How Do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

Without a doubt, a low percentage of uniqueness in an academic paper that a student submits at school is one of the main factors that can cause receiving a bad grade. Therefore, this is one of those things that can’t be compromised if you are hoping to get a high assessment from your teacher and do not want to be accused of cheating.

All students understand the importance of this matter, they usually ask the top essay writing services for help to make sure their papers are plagiarism-free. However, despite this fact, many are still trying to submit copied content from time to time and are hoping to beat the uniqueness checker using some doubtful “tricks”. Most often, they are ready to go for such risk simply because they do not understand how do plagiarism checkers work and are not aware of all the consequences that can be caused by an attempt to cheat such software.

how plagiarism checkers work

What Does Plagiarism Mean?

Before we can tell you how do plagiarism checkers work, you should get a clear idea of what plagiarism itself is. Here is an accurate and clear definition of this term to help you understand this issue fully – it is a proven fact of embezzlement or unauthorized use of another person’s intellectual property, for example, a poem, scientific work, dissertation helps etc. Can any using such sources get you in a trouble? In fact, the use of someone’s ideas or other intellectual property is only considered as plagiarism when you do not include the reference to the stolen piece’s writer or do not ask for a permission of such use.

How Do Professors Check For Plagiarism?

Today, with the fast development of the Internet and other technologies, such cases as low uniqueness occur more often than previously and due to this reason, all schools, colleges, and universities now use special plagiarism detection software and know how to check essay for plagiarism. Today, there are many different programs (both online and downloadable ones) that allow teachers to detect papers with a lower percentage of originality and below we will tell you how do checkers work. But you can trick these tools. How? Read our article on how to bypass Turnitin here!

How to Find Plagiarism in your Essay?

In the past, it required lots of time and efforts to find all texts on the related subject and manually compare them with your own paper in order to detect similarities of sentences, ideas, and formulations. Today, it is much easier with the help of special checkers. Such programs' main purpose is to find a percentage of similarity between the given piece of writing and all existing sources that have the same subject. Thus, now it is not too difficult or time-consuming to find out whether a student had copy-pasted his text or wrote it from scratch.

How to find the best plagiarism scanner? Although there are many different types of such programs (for example, plagiarism checker), the algorithm of work and the final goal are the same regardless which software you are using. Such programs analyze various texts to search for exact or diluted similarities of word forms and phrases.

The first checker has been invented a long time ago. Along with years, it improved, became more sophisticated as a tool for finding non-unique pieces but the principle of work remains unchanged even today. The search is based on the semantic analysis of a text (it divides a piece into separate parts, splitting them into constituent segments) and then the tool looks for matches of each segment with other pieces available on the Internet. What happens next? When some matches were found, this program marks these passages, phrases or words with a certain colored, indicating the sources where these matches were found after a general analysis.

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Now you know how do plagiarism checkers work? But how can you change the outcome of such check? In order to increase the uniqueness of your document, you ask a professional for help or you can paraphrase all highlighted phrases, put them in quotation marks if it is a quote or make a reference to the source’s author when the particular data was found.

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