Business Dissertation Topics: 140+ Ideas for Your Research

Selecting the right topic for your business dissertation is a critical step in your academic journey. It not only shapes the direction of your research but also determines the relevance and impact of your work. However, finding the perfect topic isn't always straightforward. With the vast array of options available, students often face the challenge of pinpointing a subject that aligns with their interests, addresses current trends, and contributes meaningfully to the field.

In this article, we've curated an extensive list of business dissertation topics spanning various domains, from global business and technology management to corporate social responsibility and international human resource management. Explore these ideas, and embark on your academic journey with confidence!

Global business dissertation topics

Global business dissertation topics can cover a wide range of issues related to international business, including global market trends, cross-cultural communication, international trade policies, and corporate social responsibility. These topics can provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing businesses operating in a globalized economy.

  • Globalization’s Impact on Multinational Corporations’ Strategy
  • Cultural Challenges for Global Business Leaders
  • Innovation’s Role in Global Business Growth
  • Political Instability’s Effect on Multinational Corporations
  • Ethical Challenges for Global Businesses
  • Digital Technologies Role in Global Competitiveness
  • Challenges of Global Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Multinational Corporations
  • Effects of Trade Agreements on Multinational Corporations
  • Successful Strategic Alliances in Global Business
  • Global Business Negotiations Across Different Cultures
  • The Role of Economic Policies in Global Business
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Market
  • Climate Change and Global Business Operations: A Case Study of Multinational Corporations
  • International Financial Management Challenges in Emerging Markets
  • Successful Global Branding Strategies
  • Challenges of Global Talent Management
  • E-Commerce and Its Impact on Global Market Reach
  • Cultural Intelligence and Global Business Success
  • Government Regulations and Their Effects on Multinational Corporations

Technology and innovation management business dissertation topics

The dissertation topics related to technology and innovation management in business primarily revolve around the methods, systems, and techniques employed by organizations to manage their technological resources and stimulate innovation. 

  • The Impact of Digital Transformation on Innovation Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Open Innovation and Its Role in Driving Technological Advancements in the Manufacturing Industry
  • Managing Intellectual Property in Technology-Intensive Firms: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Collaborative Innovation Strategies in the Software Industry: Effectiveness and Limitations
  • Organizational Culture and Its Impact on Technology Adoption and Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Management Practices: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship and Its Relationship With Innovation Management in High-Tech Firms
  • Business Models and Innovation Strategies in the Era of Industry 4.0
  • Knowledge Management and Its Role in Driving Innovation in the Healthcare Industry
  • Venture Capital and Its Impact on the Success of Technology Startups
  • Disruptive Technologies and Their Effects on Established Firms and Industries
  • Crowdsourcing and Innovation Management in the Service Sector: Benefits and Limitations
  • Big Data and Its Impact on Decision-Making Processes in Technology-Intensive Firms
  • Innovation Ecosystems and Their Role in Promoting Technological Advancements and Economic Growth
  • Globalization and Its Impact on Technology and Innovation Management Strategies
  • Managing Innovation in Emerging Economies: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Technology Transfer and Its Impact on the Innovation Performance of Firms
  • Design Thinking in Innovation Management and New Product Development
  • Innovation and Sustainability in the Food Industry: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Social Media and Innovation Management Practices in the Fashion Industry

Corporate social responsibility business dissertation topics

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) dissertation topics examine the role of organizations in promoting ethical and responsible business practices that benefit society as a whole. You should like the following themes!

  • The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction
  • An Analysis of CSR Practices in the Fast-Fashion Industry
  • The Significance of CSR in Creating a Competitive Advantage for Businesses
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of CSR Reporting in Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement
  • A Critical Analysis of CSR Implementation in the Banking Sector
  • CSR’s Impact on Brand Reputation and Consumer Behavior
  • Examining the Role of CSR in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
  • The Influence of CSR on Shareholder Value and Financial Performance
  • CSR Practices to Mitigate the Negative Impact of Globalization on Local Communities
  • The Impact of CSR on Employee Retention and Turnover Rates
  • An Exploration of the Relationship Between CSR and Corporate Governance
  • The Role of CSR in Promoting Ethical Behavior in the Workplace
  • Challenges Faced by SMEs in Implementing CSR Practices
  • CSR’s Impact on Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
  • Effectiveness of CSR Initiatives in Addressing Social Inequality and Poverty
  • CSR’s Role in Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • The Influence of CSR on Investor Decision-Making and Portfolio Management
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of CSR Initiatives in Addressing Human Rights Violations in the Supply Chain
  • CSR’s Impact on Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace
  • A Comparative Analysis of CSR Practices in Developed and Developing Countries

International human resource management dissertation topics

  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Its Impact on International HRM Practices
  • Effectiveness of Expatriate Training Programs for Global Assignments
  • Managing Diversity in International Organizations and the Role of HRM
  • National Culture and Its Influence on International Compensation and Benefits Practices
  • Remote Work in International Organizations: Pros and Cons
  • Globalization and Its Impact on HRM Practices
  • Promoting Work-Life Balance in International Organizations and the Role of HRM
  • Managing a Global Workforce in the Digital Age and Its Challenges and Opportunities
  • Employee Retention in Multinational Companies and the Role of HRM
  • Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions and Their Impact on HRM Practices
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Managing Virtual Teams in International Organizations
  • Managing Expatriate Failure and the Role of HRM
  • Promoting Knowledge Transfer in International Organizations and the Role of HRM
  • Cultural Intelligence and Its Impact on International HRM Practices
  • Ethical Behavior in Multinational Companies and the Role of HRM
  • Managing Cultural Differences in International Teams and Its Challenges and Opportunities
  • Employee Motivation in International Organizations and the Role of HRM
  • Talent Management and Its Impact on International HRM Practices
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Managing Cross-Border Labor Relations in Multinational Companies
  • Employee Engagement in International Organizations and the Role of HRM

Leadership business dissertation topics

  • Impact of Ethical Leadership on Organizational Performance
  • Role of Emotional Intelligence in Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Styles of Successful Business Leaders
  • Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction
  • Examination of Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
  • Role of Leadership in Creating a Culture of Innovation Within Organizations
  • Study of Leadership Development Programs and Their Effectiveness in Preparing Future Leaders
  • Investigation Into the Impact of Gender on Leadership Styles and Success in Business
  • Role of Leadership in Driving Organizational Change and Transformation
  • Comparative Analysis of Leadership Styles in Different Cultures and Their Impact on Business Outcomes
  • Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture
  • Impact of Toxic Leadership on Employee Well-Being and Organizational Performance
  • Role of Trust in Effective Leadership and Its Impact on Organizational Outcomes
  • Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Learning and Innovation
  • Impact of Authentic Leadership on Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Study of the Relationship Between Leadership and Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
  • Role of Strategic Leadership in Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Impact of Shared Leadership on Team Performance and Effectiveness
  • Investigation Into the Role of Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business Practices
  • Impact of Leadership Development on the Career Advancement of Employees Within Organizations

Dissertation topics in business intelligence

In today's business landscape, business intelligence (BI) serves as an indispensable aspect, offering invaluable insights and support for strategic decision-making. If you are considering a dissertation topic in BI, you may delve into several areas, such as exploring various technologies used in BI, analyzing big data, examining implementation strategies of BI, or evaluating the impact BI has on organizational performance.

  • Impact of Business Intelligence on Organizational Decision-Making Processes
  • Optimizing Supply Chain Management Through Business Intelligence
  • Effectiveness of Business Intelligence Dashboards in Improving Business Performance
  • Role of Data Visualization in Business Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics in Business Intelligence - A Case Study of a Specific Industry
  • Ethics of Using Business Intelligence to Collect and Analyze Customer Data
  • Measuring the ROI of a Business Intelligence Implementation
  • Benefits and Limitations of Using Business Intelligence in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Challenges of Integrating Business Intelligence With Erp Systems
  • Impact of Business Intelligence on Financial Performance in Publicly Traded Companies
  • Role of Big Data in Business Intelligence - Opportunities and Challenges
  • Use of Business Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management
  • Developing a Framework for Assessing the Maturity Level of a Business Intelligence Implementation
  • Impact of Business Intelligence on Employee Productivity and Job Satisfaction
  • Use of Sentiment Analysis in Business Intelligence for Social Media Monitoring
  • The Role of Business Intelligence in Managing Risk
  • Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning in Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence and Its Impact on Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Leveraging Business Intelligence for Decision-Making in the Healthcare Industry
  • Enhancing Customer Experience in E-commerce Through Business Intelligence

Globalization and strategy business dissertation topics

  • Globalization’s Effect on Multinational Corporations’ Competitive Advantage
  • Enhancing Competitiveness in the Global Market Through International Joint Ventures
  • Cultural Differences’ Influence on Global Business Negotiations and Decision-Making
  • Economic Policies’ Impact on Globalisation
  • Technological Advancements’ Effect on Globalisation
  • Globalization’s Impact on the Labour Market and Job Opportunities in Developing Countries
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Globalisation
  • Comparative Analysis of Multinational Corporations’ Strategies in Different Regions of the World
  • Globalization’s Role in Shaping the International Trade Regime
  • Brexit’s Impact on Globalisation and International Trade
  • China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Its Impact on Global Business and Trade
  • Globalization’s Effect on the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Critical Analysis of Globalisation’s Impact on the Environment
  • Influence of Cultural Diversity on Global Business Management
  • Globalization’s Impact on the Financial Performance of Multinational Corporations
  • Globalization’s Role in the Diffusion of Innovation
  • Challenges Faced by Multinational Corporations in Managing Global Supply Chains
  • Globalization’s Impact on the Tourism Industry
  • Globalization’s Impact on the Global Food Industry
  • Comparative Analysis of the Strategies of Emerging Market Multinationals and Established Multinationals in the Global Market

Small business dissertation topics

  • Leadership Strategies for Small Business Success
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance
  • Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Coping With the Impact of COVID-19: Survival and Growth Strategies for Small Businesses
  • Financing Options for Small Business Start-Ups
  • Innovation as a Driver of Small Business Growth and Success
  • Family Business Dynamics and Their Influence on Small Business Performance
  • Effective Networking for Small Business Success
  • Customer Relationship Management and Small Business Profitability
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Its Role in Small Business Success
  • Government Policies and Their Impact on Small Business Growth and Sustainability
  • Cultural Influences on Small Business Management Practices
  • Entrepreneurial Personality Traits and Their Influence on Business Success
  • E-Commerce and Its Impact on Small Business Operations and Marketing
  • Strategic Planning for Small Business Success
  • Globalization and Small Business Growth and Performance
  • Mentorship as a Key to Small Business Development and Growth
  • Digital Transformation and Small Business Performance
  • Entrepreneurship and Its Role in Driving Economic Development
  • Employee Motivation and Its Impact on Small Business Performance

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