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Why Do You Need to Cite Electronic Books in MLA Style Format?

While the citing of print sources is a usual practice among college students these days, the use of e-books becomes another common thing. Nevertheless, certain rules must be followed when citing an ebook MLA style. There is no need to worry! 

The Modern Language Association or MLA style format makes it rather simple for referencing. One must remember that when you include an actual ebook, it will always stand for those publications or a digital content that has been made ready for any kind of device (usually a Kindle or some other e-reader) that will help you open and read the source. In practice, if you have used a certain device to reference your e-book, this type should be specified. Since these will not have an URL or a relevant DOI number, you must specify the digital medium (or the library) and some publisher’s information.

The General Structure & Rules of MLA Ebook Citation

When you learn how to cite an ebook MLA 9 way, few things must be considered, especially if you do not have sufficient information or do not know what must be included. In general, if you already know the rules for print books, it will sound familiar. 

Start by adding the “e-book” part to the usual template that you have, which includes your author, book title, the container itself, and any publishing information. If you have any editors or translators, they must be included exactly in the same way as you would do for a physical source. For example: 

Last Name, Name Initial. Title in Italics. Container type, Publisher, Year. 
Sanders, Bernie R. How to Contribute to Political Negotiations. E-book, Congress Press
        Archives, 2004. 

Your in-text citation for electronic sources MLA will look this way:


If you already know that your source relates to some device or a particular edition that is available online or can be sourced at the library, just replace the usual “e-book” part with the medium or service by adding the “ed.” part, which stands for “edition” 

Williams, John. The Trouble in Australian Forests, Kindle ed., Melbourne University
        Press, 2011. 

Citing Electronic Books in MLA Style

Books That Can Be Accessed Online

MLA Ebook citation template:

Last Name, First Name. Title of your book in italics. Edition, Publisher Information, Year,
Name of Website or Database, URL (no Http part necessary) or DOI number (if
Hugo, Victor. Les Miserables: Complete In Five Volumes, translated by Isabel F.
      Hapgood, Project Gutenberg EBook, 2008. Project Guetenberg.

In-text citation:


Downloaded (Offline) E-Books

In this case, we have:

Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title. Name of eBook Edition. Publisher, Year.
Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. EPUB, Penguin Books, 2002. 

Citing Editions of Ebooks in MLA

In this case, for the MLA format ebook citation with a particular edition, you must add a shortened number with the “ed.” part with a comma afterward. See this example: 

Lande, John. Sound Engineering: Acoustic Qualities of The Caves. 2nd ed., Cambridge
      University Press, 2012. 

In-text citing: 

(Lande 22)

Different Authors in MLA Referencing

One Author

Lee, Amy. Strange Currencies. Kindle ed., McMillan Books, 2007.

Two Authors

The Bibliography and in-text reference: 

Warren, Ryan and Michael Jones. Social Media Management Theories. Sage
      Publishing, 2004. 

(Warren and Jones)

Multiple authors case

If you have three or more authors for your MLA citation ebook source, you start with the first author and add the “et al.” part, which greatly simplifies things. As done below: 

Pulsford, Nigel, et al. Biomechanics Uncovered. 3rd ed., Syracuse University Press,

An in-text quotation for multiple authors: 

(Pulsord et al.)

Why Use Our MLA Ebook Citation Generator

The answer is simple: it is completely free and saves you time! Here are some other reasons why using our free MLA citation generator for ebooks or any other sources works wonders:

  • You do not have to pay a dime or register.
  • You can cite as much as necessary and avoid plagiarism issues.
  • You can specify the DOI number or URL to let our machine gather all the necessary information. 
  • You receive great accuracy and get things done fast!

Most importantly, you avoid all the mistakes that happen when citing manually like adding an extra space or mistyping something! Why worry and waste your time when you can do it fast and free!


Is your MLA 9 citation generator really free?

Yes, it is! Just enter your information and cite as much as you need without registering or any ads.

What is the URL format for MLA citing for ebooks?

You start the URL without adding the HTTP or HTTPS part. Full stop after the link. 

How to cite ebook MLA if I have a corporate author instead?

You place the corporate author instead of by continuing just like with the usual citation:

Black Hills Energy Foundation. Coal Mining Techniques. Marcus Publishing House,

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