Over 150 Dissertation Topics Ideas in 18 Branches of Science

Choosing a relevant dissertation topic means taking the first step towards obtaining an academic degree. Let's talk about how to do it right. Also, as a bonus, we have prepared ten dissertation topics for each popular scientific discipline.

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic?

Let’s find out how to choose a dissertation topic. You should understand that the dissertation has:

  • to be relevant. It is important to identify what research already exists on this topic and how you can expand it. Historiography and the conclusions of your predecessors will help you. Some of them are dogmatic, and some need rethinking;
  • to have scientific significance. The topic of the thesis must have scientific significance. This means that you will have to clearly formulate the goals and objectives of your research;
  • to have practical applications. When choosing a topic, it is worth paying attention to practical significance. Determine who / what will benefit from this research and where its results can be applied;
  • to correspond to a certain structure. A dissertation is a scientific work, and it should be created according to a certain structure, regardless of whether it is about the humanities or technical sciences.

Naturally, this imposes some restrictions on the choice of dissertation topics. Get a degree faster by hiring experts to "write my dissertation in no time".

Where to find ideas for my dissertation topic?

There are several options where you can find a topic for your dissertation:

  • analyze the topics from the most recent works in your field;
  • study examples of dissertations of your colleagues;
  • find out what topics have been discussed at recent scientific conferences;
  • ask your scientific advisor.

What makes a good dissertation title?

The right choice of the dissertation title is important. So, when choosing a topic, you should take into account its relevance and the novelty of the formulation of a scientific problem. The relevance of the topic is determined in this case by two parameters - the need for its study by science and its applicability in practice.

Dissertation Topics in Education

Education is one of the fastest-growing areas for scientific research. Here are ten good topics for a dissertation.

  1. Impact of the Internet on the social and spiritual values of students.
  2. Fostering a democratic culture of adolescents as the main function of an educational organization
  3. Cultural self-determination of high school students in teaching social and humanitarian disciplines
  4. Formation of readiness for high school students to overcome extreme situations
  5. Joint activities for teachers and parents as the main condition for developing a value-based attitude to health among students
  6. Pedagogical assessment of students using virtual reality technologies
  7. Processes of interaction between students in small groups based on a differentiated approach
  8. Harassment prevention of younger students in interpersonal relationships in the educational organization
  9. Pedagogical conditions for the prevention of illegal behavior in high-school students
  10. Pedagogical potential of personalized learning in the educational information environment of modern schools

Dissertation topics in Higher Education

  1. The genesis of the cultural foundations for classical university education
  2. Interactive techniques for the motivation development for the study of foreign languages among students of non-core areas
  3. Conceptual foundations for designing an individual educational route for students in the digital educational environment of the university
  4. Formation of the civic position of the student in the educational activity of the university
  5. Development of self-education motivation for students through the scientific library of the university
  6. Development of self-education motivation for students of law faculties through social activities
  7. Development of self-education motivation for students using time management techniques

Dissertation Topics in Educational Leadership

If earlier practical workers in the field of education waited for scientists and central authorities to develop new methods, today, due to the rapid development of this area, they themselves create innovative models of pedagogical (educational) systems. Here are ten topical topics for a dissertation in the discipline.

  1. Scientific and methodological support for the professional and personal development of teachers in educational institutions
  2. Preparing future teachers for the use of statistical methods in their professional activities
  3. Experience of pedagogical work with youth subcultures of the country
  4. Pedagogical model for adaptive quality management of educational activities among students
  5. W. Klafki's pedagogical ideas and their influence on the development of German pedagogy
  6. The teacher's readiness to innovate activities as a factor in the correction of professional conservatism
  7. Modernization of domestic and foreign general education in the late XX - early XXI centuries.
  8. Monitoring of teacher's professional competencies in the context of changing the education paradigm
  9. Pedagogical ideas of liberal education by J. G. Newman
  10. Joseph Neef's pedagogical concept

Dissertation Topics in Business

Economic disciplines present tremendous opportunities for choosing a dissertation topic. Here are ten of them.

  1. Economic globalization and its impact on the development of a specific industry
  2. Comparative analysis of the role and prospects for the development of small and medium-sized businesses on the example of a specific country
  3. Export potential of small and medium-sized businesses on the example of a specific country
  4. World experience in increasing the competitiveness on the example of a specific country
  5. Development of an innovative economy on the example of a specific country
  6. The role and place of small and medium-sized companies in international business
  7. Increasing competitiveness in the world markets for goods and services on the example of a specific company
  8. The regime of sanctions in modern international business and its impact on the industry or company of the student's choice
  9. Economic growth and environmental problems in international business
  10. Cluster formations as a factor for the development of entrepreneurial structures in the context of economic globalization

Dissertation Topics in Management

The dissertation on management reflects the ability of an applicant for a scientific degree to correctly create ways of effective management in production and find solutions to improve the work of socio-economic mechanisms of different directions. Here are ten topics for this discipline.

  1. Research of personnel management systems
  2. Competitive strategy for the companies in a changing environment
  3. Ways to improve the organization’s competitiveness
  4. Development of a management system for a construction organization
  5. The influence of corporate governance on the company’s values
  6. Organizational, economic, and managerial relations on the enterprise
  7. Industry analysis: strategic opportunities and attractiveness assessment
  8. Strategies for the sustainable development of the organization in an unstable external environment
  9. Development of a mechanism for the formation of the mission and goals of strategic management
  10. Strategies for the development of fitness clubs in the crisis period

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Finance Dissertation Ideas

The financial industry is constantly undergoing changes that can be intelligently reflected in your dissertation. Here is a list of ten hot topics.

  1. The specifics of accounting and the system of internal control in the construction business
  2. Development budget and investment process: a mechanism for financing public investment
  3. Tools for assessing the investment attractiveness of an enterprise
  4. Valuation of a startup using a disruptive business model
  5. Prevention of crises in the financial market
  6. Maintaining the financial stability of the enterprise at various stages of its lifecycle
  7. International outsourcing as a tool to improve efficiency in international business
  8. Government regulation of the rehabilitation of credit institutions in the United States
  9. Modern methods of assessing the financial potential of a company
  10. Methodological approaches to assessing financial markets for compliance with the signs of a financial bubble

Thesis Topics in Marketing

Now let's take a look at the next ten marketing topics.

  1. Strategy for positioning your own brand in retail in the sporting goods market
  2. Territorial marketing (development of a new positioning of the territory)
  3. Improving the organization's pricing strategy
  4. Creation and promotion of a domestic geo-brand
  5. Formation of a marketing strategy for a small business
  6. Development of a marketing strategy for an innovative enterprise
  7. Digital marketing as the basis of the company's business strategy for entering foreign markets
  8. Perception of CBD by French consumers
  9. The role of visual merchandising in e-commerce
  10. Reflex branding. How the subconscious affects the final choice of the consumer 

Law Dissertation Topics

The law is gradually changing and is the basis for the development of new topics for PhD theses. The choice is made in the field of lawmaking or changes in law enforcement practice. Below we have prepared ten hot topics.

  1. Features of arbitration proceedings in cases involving foreign persons
  2. Military courts and their role in strengthening the country's defense
  3. The legal nature and features of the private property of legal entities
  4. Legal bases of state regulation of entrepreneurial activity in the country
  5. Legal regulation of innovative technologies in business in the country
  6. Digital technologies of circulation and legal protection of intellectual activity
  7. Evidentiary value of the search results
  8. Legal liability of parents for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of parental responsibilities
  9. Current trends and problems in determining the amount of compensation for moral damage
  10. Corpus delicti as a basis for criminal liability

Psychology Dissertation Topics

Successful defense of a dissertation in psychology will allow you to realize your own potential in the field of research of human mental processes and get a high-paying, prestigious job. Here is a list of ten interesting topics in the discipline.

  1. Psychological methods of preventing stress in professional activities
  2. Self-management of well-being in the conditions of preparation and conduct of negotiations
  3. Art therapy as a practical method (history, application, types of art therapy)
  4. Influence of the family's emotional climate on the formation of markers of deviant behavior in early adolescence
  5. Features of self-esteem and communication skills among representatives of different professions
  6. Personal characteristics of convicts undergoing compulsory treatment
  7. Development of emotional intelligence as prevention of self-destructive behavior in adolescence
  8. Correlation between the level of anxiety and adaptability for foreign students
  9. Psychological features of optimization for the educational process of children with increased anxiety
  10. Career strategies for women leaders in creative industries

Dissertation Topics in Nursing

Here’s a list of ten dissertation topics examples in nursing.

  1. The syndrome of professional burnout of nurses involved in patient care
  2. Organization and management of nursing practice in the provision of medical services at home
  3. The role of the nurses in caring for patients in the palliative care unit
  4. The role of the nurses in rehabilitation after cardiac surgery
  5. Modern approaches to providing safe medical care
  6. Impact of feedback on the quality of nursing work
  7. Nursing care for patients with COPD in the terminal stage in terms of quality improvement of life
  8. Justification of the algorithms of action for nurses in the provision of emergency care in hemorrhagic shock
  9. Activities for the pediatric nurses in the organization of antenatal care
  10. Modern aspects of nursing care for patients with neuropathies of the lower extremities

History Dissertation Topics

Below we have prepared ten topics on this theoretical discipline.

  1. Jewish society in Great Britain
  2. Political and legal views of lawyers of the XX century
  3. Formation of the anti-Hitler coalition in 1941-1945
  4. Truman's biography
  5. The role of the army in the history and political life of Egypt in the XX-XXI century
  6. History of youth movements in France
  7. Changing the image of the United States in the Russian media in the period from 2004 to the present
  8. Sects in the USA of the last century
  9. Discussion of the question of the independence of Catalonia in the European Parliament
  10. The position of women in American society in the XVI-XVII

Computer Science Dissertation Ideas

When choosing a dissertation topic, keep in mind that it is based on physical and mechanical laws that have been studied and proven. The scope for creativity in such disciplines is limited, and it is really difficult to introduce something new. Here is a list of relevant topics for your dissertation.

  1. Development of a mobile phone control interface based on an eye-tracking system
  2. Automated control systems
  3. Modeling in the BehaviorSim library
  4. Determining the size of the embedded message in the steganography least significant bit replacement algorithm
  5. Reengineering of business processes
  6. Simulation between nodes in a social network
  7. Development of a model for secure communication via USB interface
  8. Management of integrations between communication technologies and IoT solutions in the municipality
  9. Development of a mobile application for civil servants
  10. Software verification algorithms

Human Resources Thesis Ideas

Here is a thesis topic list in the human resources discipline.

  1. The impact of staff motivation on the performance of the company
  2. Marketing management strategies in the corporate practice
  3. The contract system as a tool for managing the interaction between the state and business
  4. Ensuring the privacy of employee data in cyberspace
  5. Self-realization of youth in the labor market
  6. Personnel policy in the spheres of public administration and ways to improve the professional development of civil servants
  7. Theoretical and methodological foundations for the study of relations between workers and employers
  8. Management of the modern labor market in the field of education
  9. The role of corporate ethics in the management of the organization
  10. Formation of the company's image as a responsible employer

Sociology Dissertation Topics

Sociology is a fairly new science, and it opens up opportunities for scientific research. Here are ten dissertation topics for a sociology discipline.

  1. Factors and tools for increasing the social responsibility of bloggers
  2. Social well-being of female military personnel in the system of implementation of their social guarantees and compensations
  3. The influence of the Internet on the socio-political activity of young people
  4. People with HIV, ways to destigmatize
  5. Social mistrust as a reflection of dysfunctions in the society development
  6. Social services for elderly citizens
  7. Media competence of young parents as one of the factors in the formation of a child's media literacy
  8. Features of reproductive behavior: a cross-country analysis
  9. Advertising in the formation of consumer behavior
  10. Influence of the visual environment on the social well-being of citizens

Ecology Dissertation Ideas

Environmental protection is very important these days - due to the constantly growing number of the world's population, the greenhouse effect, environmental pollution, and other problems. Here are ten master-degree topics in this discipline.

  1. Plastic waste management
  2. Development of technical solutions to improve the technology of treatment of domestic wastewater at the enterprise
  3. Innovative methods of detecting and extinguishing forest fires
  4. The structure and activity of the bodies of the federal system of search and rescue
  5. Changes in the acidity of precipitation upon contact with the urban environment
  6. Dynamics of industrial pollution
  7. Assessment of anthropogenic impact on the state of atmospheric air based on integrated background monitoring
  8. Development of technical and technological solutions to create a safe production
  9. Ecological history of water and soil pollution by industrial plants
  10. Reforestation after clear-felling

Biology Thesis Topics

Biology studies all aspects of life, in particular: structure, functioning, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living organisms on Earth. Below we have prepared ten PhD thesis topics on this discipline.

  1. Dependence of the growth and development of yeast fungi on various physical and chemical factors
  2. Free radical homeostasis of experimental animals under stress
  3. Influence of solar activity on the functional state of a person
  4. Participation of the ERCC6 gene in women in health and disease of the reproductive system
  5. The use of nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-mobilizing strains of microorganisms in the production of biofertilizers
  6. The effect of pesticides on soil microorganisms
  7. Monitoring drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  8. Structural features of actinomycete cells
  9. Influence of the virtual environment on the stabilization of an unstable vertical posture of a person
  10. Free radical processes in the brain during hypothermia

Art Dissertation Titles

Art is one of the general categories of aesthetics, art history, and artistic practice. Let's find out ten dissertation ideas in this discipline.

  1. Contemporary art of 2019-2021 as a factor in the transformation of sociocultural reality
  2. Evolution of expressive methods of cinematic language in the context of the use of motion capture technology
  3. Theater systems in the staging work of choreographers
  4. Aesthetics of lomography as a modern manifestation of realism
  5. Mexican monumental painting of the second half of the 20th century
  6. Formation of artistic taste among adolescents by means of arts and crafts
  7. Figures of eastern and western dance: conjugation points
  8. Fundraising in the cultural industry
  9. Development of musical genres of the second millennium
  10. Modern art market. Artistic product promotion strategies: features, problems, solutions

Architecture Thesis Topics

Architecture is the science of construction, design of buildings, or entire systems of structures that make up the spatial environment necessary for human life and activities. Here are ten thesis topics for this discipline.

  1. Specificity of forms and designs of built-in furniture of the early 20th century
  2. Influence of cyclic loading on the fatigue limit of metal structure elements
  3. Formation of an accessible environment for people with limited mobility
  4. Research of applications of information modeling technology at the stage of building operation
  5. Numerical methods in construction
  6. Construction of berthing facilities in permafrost conditions
  7. New technologies in the construction of trunk pipelines (linear facilities) on the example of an oil and gas pipeline
  8. Development of Western European architecture in the post-war period
  9. New technologies in construction
  10. Principles of organizing the environmental design of residential courtyards

Political Science Topics

Political science is the science of a special sphere of people's life associated with power relations, with the state-political organization of society, political institutions, principles, norms, the action of which is designed to ensure the functioning of society, the relationship between people, society and the state. Here are ten master thesis topics for this discipline.

  1. Characteristic features of the political systems of modern unrecognized states
  2. Development of managerial competencies in the civil service system
  3. The problem of meritocracy and democracy in the political discourse of modern China
  4. Priorities of state cultural policy in the field of project management
  5. Features of the evolutionary development of technologies of color revolutions at the present stage
  6. The role of soft power in US foreign policy
  7. Conceptual and theoretical approaches to the analysis of the international megaprojects impact on the development of the interstate relations
  8. Threats to EU security amid confrontation between the US and Russia
  9. Symbolic politics in modern information warfare
  10. Internet technologies in the electoral process in the United States


The correct choice of topic is not yet a guarantee of the success of the dissertation, but this is an important stage that determines the further stages of work. Therefore, take the time and effort to find and formulate the topic. And note, that our thesis writing service is always here to help you.

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