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New Study Reveals that 61% of Gen Z doesn’t care about the Olympics

Generation Z is undoubtedly the youngest generation on Earth right now. The Olympics at the same time is the oldest organized event that still exists nowadays. Putting these facts together, EduBirdie wanted to know how they feel about one another. Tokyo Olympics 2020 has recently ended and right after it, we organized a survey to find out the Gen Z thoughts about it.


EduBirdie surveyed 2,014 participants from Generation Z. The analysed sample was 52% female, 47% male with 44% ethnic/racial minority (15% non-Hispanic Black, 16% Hispanic, 13% other or multiple races) and an average age of 17.6.

Olympics Stats

  • 61% of Gen Z were not interested in the Olympics, even though they knew about it.
  • 88% never watched a single piece from the Games and heard about it only on social media.
  • 23% were interested in the performances of the sportsmen from their local state only.
  • 54% think that the Olympics are archaic but still an important part of the world’s culture.
  • 31% responded that the Olympics might as well be canceled, and they wouldn't notice.
  • 39% said that the amount of sports included in the program should be reviewed.
  • 32% think that e-sport should be added to the Olympic program.
  • 71% think that the Paralympic Games are not getting enough attention compared to the original Olympics.

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