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When ASA Book Citation is Necessary?

Named after the American Sociological Association, this particular style format is used for Humanitarian Sciences like Sociology, Psychology, Education, and Journalism. Still, some other subjects also apply to this style. A major difference when using ASA format is a great number of books that must be cited. It is a natural occurrence in Sociology as this science requires confirmation of every argumentation and references that support or deny a certain claim.

Therefore, knowing how to cite a book in ASA becomes crucial if you plan to write a research paper in Sociology or get it published. If you already know the basics of citing in Chicago, you will feel at home because it is based upon a familiar author-date pattern. The only visible difference is using the colon sign after the year when the source has been published and before you specify the page number.

The Basic Pattern for a Book Citation in ASA

When you have to cite a book, it is necessary to provide as much information as you can find out. However, these elements are the most important in the correct order:

  • Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial, ending up with a full stop.
  • Year when the book has been published.
  • Book title in italics.
  • A place where the book has been published, colon, and publisher information.

Example of a Book Citation in ASA

In this section of our guide, we shall learn how to cite a book ASA style in different variations to avoid any formatting or plagiarism mistakes.

Entire Book Citing

Last Name, Year. Title in italics. City: Publisher.


Bentley, Tom. 2005. The Sociological Structure of Mediation in Education. London: Cambridge University Press.

In-text quote: 

(Bentley, 2005)

Book with More Than One Edition

Sometimes your source in print has more than one edition. If you are stuck in such circumstances, follow this example:

Last Name, Name and Name Initial. Last Name. Year. Title of your source in italics. xnd. ed. City: Publisher.

Now what we have appears like this: 

McFly, John and Randy N. Adams. 2006. Artificial Intelligence in Preschool Education. 3rd. ed. New York: Syracuse Press Ltd.

The in-text citation includes the author’s last name or several authors as usual: 

(McFly and Adams 2006)

Book with an Editor

When writing an essay in Sociology, it is only natural to encounter books with editors. Here is how it must be done:

Last Name, Name, and Name Last Name, and Name Last Name, eds. Year. Title in italics. City, Publisher.

Bibliography reference: 

Berry, Oscar, and Kelly Hensels, and John Norum, eds. 2019. Social Behaviors of Teenagers in British Schools. Manchester, UK: Oasis Books.

Our in-text citation adds this: 

(Berry, Hensels and Norum, eds., 2019)

Several Book Authors in ASA

One Author

Last Name, First Name Initial. Year. Title of your source in italics. City: Publisher.

Bibliography citing:

Findlay, Heather. 2011. Yoga Practices in Socially Underprivileged Families. Phoenix, AZ: Talberg Press.

The in-text citation includes the author’s name and a year with a page number, if necessary, separated with a colon as done below:

(Findlay 2006:12)

Several Authors

Last Name, First Name and Name Initial. Last Name. Year. Title of your source in italics. City: Publisher.

Bibliography Reference citation: 

Georgios, Michael and Gene S. Clarkson. 2000. Work With Autistic Children in a Normal Classroom. New York: Medserve.

In-text citation example: 

(Georgios and Clarkson 2000)

No Author

Sometimes there is no author specified or no organization is specified as an author. It is recommended to start with some words that describe your entry. In most cases, it is the title and the year. The description of your title must be put in quotation marks. It must be done in italics. Follow this template for ASA citation of a book with no author:

“The dyslexic learner has quickly progressed with the musical instruments” (Dyslexic Learner 2005:34)

The Bibliography part includes your information starting with the title in quotation marks and the year with a page.

Why Citing Manually is Dangerous?

It puts you at risk of unintentional plagiarism and exhaustion. Just think about how much challenging it can get when you have different sources for your Sociology or Journalism paper! It leaves little time for editing! You can easily type something wrong or put an extra space. According to most university professors, it will end up in a lower grade. Sounds frightening? No need to fear because we offer you a free Book Citation ASA generator that lets you cite automatically. Here are some advantages that you get:

  • Make your ASA references ready in minutes.
  • Completely free with no registration required.
  • Cite all kinds of sources in ASA
  • Accurate citation for books, websites, magazines, images, etc.
  • Just enter ISBN or DOI number to pick automatic data for your source.
  • Safety from any plagiarism issues.


How do you cite book pages in ASA?

They are only used in your in-text citation and are placed after the year in brackets like this: (Taylor 2005:21).  

How do you place a reference if you have an organization instead of an author?

For example, if it is some famous organization like the United Nations. Then it appears as (UN 2005) if your information is from 2005. The full reference starts with the UN instead of an author, then follows with the usual citing. 

Is your ASA citation generator really free?

It is! We know how time-consuming it is to work with social papers, hence we have made things free and simple for you! Fill in your information, and cite away!

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