20 Jobs and Skills of the Future

No other generation has seen a world transformation more rapid and extensive than the one that we observe nowadays. Solid and stable reality is not something that runs our lives anymore, but it is change and impermanence that do. The postindustrial economy pattern has reshaped our views on every inch of life, including present and future employment. The structural and technology changes make us accept the need to be flexible, innovative, mobile, and open. But what are exactly the fields we are making such changes for?

Future Most Perspective Fields To Go For

All these recently evolved terms place the demand for a new kind of an employee, packed with a set of innovative skills to conform to brand new job market realities. Although it is a tough task to shape a list of jobs and careers that are likely to be at the peak during the next 10-15 years, we have tried to single out some fields that are worth your attention.


The workforce is the most prominent asset of any enterprise aiming to succeed in the long term. HR managers work on wise recruitment strategies, employee support, and leadership, providing a comfortable environment for effective goal accomplishment. They encourage and stimulate individuals to uncover their potential and creativity a company will benefit from.


It is perhaps the most important career field, being the driving force of the economy, social life, and education. Although it requires considerable scientific knowledge and skills, it conforms to the post-industrial skill paradigm and can’t do without imagination, art, and creative power of thinking.


According to the statistics, the programming market will grow by a quarter until 2026, making the field the most prospective among the others. The diversity of streams that programming is subdivided into makes it impossible to run out of options in demand. Architects, data scientists, software engineers, software testers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers, cybersecurity domain professionals make a whole separate self-sufficient environment, which ensures progress and therefore provides long-term demand for the field development.


Closely connected and depended on the technology field, medicine is one of the most promising fields to dive in. The growing number of issues, touching upon mental and physical health, bioengineering, cloning, finding the cures for fatal diseases, and tackling neverending challenges – all of them make medicine everlasting and innovative, however far in the future, we step.

Business Management

The constant growth of enterprises and the competition between them stimulate the companies to adopt business management strategies to cater to industry changes and to use their potential to the fullest.


The digitalization of the banking system has contributed to automatizing the majority of financial operations. Closely connected with business management, the financial domain is a great base for business research and financial planning, translating masses of data into understandable statistics and giving advice on the fiscal aspect of an enterprise, which is arguably one of the principal business needs.


Encouraged by the growth of technology, marketing has a solid ground to rise from. Using modern digital approaches, it develops its own effective methods of social research and influence. Marketing integrates the need for creativity, communication, and resourcefulness so that it teaches the specialists key-skills applicable to the majority of evolving job fields.

Top-Ranking Jobs For Future And Beyond 

Taking into consideration the wide job diversification the above-described fields offer, we must say not all of them will be equally important for the future. So here are the top-20 cutting-edge professions to rely in the years to come according to the Linkedin Emerging Jobs Report.

1. AI Specialist

​Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the force of innovations. The cases of hiring AI specialists has grown 74% during the last 4 years and show the positive tendency ever since. Having a set of narrow AI skills is a ticket to a highly fulfilling future.

2. HR Manager

Multigenerational workforce places a great emphasis on the individual approach to employees. Since they are considered as the key economic asset, HR managers are hired to create the right environment so that workers could use their potential for maximum company performance.

3. Data Scientist

The masses of data society produces every minute is immense and meaningful. With the growth of digitization and data responsibilities, no organization can do without data management and analysis, as it becomes the most important business and government asset.

4. Robotics Engineer

Being a professional in the domain is one of the most promising positions, as the flow of investments and general demand for constant technological breakthroughs together with their practical implementation give robotic engineers boundless room for action.

5. Site Reliability Engineer

The success of eCommerce and daily use of apps makes the job highly demanded. It is necessary both for users and site creators to see a smooth and seamless daily run. Site reliability engineers do not only save companies’ profits but enhance the performance of their digital products.

6. Customer Success Specialist

The trade has not always been client-orientated, for now, it is. But the growing competition encourages enterprises to enhance their customer relationship, hiring customer success specialists.

7. Cybersecurity Specialist

Since the world went digital, the amount of data that requires protection has increased significantly, together with the number of cybercriminals. It not only concerns the economy but also national security and personal data preservance which makes cybersecurity specialists extremely needed.

8. Backend Developer

Digitalization also gave birth to backend developers who are irreplaceable for companies building a digital property. The ability to work regardless of the physical place and the continuing growth of online world secure backend developers a safe space for years.

9. JavaScript Developer

JavaScript has remained at the top-used coding language for years and it doesn’t seem to be replaced by any other programming language. So the need for JavaScript professionals tends to increase in proportion with the growth of the software industry.

10. Solar Energy Technician

Sustainability has been the main economic trend for decades, creating new jobs in the renewable energy field.  Solar power is a promising energy strategy and the need for such narrow specialists has been growing with every coming year.

11. Software Developer

Outsource software development stands at the helm of the digitization process. Whatever the number of present-day apps and platforms, the need for developers’ hard skills for app enhancement and upgrade will last for centuries. Needless to say, the domain has one of the highest job satisfaction levels.

12. Digital Content Specialist

The digital world needs its own information specialists who take care of the content we digest every minute online.

13. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineering is a cutting-edge profession, giving endless possibilities to make people’s lives longer and easier using the latest technology. Bioengineering is still considered as the future, but actually, it is already present, and it needs skilled specialists to breakthrough.

14. E-sports Coach

Online games have become a career for a considerable number of players. So they seek assistance and advice in gaming to achieve virtual or sometimes physical goals. Esports coaches guide the players, build the strategy and motivate them to win.

15. Epidemiologist

The recent fit of COVID-19 has shown the importance of epidemiologists who are ready to tackle severe unexpected widespread diseases. Medical science needs professionals to explain the causes and effects of viruses and work out the countermeasures. 

16. Financial Advisor

They advise safe investment domains, predict profits, and help to set long and short-term financial goals. With a wide range of required knowledge and its fiscal regard, financial advisors will never be underestimated. 

17. Marketing Analytics Manager

Marketing automation gives plenty of deep customer choice, behaviour and tendency information which makes it possible to bring outstanding loss-free performance to any business. Marketing analysts are able to read and explain the business data for creating efficient marketing strategies.

18. Litigation Support Specialist

Digitalization of the economy is now deprived of the need to obey laws and should build its work according to it. So to avoid violations due to unawareness, litigation support specialists are increasingly in demand to provide guidance and give practical litigation advice.

19. User Experience Design

UX designers run the top required jobs in app developing companies. The test applications to indicate any bugs or inconveniences, design its interface and do all kinds of frontend development work. The more apps are created, the more UX skilled designers are headhunted.

20. Smart-Building Technician

The need for sustainability calls for the implementation of new building strategies and smart automation that requires smart building technicians.

There are a lot of opportunities we didn't cover. If you're looking for such kinds of options, you can find more jobs on Jooble or other employment websites. Just look through the positions in the spheres mentioned above.

Dead-End Careers For The Future

The widespread use of artificial intelligence and robotics have enhanced our life and brought dozens of new creative innovative professions people will benefit from for centuries. But on the flip side, the new era has placed a number of jobs at the edge of extinction. What are they?

  • Travel agent
  • Cashier
  • Mail carrier
  • Sports referee
  • Dispatcher
  • Assembler
  • Announcer
  • Machine operator
  • Driver
  • Watch repairer
  • Proofreader
  • Receptionist

AI made it possible to unburden people’s minds from tedious repetitive work, deprived of change and thinking process, giving them plenty of opportunities to immerse in the new realities that celebrate the human mental abilities more than physical ones. Today mental work is valuable but also when you are an ambitious student it could be exhausting so knowing where to buy assignments online is a great option to keep in mind.

The Skillset Of A Successful Employee

The modern job market is no longer satisfied with a Bachelor degree diploma, without being based on a set of skills that employers look for. Creativity, quick decision-making, problem-solving, active learning are the soft skills that any employee should develop. But apart from these, there’re some more practice-orientated ones that will make your way up along the career ladder quick and smooth.

  •  Data Analysis

Analytical approach to data is among the most vital ways of enhancing work efficiency. Diving into the masses of information available, you’ll be surprised how much precious knowledge you could have missed.

  • Data Visualization

Reading data masses is ineffective as it is monotonous. To make the data work arrange it in charts, tables, graphs and see how beneficial visualization can be.

  • Basic Level of English

Globalization has made its job in establishing english as an international language. Since the majority of innovative fields were originally built in English, it’s more than vital to achieving fluency in its usage.

  • Public Speaking

Even if you’re far from being a public person, the need to speak out should not take you unprepared. Any work meeting or project presentation is a place to implement this skill.

  • Portfolio Building

The growing number of jobs require portfolio building skills to pave the way to bigger career opportunities. So having a basic understanding of portfolio arrangement and material presentation will come in handy. 

  • Networking

The ability to establish wide connections with people out of the company is precious to any employer as it widens the area of his business coverage.

  • Remote Work

COVID-19 showed the importance of keeping the productivity of remote work. Absence of supervision or business- spurring environment should not influence the quality of one’s work.

  • Self Management

The amount of duties modern employees have is sometimes overwhelming. So to stay sane and efficient, try to devote some time to acquiring self-management skills.

  • Responsiveness

The era of fixed working duties and limited knowledge requirements has come to an end. To be in demand nowadays you should push your limits as far as possible, be creative, resourceful and innovative to be ready to solve any evolving challenge.

The Final Thought

Global transformation forced people all over the world to adopt new skills, professions and attitudes towards their life. It made us face massive job extinction and extensive birth of brand-new types of occupation, based on the interconnection of technology and artificial intelligence. It created the competition that didn’t have a chance to appear in the past. It has made our lives more unpredictable but taught us to be mobile, resourceful and innovative, to break boundaries on the way of progress and welcome exciting but challenging opportunities that are bound to change our lives for the best. 

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