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Some Types of Media You May Be Required to Cite in Turabian

As we look through the Turabian manual or plan to start with our relevant course research, it becomes clear that Turabian video citation is not so common since students and researchers are not supposed to implement any multimedia unless we talk about graphics, statistical information, or audio recordings used by sound engineers and acousticians. Nevertheless, some media types still exist out there, so we shall review each of them in particular, including:

  • Youtube Video 
  • Movies on Demand
  • Films 
  • DVD 

The most important is to provide all related information and make sure that one does not become confused between what we include in Bibliography and the parts that go for our footnotes/endnotes entries. In either case, if your university course deals with a film that has importance, it is crucial to learn all the peculiarities.

What Information Must Be Discovered When Citing Videos Turabian Style?

Even though most videos are usually cited in notes, we still require the following information:

  • Creator’s name.
  • Title of our video content exactly as provided.
  • Short description concerning what content the talk is about.
  • The inclusion of a video’s duration time is optional.
  • Date when it was posted.
  • URL.

The author’s name must be typed exactly as it was given even if we deal with a nickname. Still, if you can find out the creator’s name, include it as well in parentheses. If you do not have any author, start your entry with the title or use some group name or a description that will help to identify your multimedia reference.

How Do We Cite Videos in Turabian?

If you want to know how to cite a video in Turabian, the safest bet would be taking a look at the general template. Please, note that we shall look at the footnote entry that goes in-text, and the Bibliography part. 

Since we need our video channel’s name, title, publication date, length of our content, and the URL (if it is available online), our template must include all of that. Remember that you can use full notes and short referencing by turning to footnotes. See how it is done by turning to Youtube: 


Name of Youtube channel that we have, “Video’s Title,” publication date we obtained, video (type), length, URL.

If we turn to our short example, it becomes: 

Name of the YouTube channel, “Short Name.”

Speaking of Bibliography’s part, it must be this way:

Name of the video channel. “Title.” Publication date. Content Type, length. URL.

Video Citation Types & Examples in Turabian

Citing YouTube in Turabian

Footnote format:

22. Sound of Guitars, “John Mayer – “How To Build A Guitar Solo” – Berklee Clinic 2008 (Pt.5),” November 10, 2017, Youtube,

Second note:

22. Sound of Guitars, “John Mayer,” November 10, 2017, music video, 11:33,


Sound of Guitars “John Mayer – “How To Build A Guitar Solo” – Berklee Clinic 2008 (Pt.5).” November 10, 2017. Instruction Video, 11:33.

Citing YouTube video in author-date style

You can also switch to the author-date style for your Youtube or any other multimedia platform referencing. For our in-text reference, it includes only a specific channel name and the year, marking the entire part in italics: 

(Wired 2018)

Our references go as follows: 

Wired. 2018. “Paul McCartney Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED.” September 13, 2018. Video, 5:11.

Citing Other Video Platforms & On-Demand Video

The template that we have provided above suits for Turabian citation for video platforms other than Youtube. For example:


FIFA, “Fashion! Go Global,” February 26, 2013. Ads Video, 1:04.


FIFA, “Fashion!”, Ad.


FIFA. “Fashion! Go Global.” February 26, 2013. Advertisement, 1:04.

Film Reference

Films are usually included only in notes, according to the Turabian manual, yet we shall provide three examples: 


Divergent. Directed by Neil Burger. Lionsgate. 2014. 2hr., 20 min.

Full note: 

1. Divergent, directed by Neil Burger (Lionsgate, 2014),

Short note movie citing: 

2. Divergent.


When citing notes: 

1. Home Alone, directed by Chris Columbus (Family Home Video, 1999), DVD, (Hughes Entertainment / 20th Century Fox).
2. Home Alone, directed by Chris Columbus, 1999.

Bibliography Citing: 

Home Alone. Directed by Chris Columbus. Family Home Video, 1999. DVD. 20th Century Fox, 1990.

How to Cite Videos Correctly?

When you include some video from YouTube or any other platform in your university paper, it is best to include a full citing entry in the bibliography, yet it is also important to cite it frequently to prove that it is, indeed, vital for your paper. 

Now when you use author-date style, it is also necessary to mention some related information in your text that would look like this: 

Turning to innovative learning methods in “John Mayer – “How To Build A Guitar Solo” – Berklee Clinic 2008 (Pt.5).”, which has been uploaded to YouTube on November 10, 2017, talented John Mayer proves that building an emotional guitar solo can only be achieved by knowing the theory well.


The Reasons to Use Our Turabian Generator Online

  • It saves your time and keeps you safe from plagiarism-related trouble. 
  • It is completely free and does not require any registration. 
  • It helps to gather information automatically. 
  • It supports newspapers, articles, books, journals, and all multimedia types. 
  • It allows you to enter DOI, Youtube URL, or ISBN number and get things done.


Can I work with DVD entries with your citation generator?

You can! Just enter information or URL (if you have one) to let our tool generate both citations for you. Alternatively, you can enter all information step-by-step if you have it. 

Is it okay not to add my video reference in Bibliography?

It is even recommended to do so by Turabian’s latest edition! As a rule, most research papers look down when such video sources are included, which is why include them in footnotes and cite them right with our free generator.

What should I do if there is no video author?

Just use your title or a short description instead. 

“Cinematic Methods of Drama.” January 2, 2019. Academic Lesson, 21:55.

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