Plagiarism Checker for Teachers

Why Is Plagiarism Checker For Teachers Necessary?

When it comes to intellectual property, it is easy to steal. You just copy fragments of information and use it in your assignment and it is not a secret that many college students do that with their papers, and they are completely sure that no one will detect their copied content. But is it true?

Plagiarism checker was created to help teachers to prevent students from stealing intellectual property. It doesn’t let them present assignments of other students as their own thoughts and ideas and that is why such services are so needed in different schools.

Plagiarism Checker for Teachers

Why exactly do teachers need it? With its help, you will ensure that your students will use only their own research if they are aware that their teachers are using plagiarism checkers like EduBirdie and they will cite other authors only in a legal and appropriate way.

What Teacher Plagiarism Checker Can You Find?

There are different things that are easily detected by such checker. By using these services, you can check students’ assignments for copying pages from other papers that they didn’t write. If they don’t mention their real authors, it should be considered as plagiarism and they should know what are the consequences of plagiarism and learn how to avoid it.

You can’t read all the essays, research papers, lab reports on the planet to figure out if the paper you are reading is original, but special checkers can. They analyze information from different databases and sources, and then compare the specific assignment to other papers.

How do they work? The main function of such software is the detection of text, images, and figures, illegally copied from earlier assignments of other authors with no permission for it to calculate the originality of the content. This is the fast way to find out if a paper is original or students are too lazy to write research papers on their own.

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How Do Teachers Check For Plagiarism?

There are a few ways to do it. Most of the teachers use the following services:

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  • Free applications that teachers install on your PC – such checkers are usually quite convenient but keep in mind that some of them may operate slow or be not compatible with different computers.
  • Free online software – with this option you have a possibility to run it on most of the devices but the number of searches can be limited. It depends on the rules of the website you use.
  • Plagiarism checkers from their own universities – some schools have their own software, which may be not too fast and professional but it still works.
  • Premium online services. You should pay for using them but they usually offer much better search and other features that you wouldn’t find in free services.

The process of checking is quite simple. You copy the text and put it into a field, click the button, and wait for results. It may take a long time because the text is being compared to a lot of other papers from different universities.

There are also services where you upload a file or package of several files. Before using any of these services, read instructions and test them several times before uploading real students’ essays and checking them.

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