Party like a movie character! How much does it cost to throw a party from our favorite movies?

With vaccination ongoing and limitation slowly lifting off, one thing that often comes to mind is, ‘when can I get all my friends together and throw a decent party?’ Similar questions have been bothering all of us for a year now. To be fully prepared, we decided to bring back some old memories and to calculate how much it would cost to throw the same party as our favorite movie characters. We have analyzed and assessed the costs and damage caused by the heroes of the “party classic” movies.

Methodology + Disclaimer

We used the services of a professional event agency and consulted with sellers and legal specialists to estimate the cost of each specified expense item as accurately as possible. Location factors, specific brand prices, service policies, and inflation were taken into account for all the stated numbers. To determine the non-fixed legal fees, average nubrems for the specific charges in the movie region were used. All figures shown are approximate and based on the events shown in the indicated films.

The Hangover - $150 319,50 and One Day of Mike Tyson’s Life

An epic ride of four guys before one of them gets married. A bachelor party that turned into the adventure of the century and became the basis for two sequels. Many probably wondered how much the four spent and how much such a crazy trip cost them.

If you want to repeat it, be prepared. You can even make a show of this and use streaming tools, so people can watch you online. Such an adventure is not cheap. Even being not yet hungover, it all starts in a big way. A night at the Caesars Palace villa suite (which turned into two nights later on) has become a significant expense line. But the guys were just getting their speed. Broken Mercedes, destroyed bus stop, over $10 000 spent on bets. Not to mention the $80 000 ransom for Doug. So, see for yourself.



2 nights at Caesars Palace's villa suite

$8 400

A bottle of Jägermeister that started it all


12 bottles of champagne in the suite


Dental implant and care to replace a lost tooth

$2 300

Medical diagnosis at night


$100 doctor bribe


Express mariage at the Little Chapel


2 boxes of souvenirs from the wedding


Windscreen and knocking the dents on the police car


Dents in a limo


Destroyed bus stop

$12 000

Treating the gun wound in the Little Chappel's owner's shoulder

$7 000

A call from LVPD


$4 left on the hood for parking in the middle of LV Boulevard


Fixing Mercedes-Benz 220SE

$16 000

Ransom for Doug

$80 000

4 new suits

$2 800

Piercing for Alan


Room damage

$8 000

Spent of bets

$10 800

Additional alcohol during the night



$150 319,50

Extra notes

  • The only item we could not assess is the whole day of Mike Tyson’s life, which he spent returning his tiger and worrying about it.
  • Stu was diagnosed with mild concussion at night. If CT was used, the cost could be even higher. We also did not include follow-up treatment.
  • The guys won $162 400 at the casino thanks to Alan's schemes, so they ended up with about $12 000 in the black.

21 & Over - $8 480,70

Three friends and a 21st birthday. ‘Just one beer’ in the bar turns into a quest to get the best friend home before the morning interview. Many remember the story of Jeff Chang and still feel his fun adventures and transformation.

Spending time as heroes from 21 & Over would not be too expensive if not for all the damage to other people's property. It all started when Jeff went to emptying himself in every possible way right on people during their bar tour. A dozen angry people and a bunch of spoiled clothes. He probably would have to pay for it in the end. The guys did not stop there, only gaining momentum and making their party more expensive by the minute. Broken door, destroyed flower bed, shooting in the middle of the campus. The most expensive decisions are closing the night and our list: 6 demolished parking meters and a broken suspension of Randy’s SUV.



3 pints of beer


7 liquor shots


6 more cans of beer


Nightclub entrance fee for 3 people


3 fireball shots


1 shot of jin


Fine for public nudity

$1 500

Ruined clothes for about 15 people


1 eaten tampon


Toilet door broken with a golf club


Destroyed flowerbed


1 bullet


Treating 2 2nd degree burns on buts


6 destroyed parking meters

$2 100

Suspension repair and window replacement for Randy's SUV

$3 70

Broken old boombox


Broken old laptop



$8 480,70

Extra notes

  • We did not include the cost of all the parties the company went through on their way as they did not take part in organizing them and never stayed long.
  • At least 4 people were injured by an angry bison and will require treatment.

Project X - $455 760

The most epic party of all time as Costa called it. And this is absolutely true. The scale of this party is just unimaginable, even considering that the movie is based on true events. The film made such a great impact on the party life that some even tried to reproduce it after the release. There are even known cases of police dispersing thousands of people heading to such parties in order to prevent a riot. But how much did such a party cost and how much damage did it do?

The main costs were surely the damage to the surrounding property, in particular houses and cars. More than 2 thousand people who almost grew into a riot could not help but leave behind a colossal destruction. Even the costs of their alcohol and food fade in comparison. Also, do not forget about all the administrative fines on the organizer and participants of such a party.



Renting a karaoke system


Renting a bounce house


2 DJs

$1 200

Initial drinks and tableware


Extra decor


Drinks and snacks for over 2000 people

$60 000

Gnome filled with ecstasy

$2 400

Over 30 damaged cars

$120 000

Getting Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 out of the pool and repair

$8 100

Fines for disturbing peace, contributing to the delinquency of minors and initiating a riot.

$4 500

House damage

$35 000

Trees burned with a flamethrower and fire damage

$12 800

Neighboring property damage

$210 000

Dog vet care

$1 000


$455 760,00

Extra notes

  • Administrative fines could be replaced by real years of imprisonment , up to 5 years depending on the court process.
  • We did not include the drug costs that the party members might have brought with them (except for the ecstasy gnome who became an icon in the film).

Superbad - $100 and one McLOVIN ID

Another icon of high school parties. The awesomeness and adventures of McLOVIN and his friends are unlikely to ever be forgotten. Most of the action takes place right before the party in an attempt to get some alcohol. But the stories heroes get involved in can be called a party on its own. And we wouldn’t call it just a party.

In fact the heroes dealt a lot of damage throughout the movie, including gunfire in the middle of the city, smashing in a bar, and a burned police car, but none of these actions were tied to them thanks to McLOVIN's inimitable charm. He and two friendly police officers brought havoc around the city, but still went unpunished thanks to their ingenuity. As a result, apart from the $100 initially spent on alcohol, the guys didn't lose a dime.

Total - $100

Extra notes

  • We did not include the cost of the final party that Jules organized as it was not the main focus of the movie.

The Great Gatsby - $157 500

The parties of Fitzgerald's protagonist got into the souls of many fans of both the film and the book. The hero himself, played by Leo DiCaprio, has become the face of many memes and the embodiment of high society parties. Themed parties in the format of this movie are still popular, but how much did the real one cost for the owner himself?

Unlike previous films, the price of a gatsby party is formed not because of the negligence of the characters and the damage caused, but because of its scope and high cost. Best artists, musicians, top-notch acrobats, and all kinds of entertainment. Gatsby spared nothing for his guests. The main aspect of expenses for such a party is definitely food and drinks in huge quantities and excellent quality.



Carnival dancers

$10 000


$8 000

Gymnasts and acrobats

$3 000

Pool maintenance

$1 000


$8 000


$5 000


$12 000



Elite Food and drinks for over 3000 people

$110 000


$157 500

Extra notes

  • The price was adjusted for inflation.

A Little Extra

While doing our research, we watched and studied other films that did not make our final list. We decided not to write out their detailed budgets, because we did not find them very interesting, but we still want to share them in order to evoke pleasant memories for our readers.

Stiffler’s Party at American Pie (1999) - $450.

Final party at Van Wilder - $1 230

Neighbors (2014)  - $4 763,5

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