main Computer Science Certifications 

Computer science is often connected with different kinds of certification. Here are the most common and well known of them:

  • ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor. It is a global standard in the IT world because you deal with security, control of the networks, and auditing. It requires knowledge of dynamic changes. Passing this certification stands for 4 hours and 150 multi-choice questions exam. 
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Another certificate that has global importance. It stands for the protection of organizations against cybercrimes. Based on engineering and networking design, this certificate is one of the essential ones. 
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials. This certification stands for cloud computing and specific visualization skills. It is one of the most important certificates when you want to work with any cloud solutions from banking to the entertainment industry. 
  • VMware Certified Professional 6—Data Center Visualization. The industry standard that deals with vSphere V6 infrastructure development. In addition to your degree, you must have at least 6 months of proper experience with vSphere 6 architecture. This exam is passed only at authorized training centers. 
  • HDI Desktop Support Technician. While this certificate is not purely technical, it is still necessary if you want to locate various problems and perform root cause analytical work. It is one of the most popular among IT hiring managers. 
  • Microsoft SQL Server Certifications. One of the most famous certificates, it belongs to data management and analytics. Even though it is an entry-level Microsoft accreditation, it is the first step towards a database administration job. 
  • Oracle Certified Professional. This goes without saying for any data warehousing and data management employment. As a software engineer, one must pursue this certificate. 

If you faced some unknown or unexpected exam, be sure to study its rules and peculiarities, or even try to do a test exam if it’s possible before you apply.

5 Resources for Computer Science Students 

There are plenty of tools and websites that can assist you at achieving CS your goals. Some of the are:

And never forget about you peers and friends. There is rarely anyone better to give advice than our close ones. Help is always out there, just reach out and conquer that CS degree once and for all!

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