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Basic Rules for Newspaper Citation in Chicago Style

Citing a newspaper article Chicago style must be done only in text, which means that they are not included in your task’s Bibliography. Turning to Chicago Citing Manual, we can see that this rule applies for any type of newspaper, which means that even if you talk about some print source or a digital rendition of a published article, do not place anything when sorting your Bibliography and related entries. 

As always, the general rule here is to include as much information as you have, which must be possible since most newspapers already have it listed. Following the best case, you must seek for:

  • Start with a Surname, followed by First Name of a person behind the article related to your published content.
  • Title of the article itself, which must be placed in quotation marks. 
  • Title of your newspaper in italics. 
  • Month, Date, and Year of when the article has been published. If no date is available, use your access date instead. 
  • URL or any information that would help to locate the newspaper.

Please, note: 

  • Always number your footnotes consecutively all through your document. 
  • Citing something for the first time, always include a full citation and do not start with an abbreviated form.
  • Reference newspaper article’s authors exactly as they appear in print or on the webpage. 

If you do not have an author’s name or such information is not available for your Chicago newspaper citation, it is recommended to skip this part and use the word “XY Press” or any identifier that has been provided by your publication. However, – If no author’s identifier is used, start with your title instead. 

Main Template for Newspaper Chicago Citation

Once you have located your newspaper and want to use it as a source, do not forget to look out for information about when it was published and seek out some author’s name. In most cases, you will be able to find all the necessary information, so this kind of citing is relatively easy for most students. The key is not to mix it up with your book or magazine sources. Just follow this template for your in-text citation:

Author’s Surname, then First Name.  Continued by “Title of Our Publication.” Newspaper Title, Month Date, Year When Our Content Has Been Published. 

In terms of how to use your note part where some entry has been met twice:

Last Name, Title that does not look long, page number. 

Here is what we get for our Chicago style newspaper citation: 

1Padilla, Mariel. “Why Dutch Officials Want You to Forget the Country of Holland.” The New York Times, January 13, 2020.

The short version:

1Padilla, Forget The Country of Holland, s01.

Referencing Manual When Using Newspaper Article in Chicago Style

The only major difference here relates to the addition of some URL or the access date, so your audience can locate your precise publication.

Online Newspaper Article

¹ Surname, First Name. “Title of Publication.” Newspaper’s Title, Month Date, Year, Accessed Month Date, Year of Publication. URL. 

Shortened version: 

Last Name, “Title in italics and short“, page(s), or a section. 

Chicago style newspaper example for online source:

² Mills, Robert. “Dracut by Boy Save Unconscious Mom From Fire in House.” The Boston Herald, October 20, 2019.

Short note:

² Mills, Dracut by Boy Saves Mom, s12. 

Newspaper Discovered In Print Sources

³ “The Veterans’ Lunch.” Evening Star, Issue 11588, 29 June 1901. 

Shortened citation:

³ “The Veterans’ Lunch.”

The majority of mistakes happen when students cite something manually. Even if you know how to do it right, it is not a guarantee that something will not go wrong. It is why our Chicago citation generator for newspapers, books, or any other sources helps. By using it for free, you can avoid these mistakes: 

  • Plagiarism issues because of incorrect in-text citing. 
  • Accuracy of grammar and spelling for any newspaper citation Chicago style. 
  • Automatic creation of relevant formatting. 
  • Getting things done fast. 
  • Using URL or ISBN to generate all the required information. 

Using our free tool that helps you to complete your work with greater accuracy, you can save some time and focus on studying instead of getting stressed with all the spaces and titles where you can easily make a mistake. Do not risk your grade by doing everything manually because our automation delivers the best results!


How to cite newspaper articles Chicago style when I do not have an author?

In this case, just start with your title instead as provided in our relevant example above. Remember that “Admin” or “Editor” does not count as an author with the only exception being the word “Press” as the group editing.

Is it free to use your citation generator?

Yes! It does not require registration and can help you get your citing challenges under the belt in no time. Just use the URL or fill in each field that you have!

How do I cite several newspaper editors for my task?

First Name Last Name and First Name Initial. Last Name, “Title.“, Newspaper, Month Day, Year. 


Last name and Last Name, Title, page number. 


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